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MIL has moved in with SIL but she has no guest bedroom - so how will we visit?

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NeedASwissBankAccount Tue 18-Feb-20 16:31:22

My MIL has helped SIL buy a bigger house. On the proviso that's she live in part of the house. I've not seen it yet but it was mine and DH's understanding that MIL would have two bedrooms in her part of the house so our DC - her grandchildren could visit.
MIL is keeping her flat but moving in with SIL.
When DH went to pick up MIL it turned out her part of the property only has one bedroom.
SIL has two DC and their bit has three bedrooms - the fifth bedroom is going to be rented out so they can pay the mortgage.
Thing is MIL gave them a few hundred thousand £s so she could live there.
It's not as if we hardly spend time with MIL. DH myself and our DC often go to see her - several times a year.
Annoyed but knew this would happen...

CalleighDoodle Tue 18-Feb-20 16:32:32

Stay in a hotel.

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Tue 18-Feb-20 16:33:27

Can’t you stay in SILs spare room?

Autumn101 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:34:24

Could your DC share with their cousins?

RositaEspinosa Tue 18-Feb-20 16:34:30


Seventyone72seventy3 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:34:41

Not everyone has a guest bedroom available for a few times a year! You can stay in a b & b, in the living room - what is happening to MIL's flat?

NeedASwissBankAccount Tue 18-Feb-20 16:35:54

Sorry - typo- SIL has 3 DC so there's no spare room to stay in. One of the DC is 18. The two younger DC share a room.
I guess we could all pitch in...

BendingSpoons Tue 18-Feb-20 16:36:27

It's annoying (well reading between the lines to the bigger picture it is). Can cousins share a room when you stay and you can have one of theirs?

Skyejuly Tue 18-Feb-20 16:37:41

Stay in a b&b

NeedASwissBankAccount Tue 18-Feb-20 16:37:59

MIL plans to sell her flat - she was told she would have two bedrooms. I'm posting this for her really.

MummySharn Tue 18-Feb-20 16:38:21

YABU, stay in a hotel

Greenglassteacup Tue 18-Feb-20 16:38:26

Get a hotel???

Ponoka7 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:38:42

The most important thing is that your MIL knew what she was getting and has got a good deal.

They may have mislead you, so there wasn't any interference. How old is she and how old are your children?

Itwasntme1 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:39:20

She gave them a few hundred thousand and they still need to rent out a room to pay the mortgage?

Are you sure this is right?

BuffaloCauliflower Tue 18-Feb-20 16:39:22

You’re not being very clear - do you mean SIL has mislead MIL and she’s not getting what she was promised?

HermioneWeasley Tue 18-Feb-20 16:39:31

If your SIL is having to rent a room she’s obviously struggling to cover the mortgage and it makes no financial sense to have a room sitting empty for a few visits a year. Either you all squish in on blow up beds etc, or stay in a hotel. Premier Inns do family rooms for not a lot of £

CuriousaboutSamphire Tue 18-Feb-20 16:39:48

Its irrelevant that other people don't have guest rooms. The understanding before a huge amount of money was made available was that MIL would have 2 bedrooms.

Wonder just how much they have stretched themselves I'd they have to use the 5th room to pay the mortgage and also how protected is MILs input!

As usual with such home combinations, it all sounds like a complete bag of nails. I hope your MIL protected her cash...

AryaStarkWolf Tue 18-Feb-20 16:40:06

If the issue is that you think SIL conned your MIL (promising her more space for the cash than she gave then you're not BU but if it's just you being annoyed you don't have a bedroom then you are BU

Dieu Tue 18-Feb-20 16:40:14

I don't think you should have been a primary concern in her house moving decision!

NeedASwissBankAccount Tue 18-Feb-20 16:40:52

Yes I'm more worried she's been misled.
But she doesn't want me to say anything... though told me she's upset about it.
Sorry posting while trying to make dinner.
My DC are 11 and 6 and MIL is 84.

ShowOfHands Tue 18-Feb-20 16:40:56

We have never had a spare bedroom and neither do many of our friends or family members. You share, sleep on blow up mattresses/sofas or you stay in a hotel or similar.

YummyChipCurryDip Tue 18-Feb-20 16:41:38

Stay in a hotel. I actually prefer a hotel when we visit mil. I like to be able to escape.

IceCreamFace Tue 18-Feb-20 16:42:10

Unless MiL has been mislead surely she just decided she didn't need a dedicated spare room. I wouldn't get involved in their financial situation. Most families don't have a guest room and everyone just budges up when there are visitors (sofa bed + camp beds for kids).

Charles11 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:42:16

Can’t dc stay in their cousins room? My dcs end up camping on the floor of their cousins room and have a ball and vice versa too.

If mil needs to get you involved because she’s not happy with the set up then that’s a different issue.

drivingtofrance Tue 18-Feb-20 16:42:25

Errrr.. Stay in a hotel?

I would never presume that anyone would put me up if I wanted to visit them.

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