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Why is it always nurses?

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LalalalalaLlama Wed 25-Mar-20 22:25:24

Ever post here, every meme on fb and everyone in RL mentioning the nurses, all seem to forget women can be drs. Loads and loads of inspiring stuff...not knocking it...just seems the casual sexism is showing through.

Anyone else noticed this? or AIBU?
(obviously I am exaggerating as in not every single post...just a lot)

Scarletoharaseyebrows Wed 25-Mar-20 22:27:00

I don't know if sexism is top of everyone's agenda right now. Not all nurses are women either.

Hollie089 Wed 25-Mar-20 22:28:00

Maybe because there is significantly more nurses than doctors?

Reginabambina Wed 25-Mar-20 22:30:05

I think it’s more the case that doctors aren’t posting and are being ignored?

workercovid Wed 25-Mar-20 22:30:12

Does it matter nurses are women and men, doctor are women and men. Maybe they just mean nurses as in people?

LalalalalaLlama Wed 25-Mar-20 22:31:09

@scarletoharaseyebrows I'm sure it's not. But that just shows that sexism is so ingrained people have to consciously not be sexist.

And I've just done it myself, forgetting to mention Male nurses.

GreytExpectations Wed 25-Mar-20 22:32:04

I kind of see your point, OP. I think it's that we only seem to see posts and thank you memes about nurses but what about all the other NHS workers? Doctors at the very least should be getting the same level of recognition

Ellisandra Wed 25-Mar-20 22:32:36

I think it’s always nurses over doctors, because there’s a perception that doctors work in shitty under resourced NHS positions for very good money and retire with fab pensions at 55, whilst nurses get paid fuck all and work til they’re 67. I’m not saying that’s true - but I think it’s why many deem nurses more worthy of praise.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 25-Mar-20 22:33:25

I don't think people's appreciation of nurses is based on gender, plenty of male nurses too.

I think the public appreciation of nurses is linked to the fact that they are currently undertaking risky work for a very low rate of pay with poor conditions.

Which is not to say that doctors should be appreciated also.

Ellisandra Wed 25-Mar-20 22:34:37

I mean, because doctors already have their reward (respect and money) whereas nurses are doing it all from the good of their hearts.
I also think there’s a perception that doctors are there to fix you, but it’s nurses who care about you. Again, making them more worthy.

stonebrambleboy Wed 25-Mar-20 22:35:45

I don't think it's intentional. Most nurses are women as most firefighters are men.

EmeraldShamrock Wed 25-Mar-20 22:36:56

I don't think it is sexist but I do think of my friend an NHS HCA working her ass off, Doctor's, Porters, Domestic and catering assistant's deserve praise too, it takes a village to run a hospital. ❤

EmeraldShamrock Wed 25-Mar-20 22:38:02

but it’s nurses who care about you. Again, making them more worthy Doctor's definitely care too, leaving at midnight back at 5am.

Brooksey5 Wed 25-Mar-20 22:41:48

I think it’s because nurses are paid so much less. Atleast perception is that they are.

People feel that docors get more fairly compensated for the work they do

1Morewineplease Wed 25-Mar-20 22:46:09

There is an imbalance with doctor/nurse ratios. It’s no one’s fault.

DitheringDoris Wed 25-Mar-20 22:46:46

Nurses and doctors are getting plenty of recognition as they should but what about hospital cleaners, they have just as an important job right now and I bet they do it on minimum wage.

Ellisandra Wed 25-Mar-20 22:49:34

@EmeraldShamrock I said I think that’s the perception, not the truth. What do you think?

Ellisandra Wed 25-Mar-20 22:49:58

I mean - what do you think the perception is?

alloutoffucks Wed 25-Mar-20 23:00:04

It is actually HCPs who are the low paid ones and get forgotten about and do most of what the public think of as "nursing".

EmeraldShamrock Wed 25-Mar-20 23:00:55

Yes I'd agree it is the perception and truth, there is no doubt Nurses do the tough ground work.

FreakStar Wed 25-Mar-20 23:01:28

I think the perception is that nurses work very hard and are underpaid. Whereas doctors are better paid and don't actually do the shitty stuff that nurses have to!

GlendaSugarbeanIsJudgingYou Wed 25-Mar-20 23:05:27

All I have seen is praise for is everyone working right now in the NHS.

Are you a doctor, OP?

StinkyWizzleteets Wed 25-Mar-20 23:06:28

Not all nurses are women 🙄 Not all doctors are men 🙄

GlendaSugarbeanIsJudgingYou Wed 25-Mar-20 23:06:29

Jaysus my post is a mess.

I hope you get my point. grin

FreakStar Wed 25-Mar-20 23:09:18

Yes- nurses are actually highly qualified and skilled these days.

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