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To report this to Superdrug head office

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GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 18:23:32

I went to Superdrug today to get my eyebrows waxed.

There was a mother and daughter in the queue ahead of me. The beautician (i dont know if that's her job title) asked how old the girl was. Mum said she was 15 and asked if she was old enough (she'd already paid and the question hadn't been asked at that stage).

Beautician ummed and ahhed and said company policy was 16.
Mum went to speak to another employee who came over and said to beautician "her mums given her permission and you do kids when you think nobody's watching anyway, so just do it."

Now normally I'd turn a blind eye but I was a asked to sign a medical disclaimer so I'd say Superdrug, as a company, must take their policies quite seriously. Would you report this to their head office or would you mind your own business? (Quite happy to be told to my own!)

Ps if anyone's interested my eyebrows look shite.

Hoppinggreen Tue 28-Jan-20 18:25:12

If her mum was happy for it to go ahead mind your own business, it’s not like the girl was 5!

PutYourLipsTogetherAndBlow Tue 28-Jan-20 18:26:00

I honestly couldn’t work myselfup About this. 15/16 who cares? - it’s waxing not the age of consent! There are babies - BABIES - having their ears pierced in Claire’s accessories. Now that’s something to get annoyed about!

furrybadger Tue 28-Jan-20 18:26:46

Mind your own business 🙄

LimpidPools Tue 28-Jan-20 18:27:29

Mind your own business OP. Teenagers have been messing up their eyebrows since the dawn of time anyway.

Foldinglaundryisnotforme Tue 28-Jan-20 18:28:05

Holy shit, she was getting an eyebrow wax not a bloody intimate piercing! I honestly cannot fathom the lengths people will go to just to have something to moan about!

iklboo Tue 28-Jan-20 18:28:15

She was having her eyebrows waxed not having intimate piercing and a face tattoo. I wouldn't report to HQ.

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 18:28:38

@PutYourLipsTogetherAndBlow I'm not getting worked up about it. My question was more about the company policy being blatantly ignored and the implications for them. I'm a stickler - what can I say grin

I agree parents who get babies ears pierced are ridiculous

Soubriquet Tue 28-Jan-20 18:28:49

If she didn’t get it done there, there is a high chance she would have bought at home wax strips and done it at home

BottleOfJameson Tue 28-Jan-20 18:29:34

I also couldn't get myself worked up about this, it's not like she was getting a permanent tattoo.

FourTeaFallOut Tue 28-Jan-20 18:30:03

Are you always such a tattletale?

PickleMyPepper Tue 28-Jan-20 18:30:23

The company that do eyebrows in Superdrug are a different entity, so if you were so inclined you'd have to complain to them.

But really it's none of your business, the girl was 15, had her mums permission and it's only eyebrows, not bloody lip fillers.

PutYourLipsTogetherAndBlow Tue 28-Jan-20 18:31:17

One persons Stickler is another persons busybody! I suppose we need people like you on neighbourhood watch committees and things like that though OP grin

Zeusthemoose Tue 28-Jan-20 18:31:22

I wouldn't. Mind your own business

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 18:31:36

Some of you lot need to chill out. I made it clear I was happy to be told to mind my own.

You're acting like my question was "AIBU to assassinate the queen" 🤣

Greenglassteacup Tue 28-Jan-20 18:33:36

The Queen serves no purpose so go ahead grin

cologne4711 Tue 28-Jan-20 18:34:18

the company policy being blatantly ignored and the implications for them

Well I'm not sure why they're asking people to sign disclaimers. You can't exclude or limit your liability for personal injury caused by your negligence. And arguably it's a criminal offence to try to do so, as it is a criminal offence to mislead consumers about their rights. So Superdrug (or their partner) are in bigger trouble than someone waxing a 15 year old's eyebrows, I feel.

Greenglassteacup Tue 28-Jan-20 18:34:55

Ps, don’t assassinate the auld bitch tho

Lockheart Tue 28-Jan-20 18:35:50

I would.

Not because I don't think 15/16 year olds shouldn't have their eyebrows waxed, but because of the other implications.

If shes "doing kids anyway when no-one's watching", how young are they going? What if someone has a bad allergic reaction? Might someone lose their job? Does it invalidate their insurance? What other things are they doing "when no-one's watching"? Is their hygiene up to scratch, for example? Or is it OK to reuse equipment because "no-one's watching"?

greeentopmilk Tue 28-Jan-20 18:37:02


She was 15 not 9!

She had her parent with her, giving permission, and was probably only a matter of weeks or months from 16 anyway.

I'd rather teens got them done professionally anyway than hacking my them to bits with tweezers.

Dizzygirl00 Tue 28-Jan-20 18:38:39

Firstly, sorry about your eyebrows - I’ve ended up with one bigger than the other when I’ve had them waxed (thank god I’ve got a fringe) & secondly, I’d report it! There’s rules in place and they’re blatantly ignoring them I’d just have to report 😂

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 18:41:24

@cologne4711 it's more to say they've explained about the risks and aftercare to you (they don't) and that they've told you what to do in case of a reaction (they don't) but I'm not about to sue them if I get a rash so I signed it anyway 

@Greenglassteacup I won't. I'll be honest, I actually love her!

@Lockheart that's my thinking - I don't care that they're waxing teenagers eyebrows. As PPs have said they'll only do it themselves/pluck them to death anyway but it's the other implications. If they can't stick to the simplest of policies can you really trust what they do?

GiveHerHellFromUs Tue 28-Jan-20 18:42:42

@Dizzygirl00 thank you! Luckily they are salvageable - just a bit weird but I'll be able to sort them. The same ladies done them before brilliantly. Maybe she was just a bit flustered in case someone reported her 🤣

Cinammoncake Tue 28-Jan-20 18:44:20

YABU - sounds like a bit of a non event

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 28-Jan-20 18:48:15

Never heard that before my dd being going to Superdrug since age 13.

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