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Crisps for breakfast on the train!

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chocolatesaltyballs22 Tue 28-Jan-20 07:56:15

WIBU to throw something very heavy at the man loudly eating crisps for breakfast before 8am on the train? (In the quiet coach, as well! 😡) This is after having polished off a Maccy D's breakfast.

BTW for those of you who remember 'Leon chicken satay-gate', I ate my Starbucks porridge in Starbucks before I got on the train so as not to displease the MN population! 😂

PurpleDaisies Tue 28-Jan-20 07:58:07

Loudly eating anything is annoying. I like an occasional crisp breakfast though.

HolaWeenie Tue 28-Jan-20 07:59:19

Maybe he's finished a night shift and it's actually dinner time for him. But loud eating is v v annoying!

hazell42 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:00:29

Unless its a REALLY big packet of crisps, we are talking about 3 minutes of mild annoyance
However, if they are cheese and onion crisps YANBU
They smell like vomit

chocolatesaltyballs22 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:01:16

Beefy hula hoops 🤮

foamrolling Tue 28-Jan-20 08:01:36

Can you eat crisps quietly? And does the quiet coach mean absolute silence including no eating? I think I'd rather be in a carriage with someone eating crisps for breakfast rather than something smelly but sensible like a boiled egg.

foamrolling Tue 28-Jan-20 08:02:36

Cross Post. Yanbu. Beef hula hoops are vile and they stink!

stripeypillowcase Tue 28-Jan-20 08:03:03

I just had a pack of strong licorice. the pack probably rustled. so what.

my2bundles Tue 28-Jan-20 08:03:46

I wouldn't even notice let alone start a thread about this. If I was on a train at this time and hadn't had time for breakfast I would probably be doing tne same esp if my kids where with me.

Ennith Tue 28-Jan-20 08:04:08

Like pp said he may well have worked a night shift and be eating crisps in the way home

Funkyslippers Tue 28-Jan-20 08:04:59

Unless he's eating with his mouth open, it is hard to eat crisps quietly. Even more so in the quiet coach.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:05:07

Started thread as I'm bored.....travelling South for work at ungodly hour. Thought it might provide some amusement.

TulipCat Tue 28-Jan-20 08:05:39

I thought the quiet coach was principally in relation to mobile phone/gadget usage. I don't think it's the "monastic silence" coach 😀

Hopoindown31 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:10:28

The quiet coach - to be avoided at all costs. I once got bollocked by an old lady for slurping my thermonuclear grade train tea. "It's the quiet coach you know" "Well I do now".

I suspect that a man who eats crisps for breakfast is unlikely to care what you think tbh.

Eckhart Tue 28-Jan-20 08:14:15

I'd love a 'monastic silence' coach!

I'm with you OP! When I eat crisps alone at home I put them in a bowl because I can't bear the packet-noise. People shouldn't be allowed to eat them in public.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:19:29

Totally agree that should be a thing @Eckhart!
It's not the rustling that bothers me though, it's the chomp crunch chomp!

Newmetoday Tue 28-Jan-20 08:20:55

It’s only crisps ffs. Just don’t go out in public if you’re that sensitive to your surroundings

Wellhellooothere Tue 28-Jan-20 08:21:56

Hate smelly, noisy food on public transport! Was on a train the other day with a bloke having a stinky cornish pasty for brekkie. He had the nerve to give evils later to the woman opp him doing her make up...

dottiedodah Tue 28-Jan-20 08:22:42

Better than the poster a little while ago ,with the story of woman being told off for eating Hard boiled eggs ! Ugh !

Microwavedtea Tue 28-Jan-20 08:23:00

I get this is in jest but, still, YABU.

AmelieTaylor Tue 28-Jan-20 08:27:39

Started thread as I'm bored.....travelling South for work at ungodly hour. Thought it might provide some amusement

It’s a shame, while you have the entire world at your fingertips, that you’re bored.

May I suggest a book....

Or at least start an interesting thread!
‘Man eats crisps on train really isn’t ‘entertaining or amusing’

Hope your day gets more interesting.

starfishmummy Tue 28-Jan-20 08:27:57

He should pop them in his mouth and wait until they go soggy before chewing!!!

I now want a crisp butty for breakfast. Ho hum.

Cambionome Tue 28-Jan-20 08:27:59

I sat in front of someone on the train a little while ago who chomped and crunched her way through a packet of crisps with lots of slurpy finger licking and little moany noises... I almost fucking punched her.

Do NOT eat loudly in public and close your mouth when you are chewing - it is disgusting!!

Cambionome Tue 28-Jan-20 08:29:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

stuffedpeppers Tue 28-Jan-20 08:31:17

Oh yes -bacon wheat crunchies to start
Followed by a small packet of smoky bacon and some onion rings on the side
And a packet of vege crisps to add some health

Not sure what your problem is!!

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