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To think there will be more cases like this one? Errol Graham, starved to death.

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BillHadersNewWife Wed 29-Jan-20 14:20:37

Mr. Graham had his benefits stopped and despite having genuine problems was left alone to starve.

It's absolutely sickening and worrying.

DontPetTheSweatyStuff Wed 29-Jan-20 17:55:41

There will be many more cases like this with a government that couldn't give a toss about the poor and disabled. It is sickening and worrying, although I was strangely not surprised or shocked.

Clymene Wed 29-Jan-20 17:59:48

Starved to death by one of the wealthiest countries in the world. angryangry

Willow2017 Wed 29-Jan-20 18:00:10

Sadly not the first and wont be the last.
No government in past 10yrs gives a toss.

DesLynamsMoustache Wed 29-Jan-20 18:01:07

Bloody awful sad Poor man

Shadyshadow Wed 29-Jan-20 18:03:11

The benefits part is shocking.

But given his mental health, how has he slipped through the care net. No adult social services. So much for care in the community.

PerkingFaintly Wed 29-Jan-20 18:04:28

There already have been more cases. David Clapson died in 2013.

The DWP stopped my brother’s benefits payments. It was a death sentence

HeIenaDove Wed 29-Jan-20 18:07:03

It was well known this was going on Errol isnt the first. And people still voted for this to continue.

Bunnybigears Wed 29-Jan-20 18:08:07

Where was his family? He had a daughter in law so presumably he had a son. There should be systems in place so vulnerable people do not end up in situations like this and yes there will be some people with no family at all but that is not the case here. When did people stop looking after each other and just expect the government to do it for them?

PerkingFaintly Wed 29-Jan-20 18:08:43

Although to be fair, the actual cause of Clapson's death was diabetic ketoacidosis. No food in his stomach, no electricity for fridge to store insulin, £3.44 in his bank account.

If you're unwell, it's very easy to reach a point of no return quite quickly. If you're unwell also really easy to fall foul of the benefits system, which has been changed to be a deliberately difficult "steeplechase" to trip people up.

Blearyeyes20 Wed 29-Jan-20 18:09:20

I’m not here to debate the flaws of the benefit system but surely as such a vulnerable person he should have had family looking out for him? I know some people don’t have family but after seeing quotes from his DIL, I’m wondering where she was when all this was going on? Poor man.

PerkingFaintly Wed 29-Jan-20 18:09:43

When did people stop looking after each other and just expect the government to do it for them?

When they got on their bikes and moved for work?

Can't have it both ways – people relocating AND people always staying near family.

ssd Wed 29-Jan-20 18:11:10

Awful. And yet England still voted tory in the poorest places. Idiots.

Bunnybigears Wed 29-Jan-20 18:13:36

*When they got on their bikes and moved for work?

Can't have it both ways – people relocating AND people always staying near family.*

It's not mutually exclusive though I dont live near my parents but still regularly check on their welfare and they dont have a history of mental health problems.

SnugStars Wed 29-Jan-20 18:13:53

* When they got on their bikes and moved for work?*

Or moved to be able to afford rent.

Ylvamoon Wed 29-Jan-20 18:14:41

Where was his Son in all of his? He should have been there for him, assisting with Dr appointments and benefits system.
But yes it is worrying for all the people out there who don't have close relatives to look out for them.

HeIenaDove Wed 29-Jan-20 18:15:37

@PerkingFaintly I was just about to say the same thing. You beat me to it. I bet if you AS the posters who come out with this you will find they are also the same posters who say that people have no right to stay in the same town they grew up in if they cant afford it and should move.

Bunnybigears Wed 29-Jan-20 18:18:47

HeIenaDove Then you bet wrong because I was the poster who said this and I cannot afford to live in the village I grew up in due to the amount of people buying second homes there for astronomical prices. I live 390 miles away from my parents but still regularly check on their welfare. People ha e to take a certain amount of responsibility for themselves and if they are vulnerable then that extends to their family. Yes the government is failing people left right and centre but in some cases their family are failing then as well.

DaphneduM Wed 29-Jan-20 18:18:59

The despicableTories have done a good job of decimating all public services and bringing in punitive benefit cuts during the last Parliament. They now have the opportunity to go even further, thanks to the people who voted for them. Terrible when we're such a wealthy country.

SerenDippitty Wed 29-Jan-20 18:19:52

Neil Kinnock was right.

HeIenaDove Wed 29-Jan-20 18:20:39

Fair enough but there is a lot of hypocrisy and goalpost moving on here when it comes to this kind of subject.

AlunWynsKnee Wed 29-Jan-20 18:23:43

How do you check on their welfare @Bunnybigears?

HeIenaDove Wed 29-Jan-20 18:23:54

his son could be on a zero hours contract and too scared to take time off for all you know.

TildaKauskumholm Wed 29-Jan-20 18:24:14

Dreadful, but yes, where was the son and daughter in law during this? Seems this poor man was abandoned by them but now they come out of the woodwork to make a statement after the event.

PiggyPokkyFool Wed 29-Jan-20 18:27:43

Where was his family in all of this? I moved for work and my parents live in another country but I speak with them every day. When DM was ill I went, when DF was ill they stayed with us for 6 weeks, when they need assistance I/We give it.
This is a tragic case but family, knowing his vulnerability, should have advocated for him too.

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