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Can someone please reassure me I'm okay?

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Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 04:31:07

Sorry this isn't strictly AIBU but I really need some reassurance. I'm a self confessed hypochondriac which stems from a deep fear of death. I have a handle on it for the most part and my partner/parents keep me grounded.

Since Monday, out of the blue, I felt achey, fevery (but no real fever) and nauseous as well as bad back pain and some pain in my ribs (not unusual in recent months but had blood test that came back fine).

I went to the doctors on Tuesday as I thought perhaps I have a water infection that's been left a while. I sometimes don't get the pain on weeing but do have increased frequency. Nope, clear as anything. The nurse stressed repeatedly that she's not sure what to do with me and if I'm not improved in a day or two go back.

We're now two days on and I've been started with d and v, but only d three times and v once. I've been able to keep most food and fluids down.

I've woken every hour tonight feeling even more fevery and sicky and just awful. It's taken me three hours of rolling around in pain to get to the toilet and come downstairs.

What's also a bit gutting is my hen do is on Saturday and I can't see me being okay for it. I also get married in just over two weeks and I'm worried whatever this is is going to rip through my family who I stupidly saw Monday.

To add my throat is sore too but no coughing or sneezing and my glands feel like they're enlarged.

I know I've probably got a bug but this has manifested itself in the weirdest way.

Has anyone else had this or can offer so awesome hacks to start feeling better?

Sorry for the essay.

SomeoneElseEntirelyNow Thu 20-Feb-20 04:37:16

Sounds like something viral, likely flu or similar tbh

slipperywhensparticus Thu 20-Feb-20 04:39:06

Sounds like anxiety

TheoriginalLEM Thu 20-Feb-20 04:40:16

Stress!!! It sounds like stress.

If not, it's a bug - mist d+v things are over within 48 hours.

Rest up, drink plenty and eat bland food.

Try and relax, you're getting married, congratulations- however I think it's pretty natural to be stressed in the run up to a wedding

Youre Ok

custardbear Thu 20-Feb-20 04:42:47

As others have said I'd say a mix of a mild viral infection and stress. Good luck with the wedding and enjoy your hen do

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 04:49:53

Mmm dont know if it's anxiety/stress. I'm the most laid-back bride plus this time my partner is actually trying to get me to go to the doctors whilst I'm saying no as I don't want to infect everyone.

In addition to all my other questions, any advice on keeping an almost 2 year old entertained all morning with minimal movement required?

PhoenixBuchanan Thu 20-Feb-20 04:53:41

It sounds pretty obviously a virus to me, OP. They can manifest in all sorts of ways. I'd only go to the GP if you're not starting to feel better in a couple of days.

As for the 2 year old, it's such a tricky age to keep entertained when you are feeling rotten. Honestly I'd lean heavily on screen time if you are OK with it.

Landlubber2019 Thu 20-Feb-20 04:55:57

You are ok.

You sound very stressed : getting married is very stressful.

You appear to have an infection : raised temperature, use paracetamol to reduce this.

Keep hydrated and eat beige foods, try to keep calm and congratulations on your impending marriage

You are ok

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 04:56:45

@PhoenixBuchanan thanks, I wondered as much it's just been such a weird one. But I won't go and infect anymore people at the docs don't worry.

Poor lad has had days of screen time this week but suppose it won't scar him for life.


Toomanygerbils Thu 20-Feb-20 05:02:10

How old are you Op? Could you be menopausal?

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 05:02:46

Definitely not menopausal! Mid twenties!

Bluerussian Thu 20-Feb-20 05:07:20

You have a bug. By Saturday you'll almost certainly be feeling much better but please do not over imbibe at your hen do. If the hen has to be cancelled, so be it even though that would be disappointing. The important thing is that you're well for your wedding.

If you're not much better in a couple of days, go back to your GP.

Good luck.

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 05:11:16

Thanks @Bluerussian I've already said to my bridesmaids I may not be able to go. I'm really not overly fussed with feeling so icky. And you're absolutely right the important thing is what matters. I just don't want to infect everyone at the hen and them not be well for the wedding. It's hard to know if I'm infectious or not though. I've got until 1pm this afternoon to finish with the d and v or its a no go.

Toomanygerbils Thu 20-Feb-20 05:17:02

You sound like you’re looking for an excuse to get out of it. If it’s a bug it will definitely be passed by Saturday. If you don’t want to attend due to your anxiety tell them now. Don’t fake it, it’s not fair since they’ve probably spent money and time off to attend

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 05:17:57

@Toomanygerbils...definitely not the case but okay.

Toomanygerbils Thu 20-Feb-20 05:21:54

You said in your opening speech you are “ a self confessed hypochondriac”. I’m just asking you to remember a night out is often time off work and other expenses for people. Something they are looking forward too, and committed too, even if you’ve now regretted organising it

Ifeelsopoorly Thu 20-Feb-20 05:25:15

No regrets at all. I'm extremely excited, especially as family are coming from all over the place. Love a night out usually just not really feeling it right now. Will also actively encourage everyone to go as they've paid towards it. But still have time to potentially go still. Even if I don't do much.

thickwoollytights Thu 20-Feb-20 05:27:42

The d and v sound anxiety driven (re illness and the catastrophising) to me

The rest sounds like a nasty virus

Try boosting your immune system with lots of healthy foods, rest and vitamins

Toomanygerbils Thu 20-Feb-20 05:30:39

You have a couple of days to rest then OP, then go and enjoy it smile

WhereShallWeMoveTo Thu 20-Feb-20 05:51:12

sounds like anxiety

No it doesn't. It sounds like a virus.

izzywizzygood Thu 20-Feb-20 06:21:12

Hypochondriac... yikes, your husband is in for a nice marriage eh. I used to know someone like that, it was pretty tough on her husband.

Maybe you're having an extreme reaction to the wedding day?

fartyface Thu 20-Feb-20 06:25:32

Does self confessed mean diagnosed or self diagnosed?

You sound like an average 20 something year old to me.

pictish Thu 20-Feb-20 06:38:29

Sounds like a virus...just a run of the mill virus. Not pleasant but will run it’s course in a few days.

newbie222 Thu 20-Feb-20 06:46:20

izzywizzygood what a lovely snide comment that was

OP trust me you are fine. You have anxiety and possibly a bug. Don’t miss your hen do - if you do your anxiety has won. Never let it health anxiety win no matter how scared you are that you have a terrible disease. You don’t. I know you think you do. You don’t. Repeat after me - I DONT.

Now try so relaxing breathing techniques. Read up on health anxiety and understand your condition. It will help you. Don’t let it win. Don’t wallow in your own mind too much. Get busy- start researching stuff for a honeymoon or a house or another baby but just look at something positive and lose yourself in it.

You will have a great hen do, a lovely wedding and this will pass x

Mummyzzz044 Thu 20-Feb-20 06:47:03

Me and my family currently have these symptoms!!

Sore throat, feel boiling hot but shivering, head cold, so much pressure in ears etc ..

Its horrendous but it will pass. Be thankful you're getting poorly now and not on your wedding day!

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