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Help me to tone up

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Whyhaveidonethis Sun 16-Feb-20 14:55:29

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend a good way that I can tone up my stomach and arms at home, without going to classes. I'm skint and in the past 2 years I have put on a stone. I'm not overweight (10st and 5'8") but I'm definitely not toned. I just tried to do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups but frankly it's embarrassing as I can hardly do a push up. Does anyone have a tried and tested exercise regime for someone like me? I used to run but can't due to a knee injury.

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QforCucumber Sun 16-Feb-20 14:58:12

Yoga with adrienne. It's amazing. I did 30 days and tbr difference was unbelievable. Free videos on YouTube

Whyhaveidonethis Sun 16-Feb-20 14:59:57

Oh thanks @Qforcucumber I'll have a look. I've never done yoga though.

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QforCucumber Sun 16-Feb-20 15:03:08

Nor had I smile i did it just before our wedding last year daily for the 30 then kept up 2/3 times a week. Pregnant now though so cant follow her videos and I really miss it. The difference in my strength/posture & flexibility after just those 30 days was amazing

Blackbird1234 Sun 16-Feb-20 15:18:55

Hi *Whyhaveidonethis, this is going to be a bit long, but bear with me!

I'd recommend Holly Dolke on Youtube. All of her videos are fairly short (from 6 minutes to 20) and they all focus on different areas so you can mix it up and do multiple videos a day. I saw the most improvement out of out her videos than anything else I've tried (I'm in my 20's if relevant) and the results appeared rather quickly as well (a matter of weeks).

She doesn't use any equipment so you can just get up and go, although you'll need a mat or towel for the floor exercises if you've got tiled floors. Her "message" isn't great as there's a lot of "do this and you'll get rock hard abs" which yes, is true, but not instantly! Regardless, her videos are absolutely fantastic and she started off being quite un-fit and not defined/toned at all, so she's been through it all herself and gives great advice. She does have some programs that you can buy but I don't deem them necessary. I always use her videos when I'm looking to tone up in a couple of weeks and can't even tell you the difference it makes.

I also tried yoga with Adrienne and she is also fantastic and it really does relax you and improve your posture, and while I love her videos and still do them sometimes, I didn't see much toning despite doing 2 rounds of the 30 days challenges back to back. It's fantastic for relaxing, though.

I've become quite an exercise fanatic over the past couple of years and lost over 15kgs and toned up hugely, so feel free to ask me any questions you like as I know how tiring it is going through countless google pages.

Whyhaveidonethis Sun 16-Feb-20 16:17:12

Thanks @Blackbird1234 I've just done the first of the yoga ones that @QforCucumber recommended and I really enjoyed it, so I'll definitely give those a try too

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DrFoxtrot Sun 16-Feb-20 16:21:56

Following grin to steal the advice you're given!

ShirleyPhallus Sun 16-Feb-20 16:27:24

“Toning up” just means building muscle and losing fat. You need heavy weights for this.

You need to start with being able to do body weight movements (ie push-ups etc) before moving on to weighted work.

Also sit ups are really bad for your back, much better to work your core through things like planks

puds11 Sun 16-Feb-20 16:30:17

I do Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Downloaded it off the internet.

puds11 Sun 16-Feb-20 16:31:51

Sorry, posted too soon! I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks but results I’ve seen online look amazing! It’s cardio and strength based circuits that require little or no equipment.

Trumpspeach Sun 16-Feb-20 16:37:50

Keep going with the press ups. It WILL get easier and you'll get fab results! Add some weights (a can of beans in each hand is great) and your upper body will tone up in no time!

MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 16-Feb-20 16:50:10

30 day shred is brilliant and on YouTube

Whyhaveidonethis Sun 16-Feb-20 17:28:47

Thanks all. I'm feeling rather energised at the thought of it. I loved the yoga, although I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I will continue with push ups too and add in planks.

I'm going to look at the other things recommended too and see if I can add things in /alternate them. I need a kick up the arse to do this.

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Mamia15 Sun 16-Feb-20 17:37:44

As well as push ups and planks - squats, burpees and mountain climbs are all good exercises to do to get you started.

bsc Sun 16-Feb-20 17:41:19

I just do planks wherever I can find room.

Notimeforaname Sun 16-Feb-20 17:45:30

Yep, definitely stay away from sit ups.
So bad for the back and neck.
Planks are fantastic. Regular and side planks.
And definitely invest in some weights.

Heavier weights with slow reps builds muscle, lighter weights with fast reps burns fat.
As PP's have said, yoga is fantastic too. Good luck!

Whyhaveidonethis Sun 16-Feb-20 18:44:16

I think I need to find something that I can stick to. I need to be doing it regularly. I do walk a lot but I need to up my game!

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Youngatheart00 Sun 16-Feb-20 18:46:00

Try push ups from your knees to start with.

Seventyone72seventy3 Mon 17-Feb-20 06:24:04

I started doing pilates and that is slowly helping too, especially using the ring (lots of exercises on youtube).

mhairid Sat 27-Jun-20 07:15:42

Have you tried the couch to 5k free app - that motivated me. Ive just started the Holly Dolke exercises - they seem to be great so hope to tone up a bit..

Camomila Sat 27-Jun-20 08:12:35

I really like barre fitness (lots of videos on youtube).

I find normal exercise quite boring so prefer dance or yoga type stuff.

BuddhaAtSea Sat 27-Jun-20 08:15:59

Weights, definitely!
I do body pump, you need a set of barbells, but my god the difference!

letmethinkaboutitfornow Sat 27-Jun-20 08:35:03


Following grin to steal the advice you're given!

Shamelessly admitting the same... 😂

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