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To think I’ve had COVID 19, and it’s been here a while?

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VivienScott Thu 26-Mar-20 19:04:12

After Xmas I came down with what I thought was a terrible cold. Dry persistent cough, terrible fever, worse than I’ve ever had to the point I was delirious, difficulty breathing, though not pneumonia. Saw out of hours and they check oxygen levels, chest etc, said I was ok to be home, but I was not first case they’d seen like this and there was “something really awful going round this year”. Consequently had to see GP who said he’d had to hospitalise a lot more people than normal for breathing difficulties.
It all sounds exactly like coronavirus, it really felt like something dreadful to the extent I deliberately kept myself from others more than I would with a cold. I honestly believe it was, but it’s way before it was supposed to be in Europe let alone here in UK. What do you think, AIBU to think it’s been here longer than we’re aware?

Barmaid101 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:05:41

I’ve seen this quite a bit and I hope that it’s true so then hopefully this can all be over sooner!

Bubblemonkey Thu 26-Mar-20 19:09:37

I’ve said this a lot on Facebook. The Facebook Doctor Brigade say it’s all bullshit though. I’ve definitely seen people say the same, been tested for the flu & it’s came back negative 🤔

ScottishMummy12 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:10:40

Yes I think it has been longer than we are being told. All of my household where really unwell with the symptoms of corona virus over the Xmas holidays. This was unlike anything we had ever had before. We also all ended up with inhalers. A few nurses from the hospital in Glasgow have said they had patients with it back in December.

ScottishMummy12 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:11:45

@Bubblemonkey In my household we all got tested for the flu and we all came back negative as well. I am one hundred percent convinced it was Coronavirus.

bridgetreilly Thu 26-Mar-20 19:12:34

Yes, there was definitely something going round with a very persistent cough this winter. It seems very unlikely to me that it was COVID-19, though. Virus geneticists can tell when it mutated which was late November or early December. It would have had to spread very quickly to get so widely across the UK in December-January. And at the point when it was being identified in China, there don't seem to have been any identifications of it here. And it wasn't having the same serious illness effects as this is.

Thymelord Thu 26-Mar-20 19:13:23

What I find strange is that all the people who reckon they've had it all say they were really really ill, yet the vast majority of people who have actually had an official diagnosis have mild symptoms.

GirlCalledJames Thu 26-Mar-20 19:14:26

If you think it was in the UK then, where were the extra deaths?

Selfsettling3 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:14:31

Patient zero in the U.K. is believed to have been mid January. Don’t forget all the usual flu and cold viruses have also been doing the rounds.

Newgirls Thu 26-Mar-20 19:18:12

There is an Oxford uni study just published saying it’s been out a while and prob half the uk population have had it. With it being in China since Nov of course it was here earlier. We have daily flights from all over the world inc Italy. It wasn’t being tested and many of those who would have died from it would have been elderly.

I know a few people dotted around uk who have it and haven’t been abroad this year.

I think gov def know this but we need to self not isolate to reduce the peak so will ‘break’ this to us in a few weeks.

We will still get our peak and need to self isolate etc but I think the issue will be how to get back to normal without the uk having enough testing?

GirlCalledJames Thu 26-Mar-20 19:19:46

Do you think that nobody notices if the number of people dying of viral pneumonia suddenly increases dramatically?

Honeyned Thu 26-Mar-20 19:21:26

My mum had exactly your symptoms in January aswell. Chest xrays done and ct scan and doctors said 'wow you have been poorly', we were wondering the same

EmeraldShamrock Thu 26-Mar-20 19:21:29

My BIL swears he had it too around Christmas, I don't think he is right. ATT my DS had an awful viral flu, so did a friend. I believe it was another flu virus. Coronavirus is spreading to fast and very contagious unlike the Christmas bout. I think 9 people died in Ireland in December of the viral flu it was a bad dose.

HunterHearstHelmsley Thu 26-Mar-20 19:23:57

My sister was incredibly unwell over Christmas. Went from flu to pneumonia to pleurisy. I honestly thought she was going to die. As soon as I heard of this outbreak I was convinced that was what she had had.

slipperywhensparticus Thu 26-Mar-20 19:24:36

Since when did they swab test for winter flu?

And why, if it's been around for do long and so many people have had it, is there a Strain on the NHS now? Surely the nhs would have been crippled staff been sick and concern raised by the nhs sooner?

Newgirls Thu 26-Mar-20 19:25:14

Girljames - agree - you’d think there would be records but if someone was in due to heart issues then maybe that was put as cause of death?

Darbs76 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:26:10

Wouldn’t the death toll and infection rate be an awful lot higher if that was the case? It was probably a nasty flu / cough

Ohdeariedear Thu 26-Mar-20 19:26:21

OP I had the same to the point of the Out of Hours doc commenting that this years flu was a bad one and he’d seen lots of people with similar and it could take a few weeks to get over it. DH had the same. I was as tired and sore and feeble as when I had glandular fever and the was murder. That was in early Feb.

excitedforbaby9 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:28:20

It’s funny because i posted on here back in Jan/feb seriously worried about my husband. He had the most horrific cough and fever which soaked sweat completely though the mattress. He was incredibly poorly, never seen him like that in the 11 years we had been together. We had discussed this, it was the same symptoms.

GirlCalledJames Thu 26-Mar-20 19:28:55

In all the cases? How convenient. More or less likely than that the virus just wasn’t there then?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:29:19

Someone on radio 4 said the lack of deaths meant it can’t have been the same virus, basically,

PinkiOcelot Thu 26-Mar-20 19:29:44

A couple of weeks before Christmas dd1 was really Ill with cough, bad chest and temperature. DH then became ill with the same thing. It went on a good couple of weeks. DD is convinces she has had Coronavirus.
DD2 and I didn’t come down with it.
The DH of friend of mine was really poorly about this time too as was one of his colleagues. It turns out her husband had returned from China. Certainly makes you wonder.

Pulpfiction1 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:31:48

They said today that people had been picking it up from the Austrian ski reports and bringing it home as early as beginning of Jan.

It may turn out it has been here ages and didn't even start in China.

Pulpfiction1 Thu 26-Mar-20 19:32:54

Someone on radio 4 said the lack of deaths meant it can’t have been the same virus, basically

Increased deaths could be due to the virus mutating.

DartmoorChef Thu 26-Mar-20 19:33:53

I truly believe myself and dp had it in january. I want the test so that i can find out.

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