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To ask how and what you use pressure cooker for?

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spongejack Thu 23-Jan-20 06:21:11

Thinking of buying one as we are having DD and SIL stay for sometime and bigger meals will be needed.

Are they better for larger meals to be made quickly?

What do you cook in yours and does it save time?

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MyCatHatesEverybody Thu 23-Jan-20 16:18:11

I bought an instant pot after reading about it on mumsnet, it's particularly handy that you can saute stuff in it first. Tough cuts such as shin beef cook in 40 mins. Chicken breasts come out really juicy and I also cook "roasts" such as leg of lamb or pork loin then finish them off under the grill. Risotto always comes out perfectly without all the faffing around of having to stir constantly. Love it!

RichTea432 Tue 16-Jun-20 15:25:53

Old thread, but wondering how you cook chicken breasts in the instant pot? Thinking of getting one. Do you just add the chicken breasts and pressure cook for 10 minutes? Or do you add water?

Sherloidbaisherloid Tue 16-Jun-20 15:38:03

I’ve never used mine as it was intended, as someone up post said I’m always scared it will explode! The pot is great tho for making soup and pasta

FlorenceinSummer Tue 16-Jun-20 15:41:44

I have an instantpot so use it for lots of things from spag bol/ rice/ potatoes/ chilli/ curry/ rissotto/ porridge/ fudge and more recently making yogurt (using the yogurt function). It is great! Saves so much time and stress just with the ability to set it to go (it has timer delay) let it cook and then eat when I am ready (it has a keep warm function once the pressure cooker has finished). Just a warning doing some tomato based recipes can cause "Burn" to come up so they aren't as easy to leave but still good..

rosiejaune Tue 16-Jun-20 15:49:52

We have an Instant Pot and use it every day. My partner cooks dog food in it. And curry/chilli/soup/stew etc.

And it's useful for steaming things without supervising them. And cooking rice. In fact I haven't used a pan on the hob for a long time, as I use the IP instead (even for non pressure cooked things).

And we use the yoghurt setting to rise bread dough.

RichTea432 Tue 16-Jun-20 15:51:35

Silly question, but how do you know how to use it - do you buy a specific recipe book, or does it come with instructions that make it all really easy to figure out?

DontTouchTheMoustache Tue 16-Jun-20 15:54:12

I love my pressure cooker so much! You can pretty much use it for anything you use a slow cooker for but the meal is ready in a few minutes. All the flavours stay in really well and it's just amazingly convenient. I make lots of curries, stews, chilli etc but it's great for cooking a big batch of brown rice as well.

5foot5 Tue 16-Jun-20 16:34:49

I have a very old one. It used to be my Mums and she gave it to me when I left home. It must be over 50 years old could be 60.

Still works but I probably only use it once a year to mke stock from turkey carcass

ElizaCBennett Tue 16-Jun-20 17:11:26

I’ve got the Tefal Cook4Me. It’s brilliant; I make bolognese sauce, casseroles, whole gammon joints etc. I start off my roast potatoes and all the other veg I cook completely in there. There are recipes included on the screen on the device and there is an app. Go for it; you’ll never look back

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 16-Jun-20 17:13:02

They are used as standard in all types of Indian cuisine. You can steam in them, use them to cook rice etc so they are pretty good for saving time.

Slightlyunhinged Wed 17-Jun-20 03:18:04

I have an instant pot too. I use it for all the things mentioned by PP. It is also great for home made Xmas pudding. I mix up the pudding some time in November, use the steam function to steam it for 30 mins or so. Then its stored away till Xmas. Come Xmas day I put it to pressure cook about 20 mins before we're due to eat, by the time we've eaten a starter and the turkey, its ready.

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