To ask what the secret is behind the Maltesers box?

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Poptasmagorical Sat 25-Jan-20 19:36:00

Just that really: what is the box design all about? Why is there the circular hole? What are the perforated quarter circles for? Is it all some advanced alien technology or am I just too dense to understand a basic cardboard box?

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Sweetpea1532 Sat 16-Jan-21 21:40:06

Hahahalol! I'm the bumper but I swear I did not even get one tiny ball of deliciousness as a commission.
I figured that since everyone (except the one poster who told @Poptasmagorical to 'get a life' ) had so much MN fun last year with the
Post that it needed to come out of zombie status to cheer up the Malteser lovers of the world once again. Yes, @Poptasmagorical
You did dig deep with your accounts of being the Maltesers company's choice as the UK national get cracking on some more fantastic tales...the world is counting on you for some much needed gigglesgrinflowers

OneEpisode Sat 16-Jan-21 20:27:15

This thread has been going a year and now we are all wanting Maltesers. Did the pp bumping the zombie get a commission?

2021optimist Sat 16-Jan-21 20:23:05

Have the boxes got smaller or have fewer in? I used to share a box with my Mother (as a kid) and now I can eat a whole box myself. It can't be increasing greed, surely???

Poptasmagorical Sat 16-Jan-21 13:40:18

I've just reread this thread and made myself laugh with my own stories account of my Maltesers career.

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Newrumpus Sat 16-Jan-21 13:24:04

There is a kids’ detective book where the box of Maltesers has a barcode which is secret code to open a criminal’s secret safe wherein are stashed the diamonds. Does that help?

LizzieVereker Sat 16-Jan-21 13:16:43


I love the little chewy ones there should be more!

You utter deviant. No.

redfairy Sat 16-Jan-21 13:12:39

I'd move to Slough just to work at the Malteser factory

Poptasmagorical Sat 16-Jan-21 13:01:18

@marthastew I think I'll be dreaming about that factory tonight. No, I hope I'll be dreaming about it!

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Bookworming Wed 13-Jan-21 21:43:55

Yes, like coca cola tastes better out of glass bottles.

Oh yes!

maddiemookins16mum Wed 13-Jan-21 21:39:46


And for some reason malteasers always taste better out of the box grin

Yes, like coca cola tastes better out of glass bottles.

Bookworming Wed 13-Jan-21 21:38:40

We still have a big unopened box left over from Christmas.

How? It's the 13th January FGS! grin

marthastew Wed 13-Jan-21 21:22:47

It's on an industrial estate in Slough.

Sweetpea1532 Wed 13-Jan-21 21:20:02

Lucky you...I'm so envious
Where is that factory located? Lucky people living around the factory get to enjoy the smell of chocolate all day.That sounds too good to be true ..
I think I'll put that factory tour on my bucket list

What a super DH you have...
May I borrow him to run out and get me some Maltesers since like Libraries, I'm starting to crave them.?

EggyPegg Wed 13-Jan-21 21:14:23

A bucket?! How big?

addler Wed 13-Jan-21 21:10:34

I once went to a singles night where it was a lock and key party, and if you found your match you win a spot prize. One delightful young man had won a box of Maltesers and offered me some. I'm clumsy at the best of times and managed to knock the entire box all over the sticky, cocktail soaked floor. He looked bereft.

munchbunch12 Wed 13-Jan-21 21:07:29

@SlightlyJaded yes he does for some reason grin , and as he's home schooling whilst I'm working from home I think they're going to be opened very soon!

WhoWants2Know Wed 13-Jan-21 21:05:53

They are good from a box, but one Christmas I had some in a bucket. It was special.

Ginkypig Wed 13-Jan-21 21:02:46


Oh dear I must be the only one who thinks they taste horrible out the box lately! They literally just taste like the actual cardboard box now! They never used to though!

I bought two boxes for over Christmas and was very upset that they weren’t as good as they should have been sad

Yogaposer Wed 13-Jan-21 20:58:17

Thanks for reminding me to add to my shopping list. grin

Gingaaarghpussy Wed 13-Jan-21 20:56:19

I actually bought some today on the back of this thread.

Gingaaarghpussy Wed 13-Jan-21 20:52:26

*blat not boat. Fecking stoopid kindle.

Gingaaarghpussy Wed 13-Jan-21 20:51:29

Fuck no! Not even as something to boat about

SlightlyJaded Wed 13-Jan-21 20:49:54

@munchbunch12. Does he keep asking you 'when you are going to open them', by any chance?

DS (also 13) does this. He buys me chocolates then spends forever hopping from one foot to the next asking me if I 'fancy one?' or if he can 'open them for me?'.

munchbunch12 Wed 13-Jan-21 20:46:58

@SlightlyJaded that's good to hear. DS (aged 13) got them for me, so even if they weren't very nice I'd have to pretend to like them!

SlightlyJaded Wed 13-Jan-21 20:44:45


On the subject of Maltesers, I got a box of Malteser Truffles for Christmas. Are they good or nowhere near as nice as the originals?

Malteser Truffles are one of the few 'spin-offs' that does not disappoint. They are amazing.

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