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Can someone help me calm the fuck down?

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SingleSidedShoulderShrug Wed 26-Feb-20 18:20:43

I've been living with my parents for the last 3 weeks about 4 hours away from home, working on my mental health and H and I have had some marital issues. However I'm currently about to see him for the first time in nearly a month and I'm absolutely shitting it. What is wrong with me? Why am I so nervous? I feel like a silly little school girl, all nervous and butterflies. I keep clock watching, I'm going to cock this up if I don't stop being a dick!

SummerHouse Wed 26-Feb-20 18:24:53

...and breathe....

You will be fine.

No wonder you are nervous. That's totally natural. Bet he is too.

Do a single sided shoulder shrug and go do this.

Be honest and be true to yourself. That's all.

Bigblue20 Wed 26-Feb-20 18:24:54

Hey - no advice but didn't want you sitting on your own!

Have you been speaking/texting one another?

Perhaps its good nerves?

SingleSidedShoulderShrug Wed 26-Feb-20 18:27:20

I don't know whether to meet him at the pub or home. It feels weird being back here.

Bigblue20 Wed 26-Feb-20 18:50:45

Pub? A busy one that will let you get a bit lost in noise at first?

Lordfrontpaw Wed 26-Feb-20 18:52:50

Maybe a cafe - no temptation to down a double before he arrives!

HeartyGreenSalad Wed 26-Feb-20 18:53:29

You are not being a dick. Anyone would be nervous. Take baby steps and be kind to yourself

Lordfrontpaw Wed 26-Feb-20 19:00:26

I’d be a bit giddy if I was in the same situation to be honest. Try to relax, sit comfortably and don’t clench your hands. Smile!

kitk Wed 26-Feb-20 19:04:41

Not your safe space but not a pub either- somewhere where you can't get anxiously tipsy but still neutral ground

Bigblue20 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:05:22

'I'm going to cock this up if I don't stop being a dick!'

I know you meant this jokingly but if part of you is thinking this, you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself (internal thoughts and all that)

And he will be just as nervous, I bet

B0bbin Wed 26-Feb-20 19:07:58

Hope it goes well. It's normal to feel how you feel x

user1473878824 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:14:07

Being nervous isn’t being a dick! If you weren’t nervous that would be a bit of a sign.

Queenofheartsnomore Wed 26-Feb-20 19:21:20

I hope it goes how you want. I'm sure he's feeling the same. Good luck!

Bookoffacts Wed 26-Feb-20 19:29:18

I'd go from meeting in a pub.

Blahdeeeblah Wed 26-Feb-20 19:33:23

Bless you, you sound like you've had some well needed space and a bit anxious about the events to come. Relax, be you. You know him well and he knows you well, have a cuppa or go for a walk before you meet. You'll be fine.

Good luck xx

cakeandchampagne Wed 26-Feb-20 19:33:28

Best wishes!
I hope he makes a huge effort, and has been working on his own issues.

Candyfloss99 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:34:49

It's good you're nervous. It means you still care.

NeverGuessWho Wed 26-Feb-20 19:42:32

Hoping you have a lovely time, OP.

Gizmo79 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:36:07

Good luck and hope it works out for you both.x

namechange1041 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:58:08

Ah bless you, I hope everything goes well for you both OP.

P.s. I read your username and I had to do it grin

JollyGiraffe12 Wed 26-Feb-20 21:09:22

Grab a glass of wine and arrive in plenty of time

FortunesFave Wed 26-Feb-20 21:18:40

My friend went through this...she left for three weeks because of issues and she said it felt weird to be back....but it's your home...and that will wear off.x

londonrach Wed 26-Feb-20 21:37:02

Not your home, thats your safe place. Cafe, pub something like that and good luck. He be feeling the same x

Nsky Wed 26-Feb-20 22:13:48

Hopefully you’ve both made progress and can enjoy seeing him again

SunshineCake Wed 26-Feb-20 22:16:06

It reads like people think you are excitedly going on a date. Were the marital difficulties because he was the dick?

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