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GGGRRR Blardy Halifax

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Flower3554 Mon 03-Sep-07 16:23:44

Dh and I have a joint account with Halifax and an electron card each. I rang them 28th August as the cards expired at the end of the month. They said new ones had been sent in July but as they had not arrived they would cancel them and send us new ones.

A few days later the cards arrived. Yippee, not!!!

I did an online shop which was delivered today and the delivery guy said there was a problem with the card.

I rang the bank and it would seem that the cards sent out in July, the cancelled cards, had arrivedangry not the new ones so the cards are useless and would I please cut them up as the next new ones should arrive within 7 working daysangryangryangry

So now neither of us has a debit card and I had to use a credit card, which I hate doing, to pay for the shopping.

Rant overblush

loisstella Mon 03-Sep-07 16:34:41

I Bloody hate the Hlaifax!
They always mess up (I too had the problem with the cards taking weeks to arrive) and I've suffered for years - I am literally about to close the account and go elsewhere (took a while to clear the overdraft) when we found out that our re-mortgage offer was best with the Hlaifax. DH thinks its a good idea - but the conveyor was round today and he was being difficult already... the drama is about to start all over again!

sweetkitty Mon 03-Sep-07 16:43:49

End of January my debit card ran out phoned then up a few days before said I haven't had my card can you send one, they did a Visa electron because now I'm not working I have no money going into my account as a BACS so can't have a cheque account (even though DP give me most of his wages it's seen as a bank transfer) anyway I digress.

So on Saturday get up go out shopping for the day by myself, pay for bus and train ticket cash thinking I'll get money at the other end but go into shop to buy something card declined think eh? go to get cash out declined then realise that the card expired last day of August so I'm stuck in strange town with 33p in my pocket no credit cards (can never trust myself to take them) so screwed really try to find a Halifax but just get sent to hole in the wall place so decide to come home to town whre I know theres a Halifax make it in at 11.55am just explain to staff get money but she says a card was sent out on 23rd July so they cancel that one and send a new one that will be 5 days.

Get home and whats waiting on the mat - a new card from the Halifax

f**** Halifax!!!!!!!!!!!

Flower3554 Mon 03-Sep-07 16:46:52

They just keep saying "your new cards will arrive soon, we're very sorry" Huh, gee thanks.

It's tough on Dh as well as he's working in London with no access to cash if he has an emergency.

He will go ballistic when he rings tonight and it'll be me who has to calm him down. Oh joyangry

fizzbuzz Mon 03-Sep-07 16:59:21

Have been trying to open a websaver with the Halifax for 2 weeks. (IT should take 5 mins)Have been told someone would call me back 4 times, (no one ever did of course), and someone will email me (have yet to receive one)

Oh, and someone from customer services will phone me to apologise. ( No one has) Have also been on hold for 40 mins, and have spent about 5 hours (not joking) on phone trying to solve the problem.

How crap can an organisation get??

Bouncingturtle Mon 03-Sep-07 18:36:37

Very crap. I opened a high interest current account with the Halifax - it has taken, I kid you not, 6 MONTHS for them to sort out the paperwork to transfer all my DDs and SOs from my old A&L account!!!

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