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Child Tax Credit Overpayment

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31133004Taff Fri 14-Feb-20 20:08:38

Paid child tax credits April 19 to August 19 when child left college. September 19 got a new job with better pay.

Will I be assessed for overpayment based on my income April 19 to March 20 and so have to repay the Child Tax Credits received before my pay increase? My pay in March will take me out of the maximum threshold.

Wifeofbikerviking Fri 14-Feb-20 20:46:08

If you end your tax credit claim you will be assessed from April 19 to end of claim. I would do that if you expect you'll end up in debt continuing the claim.
I think universal credit is better for this reason. I ended up in a heap of debt one year even though I did update the tax cred peeps.

Wifeofbikerviking Fri 14-Feb-20 20:46:50

Ah did you close your claim in September?

Wifeofbikerviking Fri 14-Feb-20 20:50:00

If its continued all year you will be assessed for you full years income. So there will likely be an overpayment it doesn't mean it will be all you recieved though. Call them up with the figures and just ask for a rough calculation so you ar least have an idea how much you'll end up needing to pay back.
You can pay back over a long time. I think I paid 1300 over about 3 years.

31133004Taff Fri 14-Feb-20 22:48:41

Thank you all. The claim automatically closed because DC left education as expected. I would have had to have made a new claim had DC continued.

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