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To sack my cleaner for this?

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LondonUnited Thu 23-Jan-20 14:46:31

I have a cleaner once a week. She comes with her sister and they blitz the house together (I have four children including a toddler and a baby who never sleeps so always plenty to do!) She has been coming for about 6 weeks now, and it’s a private arrangement not an agency one.

I came back today and pulled up on the drive. She then pulled up about 30 seconds later, followed by a police car with its sirens on. The police then proceeded to bust her for driving without insurance (or so it appeared).

About 15 minutes later she let herself in, found me and explained it was all a mistake, that she had comprehensive insurance on her other car so could drive this one, etc.

However. I feel really uneasy about this. Clearly the car she was driving was uninsured as it pinged on the police ANPR. WIBU to make my excuses and find another cleaner?

Olliephaunt4eyes Thu 23-Jan-20 14:48:05

Seems a bit harsh if you're generally satisfied with her work. Sounds like it could have been a genuine mistake/misunderstanding.

Tombliwho Thu 23-Jan-20 14:49:55

If she's a good cleaner I don't really see what the insurance thing has to do with it..

MrsAgassi Thu 23-Jan-20 14:49:59

I got stopped for no insurance by the Police, it was indeed a mistake. They didn’t know why I pinged.

Namechangers87171717 Thu 23-Jan-20 14:50:54

There can be mistakes yes, harsh to sack her. Really harsh

SlothHouse Thu 23-Jan-20 14:51:32

It has nothing to do with her job, so no don't sack her. You don't know the full story either.

Ellisandra Thu 23-Jan-20 14:52:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Mintjulia Thu 23-Jan-20 14:52:13

You employ her as a cleaner, not a driver. If she does a good job, why would you fire her?

If she can’t get to work in future, that would be different but she hasn’t failed you so far.

rosie1959 Thu 23-Jan-20 14:52:31

I think you are being a bit OTT if the car was actually uninsured good chance the police would have confiscated it
If she is a good cleaner this has no effect on her ability to clean

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Thu 23-Jan-20 14:52:37

I don’t understand why you want to sack her confused

CakeandCustard28 Thu 23-Jan-20 14:52:38

Bit harsh to sack her over that... she might be genuinely telling the truth and it’s nothing to do with her job.

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 23-Jan-20 14:53:24

Why would you? How does it affect her cleaning.

Although there are unrelated things I would sack someone for, not paying child maintenance for example. I suppose I'm a hypocrite!

ty12 Thu 23-Jan-20 14:54:23

My friend got stopped for no insurance, it was a genuine mistake, I wouldn’t sack her unless there were any other factors

FishCanFly Thu 23-Jan-20 14:56:27

YABU. Nothing to do with you, her job, AND it was a mistake.

tttigress Thu 23-Jan-20 14:56:55

It was a mistake, all a misunderstanding....yeah right.

The thing is, if she is being dishonest about taking out insurance, what is she going to do if left alone in your house.

I know mistakes happen, but I have worked with people who have personal mistakes usually on day one on the job, followed by a week later, then a week later. Followed by them getting fired.

Cocobean30 Thu 23-Jan-20 14:56:58

You’re overreacting

aroundtheworldyet Thu 23-Jan-20 14:57:40

Well it depends if it really was a mistake.

Cantdoleft Thu 23-Jan-20 14:58:22

You sound a bit nuts to be honest.

What possible reason to sack a cleaner for being pulled by the police - even if it did turn out she wasn’t insured it wouldn’t be reason to sack her and there is every possibility it was a mistake.

Loads of people get pulled everyday with no follow up or further action taken.

What an odd thread.

My Mum got blue lighted recently. They had a chat and let her on her way. If she was your cleaner you would have sacked her confused she’s 82 and they stopped her as she was “driving cautiously” and they were checking she hadn’t had a drink

userxx Thu 23-Jan-20 14:58:30

Why would you sack her? Why is her driving any of your business?

Anywaythewindisblowing Thu 23-Jan-20 14:59:26

This incident has absolutely nothing to do with you and could well be a mistake by police

Somanysocks Thu 23-Jan-20 14:59:48

If she was lying wouldn't the police have impounded the car?

OurChristmasMiracle Thu 23-Jan-20 15:00:08

I was with a (now ex) boyfriend when he was pulled by the police for no insurance on a car he had bought 2 days before. I KNEW it was insured (it had been me that had paid the monthly premium for it on my card) but police said it can take a few days for the system to update but once they’d done their checks they let us on our way.

If it wasn’t insured they would more than likely have confiscated the vehicle.

user1471449295 Thu 23-Jan-20 15:00:15

What’s it got to do with her cleaning your house?

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 23-Jan-20 15:01:34

I'm not sure that is necessarily the whole story but, say it is.

YWNBU to have some doubt. After all, she is in your home... does she have PL/PI insurances? Have you seen the certificate of insurance? Is she insured for anything she and her sister might break? She should be!

YWBU to sack her without further thought though!

dressingfortv Thu 23-Jan-20 15:02:57

I wouldn't sack her for that. Not really effecting her cleaning!

And I've been pulled TWICE because I pinged as non insured when I was so it must happen quite often.

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