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To wake her for nursery!?

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HJWT Thu 27-Feb-20 03:47:56

DD (3.5 years) has never been a good sleeper, atm its looking like behaviour problems but HV not ruled out autism as of yet! So often she will either struggle to get to sleep and be awake till 11/12 OR she will go to bed exhausted 6.30PM fall asleep and wake up at 8.30-9PM which is what she has done last night!

I think she has finally fell back to sleep and its 3.45AM!!! Would I be unreasonable to wake her up at 8AM for nursery ? Should I let her sleep a bit longer and take her in for 10 or get her up as usual?

We have a baby so I will be up regardless 🥴🤣

HJWT Thu 27-Feb-20 03:50:30

Omg she is still awake 🤦🏻‍♀️

MyDcAreMarvel Thu 27-Feb-20 03:53:06

Just let her sleep in , it’s only nursery.

Pipandmum Thu 27-Feb-20 03:53:39

I'd wake her (if she gets back to sleep)! Routine helps and if you let her sleep in it will have a knock on effect.

marcopront Thu 27-Feb-20 03:55:47

I agree with Pipandmum.
The routine will help.

HJWT Thu 27-Feb-20 04:14:07

She is finally asleep! I should have said that waking her will not change much, she will fall asleep in the car on the way home and even a 5 minute nap will give her energy till midnight 🥴 don't know how she does it! X

SD1978 Thu 27-Feb-20 04:18:54

I wouldn't be missing nursery or going in late. The routine should be stuck to- as it's going to be a lot more permanent when sue goes to school. Maybe see the GP instead of the HV and see if she can be looked up if you're concerned their may be SEN issues- it's better to try and address that before school starts if you can

Toomanygerbils Thu 27-Feb-20 04:21:29

Take her to nursery, keep to the routine

ZebrasAreHorsesInPyjamas Thu 27-Feb-20 04:33:17

Definitely get her up, it's hard, but sticking to a routine will help in the long run, even if it doesn't feel worth it at the moment. And I know it's hard, but perhaps try not to let her go to bed at 6.30, make another routine for evenings, stick to it and try to distract her until a slightly later bed time, play games, keep her active, distracted and engaged. Easier said than done I know, it's really hard with a cranky child trying to drop off, but if you persist in the same timings (accepting there will be the odd fail), it may make things easier in the long run even if it's hell on earth for a while.

WhiteBadger Thu 27-Feb-20 06:05:02

I agree get her up. Routine is important.

Daftodil Thu 27-Feb-20 06:17:20

I would also wake her.

she will fall asleep in the car on the way home and even a 5 minute nap will give her energy till midnight

Do you have any toys for the car? My DS is the same. 5 minutes and he is totally revived. I got a toy steering wheel thing that he plays with in the car now and that stops him falling asleep on short journeys. Warning You may go insane from hearing the same opening bars of 'She'll be coming round the mountain,' 800 times in 5 minutes ("She'll be co- she'll be com- she'll be- etc etc as it restarts every time the button is pressed!)

HJWT Thu 27-Feb-20 07:27:35

@SD1978 She is under a paediatrician and been referred to a team to help with her behaviour!

We have tried everything with her sleep, later bedtime, no nap, 20 minute nap, 2 hour nap, bath before bed, fill her up with milk 🥴 she just has sleep problems unfortunately. Even in the perfect routine she can still wake up at 2AM 🤷🏻‍♀️ her dad's family are all the same they don't sleep!

Will get her up soon, thanks for the advice everyone 🥰

TheTrollFairy Thu 27-Feb-20 07:30:13

I give DD my phone to watch YouTube if I don’t want her to sleep in the car. Toys do nothing.
Can you do this with your DD to keep her awake after nursery?

SinkGirl Thu 27-Feb-20 07:34:27

My twins are 3, both have ASD and this is exactly what one of them is like. I take them to nursery unless they are ill - there’s no good solution really as whatever you do leads to one problem or the other.

Sirzy Thu 27-Feb-20 07:39:52

I would also take her is so you can get some rest!

goldenorbspider Thu 27-Feb-20 07:42:51

Op I'm autistic and have to take melatonin. My body doesn't produce the hormones to sleep naturally. Hope you get help ASAP x

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