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To be annoyed with my DH?

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Emprexia Mon 10-Sep-07 23:57:12

Ok, little bit TMI here

Basically, i haven't wanted to "put out" since last saturday, just not interested, too tired dealing with DS's 1st birthday..whatever. And the fact DH is emotionally abusive and is being a particularly annoying @sshole this week.

DH seems to have slipped back into this habit of being unable to hug me without groping, and i'm getting sick of getting into bed and having to tell him to leave me alone because i just dont want him to keep mauling me every time he touches me.

So, he's been horny since thursday and i've been telling him no, although i did give him a little relief the other morning to make up for the fact i just don't want it right now.

He works night, and tonight i got a "go to bed early plz" txt, followed by "You haven't got some fat ugly b@stard groping you tonight so you can go to bed early"

I'm really angry at that.. he's making me feel like its entirely my fault and i'm being unreasonable by saying No to him.


Alambil Tue 11-Sep-07 00:09:26

you admitted that he is emotionally abusive - part of that is blaming you for everything to make you feel like crap...

Don't let him - tell him to eff off and if he can't keep his hands to himself, he is on the floor for all you care - in the living room!

"he's making me feel" .... I used to think that but then I thought - hang on, I'M the ruler of ME - I make me feel whatever - I will not feel like crap; it is very empowering to take control of your head / emotions when stuck with someone like that

YANBU - it's not your fault - he needs a lesson in how to be a human (emotional abusers aren't humans.... that much I know from experience!)

MrsMarvel Tue 11-Sep-07 01:00:27

No you are definitely not being unreasonable.

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