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Unreasonably irritated that only about 8 people call me by my correct name?

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Imnotcalledthat Tue 18-Feb-20 08:36:06

It’s unusual, granted but I didn’t choose it. Still, it isn’t hard to say.

A handful of friends and my sister are the only ones who say it correctly. Everyone else says a similarly spelled but very differently pronounced name.

Imagine if your name was Joan and everyone said Joanne ... it’s that sort of idea.

It doesn’t matter how many times you correct them.

Should I just give in and accept I’m a Joanne to most people?

KungFuPandaWorksOut20 Tue 18-Feb-20 08:38:40

I feel your pain. That's why I find comfort in this meme, because I know I'm not alone.

Lweji Tue 18-Feb-20 08:40:31

Don't acknowledge when they call you the wrong name.

Wineandpyjamas Tue 18-Feb-20 08:40:31

Oh that must be annoying! I suppose it depends on how much patience you have with it. Can you just politely but firmly correct everyone when they say your name wrong? Do you really dislike the name they call you?

Really there are only two options here, either give up or keep persevering. Totally up to you.

People can be ‘trained’ to use different names than they’re used to for friends so it can be done! I have a friend who was known by a nickname for years then decided he wanted to be known by his ‘proper’ name. It was super difficult for me as I’d only ever known him by his nickname and I slipped up quite a few times but I managed it!

Good luck smile

Imnotcalledthat Tue 18-Feb-20 08:43:21

I like that meme

Not possible or practical lweji, people genuinely don’t realise my name is a name.

yogo Tue 18-Feb-20 08:47:04

What's your name?

madnessitellyou Tue 18-Feb-20 08:58:07

I had this all the time with my maiden name. Sometimes people would actually try to tell me I was spelling my own name wrong.

ClientQueen Tue 18-Feb-20 09:02:19

People call me by the male version. Think Josephine/Joseph
"Is it Joseph?"
Me "no, it's Josephine"
"Ohhhh the posh version"
Er. No? Just the female one hmm
Doctors often get both names wrong so will shout "Joseph X" and wonder why I don't answer
I'm not male 😭

onalongsabbatical Tue 18-Feb-20 09:07:30

It's not Maura/Moira is it? I knew a Maura who some people persistently called Moira and it used to piss ME off! Maura is a lovely name IMHO, Moira not so much, but some people had a real block against Maura being a name at all.

Verily1 Tue 18-Feb-20 09:11:15

Is it like Jenna/Gemma?

bellylaughs Tue 18-Feb-20 09:13:18

My name starts with an I and 99% of people who respond to my emails and texts assume it’s an L (why would I write my name with a small L??)

The name is foreign and I think people just cannot get their head around a name starting with an “I” or maybe it’s the font that’s confusing. It then leads to awkward corrections In real life when I have to tell them my name is not pronounced L.....

Practically every letter I receive is addressed to L... after people misread enquiry forms I complete on line or requests for catalogues etc.

I’ve now started spelling my own name beginning with a small “i” just to avoid confusion in texts and emails which is weird (and must look strange!) but works... 🙄

Imnotcalledthat Tue 18-Feb-20 09:13:29

I really don’t want to say what it is, I’ll be identifiable

NemophilistRebel Tue 18-Feb-20 09:15:16

Everyone shortens my name
I’ve never once introduced myself as my shortened name

I hate it shortened

It’s only my parents that call me by my full name

Hercwasonaroll Tue 18-Feb-20 09:16:23



IWantToBeNynaeve Tue 18-Feb-20 09:16:37

I've a friend called Maria and she gets this all the time! It drives her mad because so many people call her Marie even after she corrects them.

Arthritica Tue 18-Feb-20 09:16:41

Belly like Iolanthe?
I love the presenter Iolo Williams and the number of people who say “is that Lolo?” is ridiculous.

JellyBabiesSaveLives Tue 18-Feb-20 09:16:57

You’ll have to make a fuss. Explain, at length, that being called the wrong name makes you unhappy, explain how to say it correctly. And then start calling repeat offenders by the wrong name.

Maybe get yourself a poster/tshirt/mug with “My name is NOT Moira”

ThePants999 Tue 18-Feb-20 09:20:33

Don't you WANT to be identifiable? If anyone who knows you reads this, it'll help fix the problem!

annamie Tue 18-Feb-20 09:24:33

YABU for not correcting people and then being annoyed that they pronounce it wrongly. Stop the woe is me pity party and pull people up on it.

WaterOffADucksCrack Tue 18-Feb-20 09:25:49

I really don’t want to say what it is, I’ll be identifiable Does it matter for a thread like this? Are you the only person in the world with the name? Ohhh are you famous or something??

onalongsabbatical Tue 18-Feb-20 09:27:41

YABU for not correcting people
It doesn’t matter how many times you correct them

There's the problem. OP says she corrects people, poster doesn't read opening post, blames OP. PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN OR READ PROPERLY!

SimonJT Tue 18-Feb-20 09:29:23

I used to have the most common mans name in the world, even then loads of people couldn’t pronounce it properly.

I now have a simple, three letter name that should be impossible to pronounce, but no, some people still manage it!

Imnotcalledthat Tue 18-Feb-20 09:35:37

I used to correct people ann but you end up feeling quite rude and sometimes it feels a bit inappropriate, like if your boss is telling you off or a doctor is giving you bad news.

WendyImHome Tue 18-Feb-20 09:35:48

YABU for not correcting people and then being annoyed that they pronounce it wrongly. Stop the woe is me pity party and pull people up on it.

YABU for not reading the OP correctly and making a tit of yourself

Waitingforadulthood Tue 18-Feb-20 09:43:23

I know a Mariam in work who 90% of the time is called Miriam. It's different name and she clearly states it, it's in her name tag and emails but most people in the office call her Miriam and after 20 years she feels she's lost the fight. I was talking to another colleague once and called Mariam over only for my colleague to dig me with an elbow and say "her names Miriam! You're saying it wrong!" And despite me and Mariam assuring her that wasn't the case- she still says Miriam.

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