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to expect the streets of Britain NOT to be dusted with ground glass etc

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Shoobiedoo Mon 10-Sep-07 17:17:09

Has anyone else noticed this? ALL the pavements in my town have loads of bits of ground up glass/tiny broken bits of glass on them.

I noticed it because my buggy kept getting getting punctures, and now I see it everywhere. Imagine a child skinning their knee on that!

I am going to write to the council to complain, green pen at the ready. AIBU?

Roskva Mon 10-Sep-07 21:11:16

No. It's the same here, and I always have visions of my dog getting a shard glass stuck in his paws (thankfully he hasn't, touch wood). We do have a full time chap keeping the streets clean round our way, but he is only human and can only do so much. At least he clears up after the eejits who put their bin bags out the night before for the animals to empty all over the place...

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