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Aibu to think private school provision at home can be done in state schools too?

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Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:14:56

Just that. Private schools are doing active live teaching via zoom, FaceTime and Skype. Full school days. Teaching via video link, then sending kids off to do work which they send back and gets marked, then another lesson. full school days of work. Even pe online! Parents don’t need to do anything and can get on with work.

State sector get home learning packs. No info about how to do bus stop division or similar technical stuff. Not heard from anyone at school since Friday, no information at all bar work timetable on website. Where are the teachers? Why are can state sector teachers not actively teach online and stay in touch with the kids? Why not more engagement? We are all having to work at home alongside our kids, why aren’t teachers doing this too?

Tonyaster Tue 24-Mar-20 23:17:29

Our kids are on holiday, but I kniw their private school is working together with the kocal state to provide lessons for year 9 and under.

MrsFogi Tue 24-Mar-20 23:18:13

I am wondering the same - the teachers seem to have put the rest of the term's work online and disappeared (we have even been told not to email/contact teachers or send in any work). I am working my backside off for my work at home yet it feels as though teachers (apart from the few on rota to run the school for key workers' children) are now on holiday (or earning extra cash tutoring kids no longer at school.

Tonyaster Tue 24-Mar-20 23:18:31

Sorry for typos, phone gone weird!

Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:18:50

That’s not happening here Tony.

shinyredbus Tue 24-Mar-20 23:19:00

I agree to an extent - my child is in private school and she's had two solid days of pretty much school from home - its like nothing has changed for her (except she's in a dress and not a uniform!) Me and my husband keep an eye on her (one hour on and one hour off just to make sure things are going ok - internet connections are notoriously slow here!)

However, i think the class sizes are a lot bigger in state school and it might be an issue to co-ordinate that? Not sure. Sorry OP.

Tiredofwinter Tue 24-Mar-20 23:19:17

I would guess they are still at schools looking after key workers children? Also many kids in states schools don't have the technology at home to be able to participate in this. I would love this too but it's probably not feasible.

Reginabambina Tue 24-Mar-20 23:19:21

We’ve got a pack sent home. But then again ours is pre-prep. I suppose the older children might be getting some online teaching.

Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:21:29

Zoom can take more than 30 participants, I use it for work.

Only a few key worker kids at our school, less than 10 per cent. Would take two teachers max to care for them. Wtf are the others doing?

sleepwhenidie Tue 24-Mar-20 23:21:41

I believe most of the resources being used by private schools are being made freely available at the moment (that’s what I heard a cognita person say on 5live the other day) so it might be worth you digging around and finding stuff. Not the same as teacher access but still good. Not every state school child will have access to computer/WiFi though ☹️.

FlamingoAndJohn Tue 24-Mar-20 23:21:58

If a child is in private school the chances are that each child has their own laptop or tablet and therefore can do this.

In my school many parents struggle to feed and clothe their children. It was felt that to try and do something like this would be far too stressful for the parents. Work packs seemed a much better idea. We sent a pencil home with each one too.

noblegiraffe Tue 24-Mar-20 23:22:08

Yes, how is it that schools with lots of money and a wealthy clientele are able to provide a better online learning experience compared to schools that are currently juggling staying open for vulnerable kids and keyworker kids with trying to distribute free school meals to kids who otherwise wouldn’t get anything to eat?

It’s a total mystery.

Fennelandlovage Tue 24-Mar-20 23:22:46

We are getting online recoded assemblies with the head and live teacher support for online learning Timetable via google classroom. School also trialling live lessons so it can happen in the state sector too. Other child also getting live teacher feedback, marking of work and normal schedule of lessons also google classroom also state school. It can and is happening - I think the frustrating thing is the variety of responses from different schools. Hope it improves for you.

Duvetdweller Tue 24-Mar-20 23:22:59

Mine are at state school and the school is working it’s arse off to provide decent provision. Normal site is overwhelmed, but the teachers are sending gorgeous messages, worksheets etc. It’s the first week - everyone needs to decompress

cochineal7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:23:02

Private schools will have more tech available, particularly at home. Also, teachers are not just off on holiday - key worker kids still go in.

Tonyaster Tue 24-Mar-20 23:23:08

Most Private schools have far more money, resources and more time than state. Our private school seems to have a weird sixth sense aboit things and manage to organise themselves very well and months in advance. When mine were at state secondary the school didn't seem to know if it was xmas or easter.

Duvetdweller Tue 24-Mar-20 23:23:30


EvilTwins Tue 24-Mar-20 23:23:32

I’m a state school teacher. I’m teaching via zoom. I’m lucky because all of mine are 6th formers and have their own phones. All of their homes have WiFi. They are all old enough to be looking after themselves.

Not all state school kids have WiFi and a computer.

My own kids are doing work which is set online at the right time for the right subject. They’re getting on with it, which is lucky for me as I’m teaching all day via zoom and can’t supervise them.

Maybe think about all the potential pitfalls before posting such entitled shit.

Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:24:07

Fennel good to know!!

Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:25:08

Evil - how am I entitled fir asking for provision you yourself are providing? Weird.

Namechangedforthisreply7 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:25:40

My kids are primary.

PorpentinaScamander Tue 24-Mar-20 23:25:44

I assume children in private schools are more likely to have computers to do all that work on. I know plenty of children in both my DCs schools who don't have home computers.

We only have enough computers because DS1 bought his school laptop home, although we had to buy a charger. DS2 is using DS1s personal laptop (he bought it himself). DS2 usually does any computer work at school.

DS2s school have said some teachers might be doing lessons over Zoom, we had the option of withdrawing children from video lessons so some state schools are doing it.

Ck817 Tue 24-Mar-20 23:25:46

I’m in a country in southeastern Europe & we’ve been in a lockdown for the past fortnight. All state school here are giving regular lessons via the national television network. Private schools have been instructed by the education minister to instruct their pupils via skype & some such. smile

flumposie Tue 24-Mar-20 23:26:06

State teacher here. I can assure you teachers are not on holiday. I'm certainly not and neither are my colleagues. Preparing resources, emailing pupils who need extra help. You seem to think we had a decision in how we would teach our pupils. Nope. That was senior management. I do what I'm told. Even in a bloody pandemic parents find a way to suggest we are lazy. Teachers can never win. Maybe state schools don't have the budget or technology to teach in a similar way to private schools. Ever considered that ?

PossiblyPFB Tue 24-Mar-20 23:27:01

What @Flamingoandjohn said. Completely.

At my child’s prep school they want to ensure they keep enrolment up when things get tight for some and also justify people paying fees In the short term. It makes sense that they would do these ‘extra’ things to me, in this circumstance.

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