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AIBU to ask you for things that have made you smile lately?

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ElleAitch Wed 11-Mar-20 08:50:00

I'm having one of those periods where people just seem rubbish. Inconsiderate drivers, dog walkers leaving poo all over the pavement, friends being hurt and let down by's all really getting to me lately.

I'd really love to hear about things that have made you smile lately, especially acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Help drag me back out of this misanthropy!

Norma27 Wed 11-Mar-20 10:10:26

A friend I hadn't seen in over a decade contacted me to get me to apply for a job. I got it!
Met up with them last week again and was like we had never been apart.

LittleCandle Wed 11-Mar-20 10:13:30

DD2 bought her wedding dress on Monday. Seeing her smile as she came towards me wearing it, when she hadn't even seen herself in a mirror yet, made me smile till my face hurt and also brought tears to my eyes as she looked so beautiful.

DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff Wed 11-Mar-20 10:25:08

What a lovely thread idea, OP.

My friend messaged me today to see how I'm feeling, because I woke up with a trapped nerve in my neck yesterday. It's something little, but it was sweet of him to check I'm ok and reassure me that I'm not a skiver!

DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff Wed 11-Mar-20 10:26:25

Also, a client brought me some beautiful and vair expensive chocolate as a surprise thank-you. It was totally unexpected and very well-received!

Windyatthebeach Wed 11-Mar-20 10:30:13

We have a new dpuppy. Yesterday for the first time she played with 2 of our other ddogs. Up until now one had been most put out she has moved in!
Dpuppy still needs some lessons in respectfully not plonking on other ddogs!

FrenchtoEnglish Wed 11-Mar-20 10:31:43

I rehomed three cats yesterday (work at animal charity). A girl with one eye. A girl with a broken back. A boy who is so grumpy he won't be friends with anyone. Three familles chose to take on these pretty hopeless cases.

Sunflowersok Wed 11-Mar-20 10:38:24

My DD kissed me in the lips at bedtime yesterday. Usually she cringes from it (she’s at that ‘age!’) and kisses me on the cheek or just hugs me. It’s been a good two years since she did that.

DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff Wed 11-Mar-20 10:43:52

Your dogs are gorgeous @Windy, what sweet babies!

EmmiJay Wed 11-Mar-20 10:45:50

In Tesco this morning a Chinese man with practically zero English was trying to work out the self checkout. An assistant called me over, thinking the man had finished but he was actually asking for a bag but had no change for one. So I handed over a 20p and at first he was horrified but then took it. He paid for his shopping, got change and gave me back the 20p and he looked so happy to be helped and understood to an extent. Its just a little thing but it was lovely.🙂

latheritup Wed 11-Mar-20 11:49:24

Giving birth to my daughter and seeing her perfect little pout for the first time smile

AdoptedBumpkin Wed 11-Mar-20 11:56:22

Lovely thread. I saw an old lady being helped off the bus by some schoolboys yesterday, which was a nice gesture especially when people are worried about CV.

MatildaTheCat Wed 11-Mar-20 12:05:23

My Dad has Kate stage dementia and is largely non verbal. On a recent visit I was chatting away to him with virtually no response. His eyes were closed. Struggling for further chat I mentioned that the drain next to his road had been blocked but the man next door had unblocked it. Dad said, ‘Oh, that is good.’ Just as if he'd been joining in the conversation all along. That was it, no further words.

Made me realise that a bit of him is still in there and that I really need to choose topics he is interested in if I want any reply! (He was always heavily invested in that drain smile )

MatildaTheCat Wed 11-Mar-20 12:05:42

Late, not Kate.

GoosetheCat Wed 11-Mar-20 12:49:24

I'm having an operation soon, and I just found out my friend has booked some time off to help me and my DP while I recover. He'll need an extra pair of hands, as DS has just started walking 😂

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink Wed 11-Mar-20 12:56:11

I went for a scan today as I had bleeding a fortnight ago and we got to see a little belly bean with a heartbeat fluttering away!

My next door neighbours regularly bring my wheelie bin in for me

LefttoherownDevizes Wed 11-Mar-20 12:58:22

Yesterday morning, Victoria station in Central London. Guy dressed for work walks over to the homeless people sleeping outside the Apollo Theatre. Opens his rucksack, takes out parcels (assuming food, wrapped in foil) and quietly lays them next to each sleeping bag.

Does up his bag, walks off. No fussor recognition just someone doing a nice, good thing. Couldn't explain to the bus driver whilst I was crying

Grumpos Wed 11-Mar-20 13:03:23

I’m sat here for the first time in several months with BOTH babies asleep. I’ve tidied the house, made a sandwich and a Diet Coke and enjoying the total peace and quiet.
No noise, no one crying, no nappies to change, no tantrums, both boobs firmly inside my bra. It’s bliss.
Realise it’s not much but to me it’s everything I needed today.

Honeybee85 Wed 11-Mar-20 13:08:20

My best friend said she loves me and misses me.

My little baby boy’s face lighting up when he sees me and immediately starts babbling and smiling.

My DH booked us a weekend to a lovely spa hotel in a village I had wanted to visit for ages.

Very silly : watching The Windsors on Netflix. I think it’s hilarious and I often nearly fall off my chair because I’m laughing so hard as I’m watching this.

FudgeBrownie2019 Wed 11-Mar-20 13:09:51

DS2 is 9 and struggling at the moment with managing himself - his emotions are a bit all over the place (I think a combination of hormones and being a bit of a bellend). This morning I got a text from his girlfriend's Mum saying she'd had a rough day yesterday and he'd taken such great care of her. It made me light right up; he has such a kind heart despite being a bit unreasonable at home.

(I also appreciate the total ridiculousness of saying my 9 yo has a girlfriend, but it's lovely regardless)

ElleAitch Wed 11-Mar-20 13:35:38

Aw, I checked this thread earlier and there weren't any replies. So happy to read all your lovely stories - thank you for sharing!

QuinoaWest Wed 11-Mar-20 15:44:12

Friend's 3 yr old handing me a tiny package, badly-wrapped in tin foil, while earnestly whispering

"you are the ONLY grown-up I want to look after Frank till I get home from Gran's"

Turns out 'Frank' is half a torn, flattened loo roll, with lopsided face drawn on in felt tip!

I've never been prouder grin

QuinoaWest Wed 11-Mar-20 15:46:04


Such a wonderful pic.
Your dogs are beautiful!

sleepychunky Wed 11-Mar-20 15:49:56

I got to work after a meeting to find a package on my desk. Not expecting anything I opened it to find a "coronavirus care kit" from my lovely sister! (I don't have coronavirus btw). Chocolate, jelly beans, a packet of tissues and a lovely note. We live 60 miles from each other and don't see each other very much, and she's pregnant with DC2 due early May so really should be thinking about herself and baby, not me. It was so lovely to get something unexpected in the post and made me smile smile

Windyatthebeach Wed 11-Mar-20 15:59:44

Ddogs awake...
All of them greet me when I get home. Gives me a proud dm feeling!!
*I have dc but they always have complaints about something as soon as I get back!!

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