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'Hope it's a Girl comments' need some witty replys

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AnxietyForever Wed 26-Feb-20 16:47:51

I'm pregnant with my 3rd, already have 2 wonderful boys, I'm really really not bothered if we have another boy, after losses etc I'm hoping it's just healthy.
ANYWAY other people must just be assuming we want or are hoping for a girl, constantly getting girl comments and I've just been letting it slip. Not long received a text from a dousing saying 'Congratulations, hopefully it's a girl, we need one in the family'
Need some witty replies because the 'as long as it's healthy' doesn't seem to be cutting it??

HulksPurplePanties Wed 26-Feb-20 16:49:02

Sod a girl. I'm going for a starting line up for the men's national team (or a boy band)

FrancisCrawford Wed 26-Feb-20 16:49:12

“But we make such wonderful boys”

BoudoirPink Wed 26-Feb-20 16:51:55

'Really? Why do you need one in the family, Random Cousin?'

MyHairNeedsASnip Wed 26-Feb-20 16:53:33

"given the position we were in when it was conceived, I'll just be happy if it's not a dog 😉"


SarahTancredi Wed 26-Feb-20 16:53:47

"I'll just be glad if it turns out to be human, I never did find out what those lights were..."

FrancisCrawford Wed 26-Feb-20 16:54:34

I was really hoping for a guinea pig this time around

Jeezoh Wed 26-Feb-20 16:55:23

“Do I not count as a girl?”

PleaseSeeMeNow Wed 26-Feb-20 16:56:10

Oh shit, I was hoping it was going to be a kitten.

theswordthatdangles Wed 26-Feb-20 16:56:20

"I'm hoping for a puppy/kitten"

"DH had a chat with his sperm but they weren't great talkers"

porple Wed 26-Feb-20 16:57:18

“I’m hoping for a puppy”

NoMorePoliticsPlease Wed 26-Feb-20 16:57:23

I was rather just hoping for a baby

CassidyStone Wed 26-Feb-20 16:57:29

Just say you love the idea of 3 brothers growing up together. I hate all this 'bet you hope it's a girl' nonsense. You're having a third child because you want a third child, not because you want a female version, surely?

BigFatLiar Wed 26-Feb-20 16:57:52

A girl? The boys want a puppy.

Nowayorhighway Wed 26-Feb-20 16:58:29

“I’ll just be pleased if it’s human”

Hereforthenamethreads Wed 26-Feb-20 16:59:20

I doubt anybody cares what your baby is. They are just thinking of something to say, trying to appear interested.

Hoik Wed 26-Feb-20 17:06:19

Just look at them and ask "why?" then when they say it's because you already have two boys say "so why do you hope it's a girl this time?" and watch them twist themselves in knots to try give you a response that doesn't make them sound like an arsehole.

AnxietyForever Wed 26-Feb-20 17:09:12

Love these, thankyou!!

DandyLyon Wed 26-Feb-20 17:10:19

Actually, I think I quite suit being Queen Bee!

inwood Wed 26-Feb-20 17:11:16

I'd be inclined to go with fuck off!

SpaceDinosaur Wed 26-Feb-20 17:12:45

I’m getting “are you hoping for a boy?”
Me: I’m hoping for a dinosaur or a tax return.

IckyIsAFuckingStupidWord Wed 26-Feb-20 17:15:39

“Well to be honest, I’m kinda hoping for a dinosaur so we’ll just have to wait and see!” - said in a completely Stone dead tone.


Bluetrews25 Wed 26-Feb-20 17:18:08

Oh, it will be gender neutral, we've already decided.
(Hope I've used the right terminology!)

raviolidreaming Wed 26-Feb-20 17:18:27

I doubt anybody cares what your baby is. They are just thinking of something to say, trying to appear interested'

Indeed. When people start commenting on your bump being big or whatever, that is also just people trying to be interested. Sure it's glib and trite, but just try and be gracious if it's people that you don't otherwise think are being deliberately offensive.

RuggerHug Wed 26-Feb-20 17:18:56

'Why.....what's wrong with the boys we have?'

Paddington bear hard stare

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