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At the end of the three weeks

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Changedname78 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:27:57

What will happen? Obviously things will take a long time to go back to complete normality but will shops re open? Will people be able to go back to work ?

EmperorBallpitine Thu 26-Mar-20 19:29:46

If you think this will be over in three weeks you have not been paying attention. They said they would review it in three weeks. Current estimates put the peak somewhere around easter, so, that's in around 4 weeks at least

CodenameVillanelle Thu 26-Mar-20 19:31:52

Estimates are that the peak will hit towards the end of the 3 weeks. Numbers of deaths need to level off and start reducing before distancing measures can be lifted.

InanOcadoQueue Thu 26-Mar-20 19:34:02

They'll continue it for another 3 weeks would be my guess

AnotherMurkyDay Thu 26-Mar-20 19:40:34

This is just round one. But who knows how many more rounds and if they'll be breaks. Things might go back to as normal as possible as quickly as possible, or their might be a more cautious staggered approach. I don't think the government or their expert scientists know much more than that either. So it's all purely speculative. But going off what's happened elsewhere and the predicted peak i don't think there's any way 3 weeks should be enough, and if the government decide it is I would fundamentally disagree with them in every way.

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 26-Mar-20 20:14:57

No. No way anyone is going back to work. At the end of the 3 weeks, we may get tighter, not more lax rules. I need surgery. Everything is stopped til July and unless it becomes urgent it won’t happen. I can’t even pay for it. Schools aren’t reopening before September.

UnfinishedSymphon Thu 26-Mar-20 20:18:05

3 months maybe

WhatAboutMeeee Thu 26-Mar-20 20:23:28

@Mummyoflittledragon. Schools are not opening until September

Is that for sure or you just guessing

Cherrysoup Thu 26-Mar-20 20:25:04

Tighter rules, emergency legislation, proper lockdown, army patrolling to enforce the rules. Next question?

BenjiB Thu 26-Mar-20 20:25:34

I doubt it very very much. Probably more like 3 months.

MorganKitten Thu 26-Mar-20 20:25:56

They’ll see how it is, but we can’t all rush to do things as there could be a second wave.

tinseltitsandlittlegits Thu 26-Mar-20 20:26:35

Three weeks will not even be the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. . He will just review the situation and probably keep reviewing every three weeks .

Mummyoflittledragon Thu 26-Mar-20 20:28:30

Im just guessing. But exams are off, teachers he doesn’t been told to prep until the end of the scholastic year. It’s likely!

480Heath Thu 26-Mar-20 20:30:19

Well the fact that our healthcare workers are working without PPE.I don’t see this ending in 3weeks at all.It is a National disgrace,I am a retired Registered Nurse,I would NOT be going to work at this time,it would probably kill me.

TheCanterburyWhales Thu 26-Mar-20 20:30:44

There will be a tightening of restrictions before the end of the three weeks probably.

adaline Thu 26-Mar-20 20:31:08

No way will this be over in three weeks. All Boris will do is extend lockdown further.

Changedname78 Thu 26-Mar-20 20:32:51


If you think this will be over in three weeks you have not been paying attention

Where the fuck have I said I think this will all be over, I said quite the opposite.

TrudysTerribleFringe Thu 26-Mar-20 20:33:22

I think it will be a good 12 weeks if lock down.

dorisrainbow Thu 26-Mar-20 20:37:24

You said at the end of the three weeks will people go back to work and shops reopen which implied you thought it would be over confused it won’t I suspect it will be more like 6 months

Changedname78 Thu 26-Mar-20 20:37:47

Don’t blame you at all ☹️ The NHS are doing an amazing job. They absolutely should have THE best protection possible in these circumstances.

I just wondered how on earth the country will sustain this long term, surely the cost of living will HAVE to start to go down if people cannot return to their jobs earning what they used to... this doesn’t affect us as a key worker ( hopefully ) so I’m not assuming/criticising just wondering...

Changedname78 Thu 26-Mar-20 20:38:40

@dorisrainbow I didn’t SAY that will happen, I ASKED I actually said .....

Obviously things will take a long time to go back to complete normality but will shops re open? Will people be able to go back to work ?

majesticallyawkward Thu 26-Mar-20 20:42:33

No is the short answer.
I think 6 weeks minimum before things are relaxed a little, then we'll have waves of things being tightened again. It will be long time before things are 'normal' again, can't see things fully up and running before the end of the year and possibly a decade before the economy recovers.

The end of the 3 weeks will see an extension or maybe new, harsher restrictions if anything.

dorisrainbow Thu 26-Mar-20 20:43:03

Eventually but perhaps with rolling lockdowns if we have more waves

TheCanterburyWhales Thu 26-Mar-20 20:45:07

When restrictions are alleviated it will be done in waves. Things to get the economy moving will happen first, shops will open but probably with limited number of people inside, production will start up again. Schools will probably be the last thing to go back to "normal".

tessiegirl Thu 26-Mar-20 20:45:54

Your post did imply you think it will be over in 3 weeks.
It won't.
Eventually things will start to go back to normal but it will be very very gradually

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