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To think this isn’t funny

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Whome91 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:17:56

A man walks a women in a dog mask down the street and it’s apparently hilarious. Even if it is a sexual kink they don’t belong in the belong in the Street

Whome91 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:18:30

user1473878824 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:20:42

Well it’s a bit off but it’s not like they were having sex.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Tue 18-Feb-20 21:22:40

This entirely depends on where you stand on sexuality on display. I dont think theres anything wrong with it personally, but I get that others may.

Bezalelle Tue 18-Feb-20 21:24:20

Good grief!

malmi Tue 18-Feb-20 21:25:14

I don't think they're trying to be funny though. Some people might find it funny but that's not what makes it acceptable or not. Until the couple in question want to explain themselves, I'll reserve judgment.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Tue 18-Feb-20 21:26:45

It’s gross. Keep it in the bedroom, I doubt anyone wants to see that.

Forgivenandsetfree Tue 18-Feb-20 21:31:34

Yeah, not exactly great for kids to be seeing is it..

EyUpDuck12 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:33:05

I once saw a woman lead a man on a studded collar and chain lead who was wearing a string vest at Chester racecourse. Amongst all the "dressed up to the nines" folk....

Absolutepowercorrupts Tue 18-Feb-20 21:35:58

It's not about the sexuality on display. Humans don't usually have sex with dogs. Pup play has nothing to do with sexuality. It's about pushing boundaries. It's about normalisation of extreme sexual fetishes.
In my view it's also about the control, he's making it obvious that he's in charge.
I wouldn't think that this is funny, I'd think it's seriously disturbing

Mummoomoocow Tue 18-Feb-20 21:36:23

Oh come on, like kids will see anything sexual in this. Pearl clutching over something stupid. Next they'll be painting their hair bright green and wearing mini skirts in public!

Honestly. They're fully clothed.

Bluntness100 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:36:52

Yeah I don't find that funny either and would be concerned for the woman. That she was doing that willingly and not because she was abused and he was making her.

I wouldn't necessarily see it as a sexual kink, it could be, but it could also be abuse.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 18-Feb-20 21:37:23

Just another example of the pornification of our society

It's not ok for children to see IMO

(And very obviously not the same as 'dress up')

TVaddict1982 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:37:44

I thought she looked more like Batman

Blackandgreenteas Tue 18-Feb-20 21:38:57

Ridiculous. And the couple probably know it is.

Fantababy Tue 18-Feb-20 21:39:21

I'm glad to see the police spoke to them.

BlueHarry Tue 18-Feb-20 21:40:56

I'd find it disturbing, and while many children may be too young to see anything sexual in it, it still is not something that they should be exposed to.

XJerseyGirlX Tue 18-Feb-20 21:43:04

I'm no prude, up for most things in the bedroom behind closed doors. But this is something I don't want my daughter seeing.

wrinkledimplelover Tue 18-Feb-20 21:45:10

It's sexual exhibitionism. They get off on you seeing them - her in the sub role and him in Dom role. It doesn't matter if they're fully clothed or not. The point is that other people see them.

It's not about pearl clutching either. This is fairly tame compared to what some people do, so I couldn't give a shite. BUT what I care about is non-consensual titillation. Part of what give people like this kicks is that you don't get a say in whether you see them (if you're out and about - they didn't know it'd be on the internet).

It's similar to flashing in the exhibitionist aspect. There are people who proudly do pup play but would NEVER walk down the street like that, because they don't get their jollies from exhibitionism.

Whome91 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:45:18

Just another example of the pornification of our society

I 💯 agree with this !!!

Whome91 Tue 18-Feb-20 21:47:31

@XJerseyGirlX spot on !!

wildcherries Tue 18-Feb-20 21:49:09

what I care about is non-consensual titillation.


Thelnebriati Tue 18-Feb-20 21:53:16

Consent is everything; kinks should never be acted out in public, people who have not consented to participate have the right to not be involved.

ArcheryAnnie Tue 18-Feb-20 21:57:32

It's not what's on display that's necessarily the problem, it's that they are involving other people in their kink without those people's explicit consent. This is part of the kink itself, and it's an explicit trampling of other people's boundaries.

marashino Tue 18-Feb-20 21:58:18

There was a blindfolded man at Tebay services in nothing but underwear who was chained round the neck and wrists with a group of men, I assume it was a stag do but very inappropriate. If they had to do that somebody should have stayed in the car with him.

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