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To wear earplugs to block out colleague with vocal fry

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calmama Fri 06-Mar-20 06:00:25

My god it’s grating. Wish she would do some work and stop frying all those words. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH

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YouJustDoYou Fri 06-Mar-20 06:02:40

Vocal fry?

PureAlchemy Fri 06-Mar-20 06:04:08


LadySlipper Fri 06-Mar-20 06:04:20

Is she my son's girlfriend? Great girl, but the fry...arahhh!

Gatekeeper Fri 06-Mar-20 06:06:34

God you poor bugger...bad enough hearing it on the telly. At least with that there's a mute button. Quizzical look with a slight clearing of your throat and pass her a Fishermans Friend. After all....if she is making such a noise she.must have a nasty sore throat

Purplelion Fri 06-Mar-20 06:14:32

You do know that some people don’t do it deliberately right?

Nanna50 Fri 06-Mar-20 06:15:10

Not sure what vocal fry is but a random thought often pops in my head of what Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon’s child’s voice will sound like.

Charlesthekingcavalier Fri 06-Mar-20 06:17:49

I’m sure you speak perfectly, OP

SinglePringle Fri 06-Mar-20 06:20:32

I’m with you OP. It’s so contrived!

PositiveVibez Fri 06-Mar-20 06:21:33

I feel for you OP.

Vocal fry is totally done on purpose to emulate reality stars basically.

It's very damaging to vocal cords, so you have to go out of your way to put on that way of talking.

It would annoy me no end.

Youhedge Fri 06-Mar-20 06:22:06

It’s usually an affectation, and a recent modern one. I heard a random outtake of a Kardashian get a strep test love. My daughter sings like it if she’s imitating a pop song hmm

motherheroic Fri 06-Mar-20 06:23:11

@Purplelion I think most people believe it's deliberate or preventable. There isn't enough breathe going through the vocal cords. It's as simple as that.

motherheroic Fri 06-Mar-20 06:24:25

We can all do an intimidation of vocal fry. That doesn't mean it's fake and put on all the time.

Youhedge Fri 06-Mar-20 06:24:51

I’d say something to her too, but I’m fairly straightforward. I wouldn’t be mean, but I would mention it

malificent7 Fri 06-Mar-20 06:26:58

What is vocal fry?

Lifesabeach86 Fri 06-Mar-20 06:27:13

What is a vocal fry???

PlumsGalore Fri 06-Mar-20 06:28:08

Off to look on urban dictionary to find out what vocal fry is....

Illberidingshotgun Fri 06-Mar-20 06:28:39

I have no idea what vocal fry is, but if she has a condition that you find distracting, and wearing earplugs would not prevent you doing your job, or affect the quality of your work, then why not?

PlumsGalore Fri 06-Mar-20 06:29:55

Ha ha ha I get it now. Lots of examples on YouTube “ ohhhh myyy gawwwwd, i jusssst looooove it, like I went to the store yesterday and like it was soooo cooool”

StealthPolarBear Fri 06-Mar-20 06:32:11

I have a colleague who does this, I'm fairly sure it isn't put on but it sounds so uncomfortable.

Lifesabeach86 Fri 06-Mar-20 06:32:41

Just fell down a YouTube rabbit hole. Absolutely grating!!!! Find an article about the vocal fry OP and read it aloud next to her

hula008 Fri 06-Mar-20 06:40:40

Why is it mainly women criticised for having vocal fry? Men exhibit it more often yet I only ever hear that it's "annoying" when a woman does it.

OtherVoicesOtherRooms Fri 06-Mar-20 06:51:19

* if she has a condition that you find distracting,...*

A 'condition' grin

My D.C. can imitate this voice perfectly! It's awful.
YWNBU to wear earplugs.

OtherVoicesOtherRooms Fri 06-Mar-20 06:56:30

Interestingly the clip didn't actually show an example of a man doing it.
I'm guessing it's because their deep voice is actually their own and not an affectation.

overnightangel Fri 06-Mar-20 06:56:45

I blame Dua Lipa.

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