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URGENT!! **MNHQ edited to say that this is a request for prayers for a sick baby**

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Lexie365 Wed 25-Mar-20 01:17:49

hi. sorry not an aibu but could everyone just take a moment to say a prayer for my cousin's baby who was born tonight. i am not sure about the details, all i know is that things are not looking good. even if you aren't religious can you please just say a little prayer for the baby to be ok. 🙏

TheoriginalLEM Wed 25-Mar-20 01:19:13

God protect them x

famousforwrongreason Wed 25-Mar-20 01:19:20

Sorry. Sending strength to your cousin and her precious baby x

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 25-Mar-20 01:19:26

I don't pray but I am sending every good wish their way. What's the baby's name?

5zeds Wed 25-Mar-20 01:19:59


PeachesPlumsPears Wed 25-Mar-20 01:20:57

flowers I am praying and sending positive energy that your cousin's baby will be ok.

Bellad19 Wed 25-Mar-20 01:20:57

Praying hard! Feel free to private message me baby’s name and I can add baby to our church’s prayer chain flowers

jessyjo2 Wed 25-Mar-20 01:21:11

Just been praying for this little baby. ❤

tryingtoprep Wed 25-Mar-20 01:24:36

Prayers and good wishes sent to her beautiful baby flowers

midwestspring Wed 25-Mar-20 01:26:30

You have an my best thoughts.

givemeacall Wed 25-Mar-20 01:30:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JonnyPocketRocket Wed 25-Mar-20 01:30:20

Praying for healing for this baby and strength and comfort for their parents.

shawarmasue Wed 25-Mar-20 01:41:44

Lots of prayers for bubba xx

wondertime Wed 25-Mar-20 01:43:36

Sent a pray

HannaYeah Wed 25-Mar-20 01:47:08

Saying prayers for the baby and strength for her parents

Bellagio40 Wed 25-Mar-20 01:48:06


NeverTalksToStrangers Wed 25-Mar-20 01:48:09


KavvLar Wed 25-Mar-20 01:50:25

Sending strength

Emelene Wed 25-Mar-20 01:54:15

I'm praying xx

SewItGoes Wed 25-Mar-20 01:55:03

Prayers for baby and family flowers

Cao77 Wed 25-Mar-20 01:55:56

Prayers to baby and parents

Standrewsschool Wed 25-Mar-20 01:56:35

Thinking of your newborn cousin, and wishing them well.

PNomintrude Wed 25-Mar-20 01:57:27

I’m praying.

sam221 Wed 25-Mar-20 02:06:01

Sending love and prayers

HeIenaDove Wed 25-Mar-20 02:06:32

Good thoughts and strength to you all thanks

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