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Person diagnosed with Coronavirus next town over from me...aibu?!

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JuniperNet Thu 27-Feb-20 14:07:02

Just seen this in the local news that a school has closed in the next town over from me as one of the pupils parents has had a case of Coronavirus confirmed yesterday.

AIBU to be a bit freaked by this?! Too close to home for my liking!

bernardswatchplease Thu 27-Feb-20 14:10:40

I would only be personally freaked out (not listing various friends and family members) if I have a compromised immune system or were pregnant.

Witchofzog Thu 27-Feb-20 14:11:04

Its all over the country. I know someone who works in the Infectious Diseases Ward at my local hospital. There are cases there. There are cases the next town over. There is absolutely no point in worrying over something you have no control over. And this is coming from someone that has emetophobia and health anxiety. Exercise good handwashing techniques and live your life.

onalongsabbatical Thu 27-Feb-20 14:12:36

Suggest you come on over to this thread. Couple of other people with close connection there, including to Buxton. Lots of good advice and other people who prefer to be aware than stick their heads in the sand. YANBU.

PurpleDaisies Thu 27-Feb-20 14:13:20


JuniperNet Thu 27-Feb-20 14:14:42

Thank you! It's Buxton I'm talking about. I live very nearby. Just shocked to actually see somewhere so close to me actually named!

I'll come on over.

Hoik Thu 27-Feb-20 14:14:53

YANBU to be a bit freaked out but try not to worry too much.

I have anxiety and the way I stop myself from losing my shit is to look at the plus side rather than the negative.

Yes, COVID-19 is here in the UK but it does not appear so far to be circulating as rapidly as it has elsewhere and we have as yet had no fatalities.

PHE has issued advice stating that for most people it is not a serious illness and basically you will feel like crap just like any other illness but most people will recover with no problems. I know that is of no comfort to those in vulnerable groups but the 'most people' bit means that even if you did catch it, you would likely recover.

DuploTower Thu 27-Feb-20 14:15:00

Witchofzog in the UK?

Parker231 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:16:07

There are as at today only 15 positive cases in the UK so I’m not worried. The NHS are doing an excellent job.

Witchofzog Thu 27-Feb-20 14:16:22

Yorkshire @duplotower

Herpesfreesince03 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:16:40

My daughters school has closed down, as another school next to it and at least 3 other schools in my area, and there’s a pupil from my daughters school in quarantine. And my baby’s due his vaccinations but my doctors surgery a few houses down has closed down due to the virus. I’m not freaking out..

Hoik Thu 27-Feb-20 14:17:28

I also remind myself that for every person officially diagnosed and hospitalised, there are probably many more infected people at home with what they believe to be the "the flu" or "a cold" who get sick, wallow around in their PJs for a bit, and then recover absolutely nonthewiser to that flu/cold actually being COVID-19.

I know that's probably not at all scientifically accurate but it helps me not to worry about it.

Melassa Thu 27-Feb-20 14:18:29

Total overreaction. I’m in the centre of the isolated areas in Northern Italy and it’s all a bit of a damp squib. No one I know (friend, family, colleagues, including in numerous companies I work with) has got ill. Children are less likely to get ill. The only ones who have died were elderly or had pre-existing conditions. Everyone not elderly and in normal health has recovered completely.

Unless you or anyone in your family are in the at risk category I really wouldn’t worry.

BritWifeinUSA Thu 27-Feb-20 14:19:59

So far the people in Europe who have contracted it have a 2% mortality rate. And most of those are people who were already in poor health it very elderly. These groups of people die from the flu every year. For healthy people it’s no different from the flu, by all accounts. Yes, the flu is rough. No, I wouldn’t want to catch it even though it likely won’t kill me. Does it stop me from leaving the house knowing that someone in the same county has the flu? Absolutely not.

Do you get this paranoid about driving? You are far more likely to be injured or killed on the roads than by corona virus.

HasaDigaEebowai Thu 27-Feb-20 14:22:07

@witchofzog if you're in the UK that can't be true unless the news is lagging behind dramatically and you know something the rest of the country doesn't.

It doesn't help to make stuff up to try to reassure people if that reassurance is false.

Witchofzog Thu 27-Feb-20 14:25:52

Oh do one @HasaDigaEebowai. Why on earth would I make it up? I post here all the time and have absolutely no reason to make things up

Herpesfreesince03 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:27:06

@HasaDigaEebowai most of what’s I my area isn’t on the national news. There are lists of schools, surgeries and quarantined civilians that you can read online. But my local schools and surgeries have closed due to Coronavirus and it’s only in my local news, and there’s far more people quarantined than what’s being reported

Parker231 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:28:32

There are not cases other than those reported publicly. DH is a GP and gets updates from PHE.

It’s stupid reporting that causes unnecessary panic and stress.

ABoxersMum Thu 27-Feb-20 14:28:50

Thank you @Melassa. My husband is in Milan at the moment and I’ve been so worried. You’ve made me feel better about it

HasaDigaEebowai Thu 27-Feb-20 14:30:57

Witchofzog there are only 15 confirmed cases in the UK and we know where they are.

There are people quarantined but you said cases. So no I won't "do one" whatever that is supposed to mean.

Laiste Thu 27-Feb-20 14:31:46

All very well saying it's only those who are elderly or in poor (respiratory) health who need to worry - but don't nearly all of us have at least one loved one who falls into that category?

I know there's no sense in panicing - most of us are sensible enough to comply with advice easily - but i find all this 'don't worry it's only the elderly and infirm who are likely to die', a bit off tbh.

HasaDigaEebowai Thu 27-Feb-20 14:31:56

Herpes there are of course many people quarantined. Ds's best friend is one of them

Parker231 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:33:02

@Witchofzog - which hospital are you referring to?

Milkwith1sugar44 Thu 27-Feb-20 14:36:17

We're in the next town too. My daughter is terrified.
My youngest has a weak immune system.

PhoneTwattery Thu 27-Feb-20 14:38:03

Yes you are. But the prepping thread will be thrilled.

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