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to be really pissed off that my so called friends think it is ok to smoke in the same room as a 6 week old baby and for them to be all snotty because we refuse to see them with our kids

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sheepgomeep Thu 06-Sep-07 16:24:35

I just cannot believe thier stupidity and thier naivety i really can't. They have used the excuse that as she smoked in pregnancy then the baby is used to it and will be ok.

They have gone snotty on us because we wont take our kids there.

No amount of education will make them change thier minds and whats worse her whole family have started it too so at any one time up to 8 oeple are smoking in the same room as that poor baby!

I am not turning this into an anti smoking rant as dp and I both smoke but we both go outside well away from the kids and are both very aware of the risks .

They give teenage parents and people on benefits a really bad name sad

smugmumofboys Thu 06-Sep-07 16:27:22

YANBU. I also really hate seeing people with a fag on in the car with children. angry

HorseyWoman Thu 06-Sep-07 16:40:04

Yes, they do give other teen mums a bad name, but you give them a good name grin

You can only continue your boycott and explain why you are doing it. If they are snotty with you then it's up to them; if they can't understand your reasons, they would carry on smoking round your kids, so you are probably best like this anyway!

QueenofBleach Thu 06-Sep-07 16:41:52

I agree with you sheep we are both smokers but always smoke outside and away from children

sheepgomeep Thu 06-Sep-07 16:43:38

i'm not a teen mum I was 22 when I had ds but dp and I have been on benefits smile. I'm just astounded that anyone can be so stupid in this day and age

haychee Thu 06-Sep-07 16:43:51


Im a smoker but did not smoke around babies. I do have a crafty one in the kitchen when dc are in the other room nowadays but they are 6&4 now.
I thought most people had much more common sense with regards to smoking these days? Is not as fashionable these days etc. Im suprised anybody would even consider smoking around a tiny one!

Hulababy Thu 06-Sep-07 16:45:41


sheepgomeep Thu 06-Sep-07 16:49:16

Their parents are just as bad absolutely clueless...they have said it is fine to do so also

maisemor Thu 06-Sep-07 16:52:36

You do realise that just because you smoke outside does not mean you are keeping the smoke away from you children. It sticks to your clothes, your skin and your hair and thereby get passed on to your children, when you hug them for example.

A survery was done that showed it did not make much of a difference if the parents smoked outside the house. Their children are still at risk of getting cancer.

divastrop Thu 06-Sep-07 16:52:39


dp and i smoke but only ever in the back yard.i have been annoyed recently by 2 family members who smoked around their lo from birth,who make comments about me giving dd2 and dd3 dummies because they are 'horrible things'.hmm

smoking in pregnancy is bad,yes,because of the chemicals getting into the bloodstream,but surely the affect of passive smoking on the lungs is worse than that?

as for the baby being used to itshock.i'm used to cigarette smoke,but that doesnt mean it wont give me cancer.

divastrop Thu 06-Sep-07 16:53:34

maisemor-link to said survey,please?

LadyTophamHatt Thu 06-Sep-07 16:53:43

TBH, if I had "friends" who did this they wouldn't be my friends any more....

selfish, inconsiderate twats.

maisemor Thu 06-Sep-07 16:56:02

It is in Danish, do you still want it?

hanaflower Thu 06-Sep-07 16:56:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ronshar Thu 06-Sep-07 16:56:56

Any parent who smokes near a baby/child should be charged with abuse!

TemporarilyJV Thu 06-Sep-07 16:57:46

"A survery was done that showed it did not make much of a difference if the parents smoked outside the house. Their children are still at risk of getting cancer."

So smokers may as well puff away in close vicinity to their children?


Dinosaur Thu 06-Sep-07 16:58:06

I don't think you are being unreasonable.

The main reason I started smoking at 13 was because my dad did and I reckon I was already well addicted before I ever smoked one myself. Once I did smoke one, that was it really, was an addicted smoker until 4 years ago when I finally managed to pack it in for good.

bluejelly Thu 06-Sep-07 17:00:57

YANBU, they are!

Doodledootoo Thu 06-Sep-07 17:02:27

Message withdrawn

DaphneHarvey Thu 06-Sep-07 17:04:09

YANBU. It is totally horrific and disgusting. And I speak as one also sadly addicted to the dreadful weed.

It is unbelievable that people can do this and I actually think you should cut all ties with these people. If they are so ignorant about one of the biggest dangers of all around tiny babies then they are clearly clueless ignorant half-wits and whats to be gained from staying friends with them?

divastrop Thu 06-Sep-07 17:05:32

o...k ,so nicotine is contaminating the otherwise pure,fresh,unpolluted air of britain and causing cancer.

what utter crap.government propaganda bullshit.

that article is talking about nicotine sticking to the clothes etc,nicotine doesnt cause cancer.

divastrop Thu 06-Sep-07 17:06:56

but doodledoo-you are doing just as much harm by nipping out to the garage,apparentlyhmm

TemporarilyJV Thu 06-Sep-07 17:07:38

Sheepgomeep - Y(without a doubt)ANBU!

Neighboursfan Thu 06-Sep-07 17:11:51

You are still breathing out toxins an hour and a half after your fag. Admittedly it's not as bad as the actual smoke but still makes my stomach churn.

Doodledootoo Thu 06-Sep-07 17:12:26

Message withdrawn

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