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aibu about your 40's

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notespeciallyno Mon 24-Feb-20 22:28:17

Aibu to wonder what your 40's were like or are like?

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 24-Feb-20 23:41:43

Not the best. My 50s, on the other hand, friggin ROCK grin

Fatasfooook Mon 24-Feb-20 23:42:59

Filled with anxiety and body deterioration

june2007 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:44:18

So far ok. But being prescribed reading glasses. (on top of usual ones.) at 40 was a bit like great welcome to my 40,s.

MrsBrentford Mon 24-Feb-20 23:46:20

45 next month and have put on weight and started to feel a bit invisible sad

Paintedmaypole Mon 24-Feb-20 23:49:07

I didn't have time to worry about becoming invisible, getting fat etc during my 40s. I was too bloody busy.

Makegoodchoices Mon 24-Feb-20 23:49:33

Best social life since uni days. But fat.

PickAChew Mon 24-Feb-20 23:50:14

Much the same as my 30s but with less fucks given.

Haggisfish Mon 24-Feb-20 23:51:39

I am loving them. Dc old enlightened to have real fun with and loads of fun, enjoying my career, got a really busy social life again and do lots of fun hobbies. Got my anxiety beaten with meds. I’m in a really good place.

Namechangeforthegamechange Mon 24-Feb-20 23:51:53

So far been pregnant or breastfeeding and too exhausted to think about any else

Haggisfish Mon 24-Feb-20 23:52:04

Dc old enough, that should say not enlightened!grin

Likethebattle Mon 24-Feb-20 23:55:33

I’m turning 41 this year. So far everything hurts, my hormones have gone nuts, my eyesight but turning shit and my weight is refusing to drop! I feel done and knackered!

PositiveVibes11 Mon 24-Feb-20 23:57:35

Loving 40's, easier than turning 30 for me. Used it to change some things that I didn't like about my life such as my job. More confident in myself and feel I know who I am.

justjuggling Tue 25-Feb-20 00:01:22

My ex husband left me 2 weeks before my 40th birthday so my 40s have not been what I’d imagined they would be! However, I’m braver and stronger than I ever thought I could be and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in this decade so far. Am totally planning for my 50s to be INCREDIBLE!

supersop60 Tue 25-Feb-20 00:03:23

Had my DD at 40 (and DS at 44) so pretty busy with small children, and then peri menopause!!!
Have just turned 60 and feeling great.

oxoxoxoxo Tue 25-Feb-20 00:21:27

Had two babies so no time to think about age - though I suppose things started to deteriorate physically..... It's hard to know what was caused by having children, having an early menopause, general age - but my looks, eyesight, weight etc have all plunged (or expanded...) and I'm definitely creakier now (mid 50s).

But for me the 40s were fab - recently married, lovely children, gave up work (then went back part time and flexibly) so all great! Just need to look in the mirror a lot less....grin

TheVanguardSix Tue 25-Feb-20 00:28:50

I’m not going to lie. It’s a tough decade. I think it’s like the ugly/spotty phase for the middle aged. It’s a decade of change in a way I’ve not experienced.
That said, I’m a way better person now more than ever. I feel like I’ve finally become who I’m meant to be. And for that, I really will gladly accept prolapsed everything! grin It’s actually worth it.

TatianaLarina Tue 25-Feb-20 00:29:16

40s are great. You stop giving a shit what anyone thinks and your kids are old enough not to eat snails and electrocute themselves.

BillieEilish Tue 25-Feb-20 00:31:38

Bloody awful.

MustShowDH Tue 25-Feb-20 00:34:10

I'm glad to hear my deterioration is normal. I've spent the last few weeks feeling like my body is giving up on me and I may as well be dead as it's so unable to function - I'm 44 in a couple of weeks.

eldeeno Tue 25-Feb-20 00:34:21

On the whole, I'm enjoying my 40s. Kids are now teens, so starting to get my life back a bit. Agree about not giving a shit!

Worst bits... yep, getting fat and feeling knackered.

Megan2018 Tue 25-Feb-20 00:36:48

Fabulous so far, just had a baby and loving life. Feel exactly the same as 30’s tbh.

Snorkelface Tue 25-Feb-20 00:44:13

Early menopause, career crisis, looked shite, never ending friendship/family dramas. Still trying to crawl away from it.

BillieEilish Tue 25-Feb-20 00:45:22

Early forties … a breeze.

45 onwards … menopause/perimenopause/Dc's don't need you as much and will be gone or nearly gone in 10 years/society blanks you/husband has potential to leave you/exhaustion/friends start getting breast cancer/Most jobs say 25 to 45/agree body really does start to fall apart/SM is full of woman pouting in underwear/hair is grey

All horrible. Definitely my absolutely worst decade by far. I have fingers crossed for my 50's.

katy1213 Tue 25-Feb-20 00:45:27

Mine were brilliant - looking back, I was in my prime! Plenty of money - lots of travel - still had a waistline. Not sure what happened after I hit 55-ish, though.

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