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Your weird celeb crushes?

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Rocketship Wed 12-Feb-20 23:50:35

Long time lurker, first time poster (family funeral tomorrow and been on the gin for comfort, please don't judge!) In bed now and cannot sleep so thought you lovely lot could entertain me!

So my weird crush is Noel Fielding. Don't know what it is but he is GORGEOUS.

Friends do no agree - can you enlighten me with your weird crushes!?

HangingOffYourCloud Wed 12-Feb-20 23:52:48

Noel Fielding is weird. Your crush is not. I've seen him IRL and he's just as lovely and giggly as he comes across on TV.

DixieLandReject Wed 12-Feb-20 23:53:14

Frank Skinner blush

Fatasfooook Thu 13-Feb-20 01:34:52

Anthony Middleton, don’t think that is weird though. Guess my weirdest is guy garvie, he’s not pretty but he’s so lovely and his voice...

Tartyflette Thu 13-Feb-20 01:37:07

Jon Richardson.
Richard Ayoade.
(Must have a thing for geeky guys, i suppose.)

BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Thu 13-Feb-20 01:44:49

Chris Packham, would happily go bird watching with him and share a nice flask of tea.

livingmyslothlife Thu 13-Feb-20 02:11:54

Kevin Keegan. He is old enough to be my dad.

Justawaterformeplease Thu 13-Feb-20 02:12:26

Jon Richardson isn’t weird! I would!

Dita73 Thu 13-Feb-20 03:29:21

Noel Fielding too but I don’t think it’s weird

Toomanygerbils Thu 13-Feb-20 03:32:09

The bloke who plays Owen in Greys Anatomy, not my type but weirdly attractive!

SecretWitch Thu 13-Feb-20 03:39:19

Adam Driver. Sex on legs.

positivepixie Thu 13-Feb-20 06:35:56

Steve Coogan. Ahaaaaa.

Kevin Keegan most definitely the wierdest so far!

Zurina Thu 13-Feb-20 06:43:35

Johnny Depp, ever since I was a kid. He's more than 30 years older than me.

KC225 Thu 13-Feb-20 06:47:14

I second RICHARD AYOADE. Yes please

Cuckoobananas Thu 13-Feb-20 06:53:11

Stephen mulhurn 😳

BatleyTownswomensGuild Thu 13-Feb-20 06:58:45

Rhod Gilbert
Martin Freeman
Keir Starmer (blushes)blush

crispysausagerolls Thu 13-Feb-20 07:01:49


I also like Adam Driver, but mostly because I like his character in Star Wars and not able to separate those 🙈

Minimamame Thu 13-Feb-20 07:02:07

Jon Richardson
Mila Kunis (I’m not gay)

Tobermory Thu 13-Feb-20 07:09:56

@Zurina, Johnny depp is really 30 years older than you?! That makes me feel old!

Thought I would b the only one admitting to weird crush Jon Richardson. Lots of love for him here!

@Fatasfooook Ant Middleton is no way a WC.

But all those posters saying Noel Fielding... uuuurgh. No!

RuggerHug Thu 13-Feb-20 07:22:20

Tim Minchin. Just seems so lovely and ridey with skilled hands.blush

Zurina Thu 13-Feb-20 07:26:34

@Tobermory Yes! A bit more than 30 actually. He is my mother's age, not mine. That's the only reason I include him as "strange", just because he's not the usual age of attraction for my age range. I don't want to make abyone feel old though... brew

OwlinaTree Thu 13-Feb-20 07:29:35

I've got loads but weirdest is Alan Richman from man v food.

SimonJT Thu 13-Feb-20 07:31:49

Aladdin, but specifically the cartoon version.

missmouse101 Thu 13-Feb-20 07:37:34

Ooh, Philip Glenister being Gene Hunt. Fworr! I also really have a soft spot for Justin Fletcher...grin

DeborahAnnabelToo Thu 13-Feb-20 07:37:49

Cartoon Aladdin grin
The cartoon Fox from the Disney Robin Hood film was also a bit of a hottie blush

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