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To think that anyone can get in university nowadays?

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Darkdecent Wed 29-Jan-20 06:47:03

I know a woman who's studying to be a social worker and while I don't think for one minute she's stupid I certainly wouldn't put her down as uni material.

For example, she was a strong supporter of Alfie Evans parents and was outraged when they turned his life support machine off.

Do they just let anyone in certain universities now or am I underestimating her?

AllergicToAMop Wed 29-Jan-20 06:53:05

Opinion on that case is not an example of academic abilities....
But I agree with principle. Some unies are just filling up empty seats no matter what.

malylis Wed 29-Jan-20 06:53:28

You are being incredibly judgemental.

thewinkingprawn Wed 29-Jan-20 06:55:38

What a very odd post. An opinion you (and most people) disagree with is not indicative of how someone will do on a specific course. I do actually agree that most people will be able to find a course somewhere that will take them but you rather undermined your point with your example.

midnightmisssuki Wed 29-Jan-20 06:58:51

How rude of you!!! confused

Frenchw1fe Wed 29-Jan-20 07:01:46

Reading your post OP and trying to decide if you are university material! hmm

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 29-Jan-20 07:02:35

I think you're actually OP.

Granted, not everyone can get onto worthwhile courses at good unis, but I know many people who've been to uni that only just about scraped 5 GCSEs together.

I didn't go to uni (or college) but there was a lot of pressure on me, and everyone in my age group, to do so. The problem is that it's now ingrained into you that you can't get a job without a degree.
Now there are many people I went to school with, who went to uni, and are working for NMW. They're highly unlikely to ever pay off their loans for studying.
Just another massive waste of government money.

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 29-Jan-20 07:03:09

*i think you're actually right

Hotpinkangel19 Wed 29-Jan-20 07:05:14

Definitely, my friend got into uni without a single GCSE through clearing.

slipperywhensparticus Wed 29-Jan-20 07:05:42

Strange post? Do you honestly believe someone who supports a parents rights to choose treatment for their own child is an indication of intelligence?

My daughter thought it was an awful case too and sympathised with the parents she is academically bright and in university

Empathy and intelligence are not mutually exclusive

BananaChocolateLump Wed 29-Jan-20 07:05:45

Were we not supposed to support Alfie Evan's parents? They lost their son, did you forget that?

And with regards to how easy it is to get in to University... do you not want people to get an education that could further their career?

Shame on you, OP.

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 29-Jan-20 07:06:28

Oh I don't think you're right about anything past the first paragraph. The rest of your post is ridiculous.

FizzyIce Wed 29-Jan-20 07:07:13

Some of the lesser ones maybe but your example is pretty awful , don’t get why that means she’s not uni material . And no I don’t agree with her

TheHumansAreDefinitelyDead Wed 29-Jan-20 07:07:43

You don’t sound like you have the best logical reasoning capability yourself OP grin

Did you go to uni?!

mindutopia Wed 29-Jan-20 07:08:17

Well, I don’t think absolutely everyone. But yes, you’re right, universities are under a lot of pressure to recruit students and particularly the ones who will generate income for universities (non-UK students who pay higher fees) are particularly attractive. It’s definitely more the case with some universities than others. I work in HE.

Userwhatevernumber Wed 29-Jan-20 07:08:20

Hmmm....OP, I supported the parents rights in the Alfie Evans case....and I am a (degree/masters degree/experienced/senior) social worker.....
YABU on that judgement

IvinghoeBeacon Wed 29-Jan-20 07:08:44

Yes because that’s exactly what universities need, students who all agree with each other on everything and never have an opinion challenged.

Darkdecent Wed 29-Jan-20 07:09:56

@Frenchw1fe 100% not!!

WardrobeJumper Wed 29-Jan-20 07:09:59

It's called "widening participation" in university, and it is an incredibly good thing. We need well educated citizens. What is your problem with that?

VivaLeBeaver Wed 29-Jan-20 07:10:49

Gett into university does not equate with getting a degree. The attrition rate for some courses is high and those courses which have a "bums on seats" approach to ensuring all places are filled will normally have higher attrition rates. But the uni have got the 9k fee per student for at least one year.

LolaSmiles Wed 29-Jan-20 07:11:21

There's many arguments for universities taking anyone and everyone to fill seats, but an opinion about a controversial case isn't one of them.

Case aside, on the whole I would question the intelligence and critical thinking of anyone who jumps on social media bandwagon cases who seems to think 15 minutes of scrolling and sharing on Facebook gives them the same level of knowledge as an expert with 20 years in the field.

OverByYer Wed 29-Jan-20 07:14:33

You’re odd example aside hmm
Yes anyone who can pay can go to university.
They are a business now not a reflection on how academic a student is.
The bubble will burst soon as a lot of universities have over invested in the hope of big returns from foreign students

MarthasGinYard Wed 29-Jan-20 07:14:31

Yes it seems everyone goes to Uni these days.

Many would have gone to the old Polytechnics IMO to do their 'degrees' in 'business and tourism' etc.

Everyone seems to get 5 A's and 10 A 'stars' these days at GCSE.

It's all changed

BatleyTownswomensGuild Wed 29-Jan-20 07:16:00

I'll probably get flamed for this but I have worked in HE and agree. Some Unis are definitely just trying to fill up seats and accepting students who don't meet the standard.

It's a bad thing. These students are taking on massive debt with the expectation that they will get an amazing graduate job at the end of it. But it's not the case, They generally end up with a shit degree, they can't write coherently on a job application form so are screened out of the recruiting processes for the grad jobs. They end up taking jobs that you don't really need a degree for anyway.

We need better FE options for this group.

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 29-Jan-20 07:16:26

@MarthasGinYard that about the A's and A stars is because the less academic students do BTECs which are all coursework based so can be resubmitted if the initial work is sub-standard. The school convince these students that BTECs are worth 4 GCSEs confused

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