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To feel left out and untrusted?

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choccybuttons Mon 10-Sep-07 11:03:17

I recieved a post card from my mother last week from somewhere in England she had been.
When i saw her a few days later i asked her if she had a good time and asked her who she went with and she got all wierd and fishy about who she went with. I thought she had gone up there on a day trip (we always send postcards when we go somewhere).

That night i spoke to my sister and i said to her that mum wouldn't tell me who she went with and my sister said she didn't know. Then half way though the conversation my sister said 'can you keep a secret' and i said yes.

She then told me how our mum had been going up to this town to see someone (i cannot say who because he is a famous old friend of my mothers) and it had been going on for about a month and my sister knew all the details!

I understand why my mother would want to keep it quite for the privacy of this person and she is a discreet person anyway but i am not allowed to let my mother know i know about this and i feel quite left out and untrusted. She obviously feels she can confide in my sister and trust her but not me.

Tortington Mon 10-Sep-07 11:04:59

well you have just put it ona website....grin

choccybuttons Mon 10-Sep-07 11:16:54

Hardly, i haven't wrote 'my mother has gone to see so and so at X place', that would be putting it on the website. I have only posted the circumstances.

cluelessnchaos Mon 10-Sep-07 11:17:25

YOur mum may not have wanted to tell your sister either but was found out,

binkleandflip Mon 10-Sep-07 11:18:50

Lol at custy grin

Starbear Mon 10-Sep-07 11:22:11

We are like that in my family. My sister has a way with my Mum and she tells my sister everything mainly because they have so much in common. But we four adult children always have a debate whether to tell my mum various things. My brother of 35 years old has got engaged and hasn't told my Mum but has told everyone else. When I was 17 years old I spoke to my dad's mistress about my step brother and to this day I haven't told my Mum.

choccybuttons Mon 10-Sep-07 11:23:42

I doubt that. My sister said my mother told her because she was dying to tell someone, she could have told both her daughters but decided to tell my sister.

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