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Is the amount of rain we've had bothering anyone else?

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pawsies Tue 25-Feb-20 23:32:15

Thankfully not in a flooded area but we are still getting a ridiculous amount of rainfall.
Our local river is overflowing and has flooded the adjacent banks.
I mean how long will it take to dry the ground out? Is this because of global warming/climate change?
How are the insurance companies even going to be able to make a start on repairs when we're still getting so much rain?

shinyredbus Tue 25-Feb-20 23:33:43

I’m not - we have monsoon season where I’m from and this is nothing compared to that. I am sorry for the people affected though.

Ginfordinner Tue 25-Feb-20 23:37:27

I am sick and tired of the constant rain - well it has been mainly sleet today.

I notice that the "I love winter" posters have been very quiet lately.

Alsohuman Tue 25-Feb-20 23:41:20

Every dog walk round here is like the Somme. Absolutely sick of it.

Ginfordinner Tue 25-Feb-20 23:46:01

Park runs have been cancelled for weeks on the trot. Outdoor markets have been cancelled, OH and I have hardly done any walks and I haven't been out on my bike since last year.

drivingtofrance Tue 25-Feb-20 23:46:37

I hate it. Also this wind! I don't recall it being like this for so long in previous winters.

Roll on summer please.

CallmeAngelina Tue 25-Feb-20 23:51:43

This is the UK. Of course it rains. And sometimes we have droughts.
I'm quite old now and remember such extremes as a child. Plus terrifically snowy winters.

annamie Tue 25-Feb-20 23:59:35

It doesn't seem all that different to me. But I'm in the south.

I've been walking 6 miles a day to work and back, it's been fine.

Ginfordinner Wed 26-Feb-20 00:05:13

I'm in South Yorkshire. We have had floods, burst rivers and relentless wind and rain since October. I never managed to clear my garden in autumn as it was so wet.

Greysparkles Wed 26-Feb-20 00:05:20

It was dry and warm down south today

Ginfordinner Wed 26-Feb-20 00:08:14

I was in South London over the weekend and it was very noticeable how much further on the plants and flowers were. Our daffodils aren't out yet where I live. I saw dandelions in flower in Kent near the M25 and it is only February!

ClientQueen Wed 26-Feb-20 00:14:23

Lancashire. It never stops! My manager was musing about the days when rain didn't used to fall from the sky 24/7
The cat is FUMING grin

CantKeepSecrets Wed 26-Feb-20 00:21:37

I'm getting sick of the sight of soft plays trying to get DS out of the house. My house looks as though I have around 23 feral children as it's been non-stop painting and messy play trying to wear him out indoors . We've braved the park a few times in rain suits and wellies but the rain coupled with wind is just vile.

I hate summer usually but finding myself looking forward to it now.

LifeIsAPotato Wed 26-Feb-20 01:51:06

@annamie, totally off topic, but how long does it take you to walk 6 miles?! I just had a look on Google maps, 5.9 miles to my place of work would take me just under 2 hours!

TheSandman Wed 26-Feb-20 02:28:39

I live in the west Coast of Scotland. This is normal weather for us. Nothing TOO extraordinary about this weather from where I'm looking at it. It's just arriving down south a bit more often - where you're just not used to it as we are.

Like when you guys get a half inch of snow and the whole of England grinds to a halt because of the 'Blizzard Conditions' which from the look of it on TV news is what we would conciser "a bit chilly today, I might put my coat on," weather.

missmouse101 Wed 26-Feb-20 02:40:44

@Ginfordinner but nobody likes constant rain! I have been SO grateful to have every day cool though and to not feel ill through being hot. It's heaven to wear a couple of layers and a coat and feel perfectly comfortable. Once the weather warms up, it's hard to lose the heat if you feel too hot. It's just a fact. We're all different and there's no need to be sarcastic! The endless rain is depressing but the coolness is wonderful.

GinDaddy Wed 26-Feb-20 03:24:02

This is an island. If you don't like it, emigrate.

Monty27 Wed 26-Feb-20 03:44:26

I'm so sick of the price of broccoli.

lostinleaves Wed 26-Feb-20 03:54:30

* Every dog walk round here is like the Somme. Absolutely sick of it*

That's a bit over dramatic isn't it ?!

WomanIsTaken Wed 26-Feb-20 04:08:37

Hm. More extreme weather events are to be expected as a result of anthropogenic climate change, as weather systems alter. The climate is not the weather, but patterns of weather will change.

ItsAllTheDramaMickIJustLoveIt Wed 26-Feb-20 04:52:01

The relentless rain is depressing as hell- I know it’s normal in winter but I’m ready for spring. I’m grateful our home hasn’t flooded unlike other people not so far from where we are.

NeverGuessWho Wed 26-Feb-20 05:18:47

It’s bothering me, OP. It’s extreme & relentless here (NW England, Lancashire.)

I’m 45, and have never known it rain so much for so long, likewise re the windy weather - it’s been much windier this winter. When you look at the whole world picture - e.g. the fires in Australia, coupled with what’s happening in my part of the world, the prolonged extremes of weather are worrying.

Standrewsschool Wed 26-Feb-20 05:22:48

Don’t usually mind the rain but we have had so much this winter.

borntobequiet Wed 26-Feb-20 05:30:59

I expect it is.

NoWordForFluffy Wed 26-Feb-20 05:37:28

The rain coupled with the regular 40+mph winds we've had on the coast is depressing. My poor allotment is being neglected. I took a new plot on in Sept and it should be cleared by now, but the weather has prevented it. Right now, part of it is underwater, which doesn't bode well.

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