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Oh god! I swore I'd never post here, but really!

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MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:19:50

DD is 11. She's just been shopping with a friend and her mum for a party they're going to tomorrow night. The party is the 13 year old cousin of said friend and lives in a flash house, lots of money etc.

Anyway, she's come back with a pair of, what can only be described as spray on black jeans and a top that barely comes passed her tummy. WTF was this mother thinking! Sadly, she came in all full of it and excited and I could not hide my disappointment when she put it on to show me. I did refrain from using that line 'You're not going out looking like that!'grin
The mother also told both of them, that they had to go to this party dressed up to the nines to 'bag a rich boy!'shock

Much stropping and sulking later I have managed to convince her that we will go out AGAIN tonight to find something more suitable.

Soooo, AIBU in thinking that 11 years olds should look like 11 year olds and not slappers?

AbRoller Thu 30-Aug-07 17:23:45

you are definately NBU. I absolutely cannot stand seeing young girls, pre-teen especially, dressed like grown women. Good for you smile

HuwEdwards Thu 30-Aug-07 17:24:47

'kin ell. You def did the right thing.

2shoes Thu 30-Aug-07 17:25:26


Lauriefairycake Thu 30-Aug-07 17:25:30

So, she's wearing full length jeans and a top that covers her breast but shows her tummy hmm

It could just be so much worse....

I wouldn't pick this battle (as its enough coverage for me) but you go right ahead of you want to.

Maybe its time to have the talk about 'tight' clothing and developing bodies

quint Thu 30-Aug-07 17:28:18

You are NBU - Why do people think it looks so cute to see their children wearing adult type clothes, I personally find it disturbing.

Children should be children and dress appropriatley. I am not looking forward to that age with my 2DD's, but when we get there they can wear trendy but appropriate clothes for their age.

Good for you for sticking to your guns

aloha Thu 30-Aug-07 17:30:03

I don't think jeans and a top sounds very shocking at all.

onlyWotz Thu 30-Aug-07 17:30:11

Skinny black jeans are Ok with a longer floaty tunic top for 11 year olds. Just get a new top. Wear with flat pumps.

'bag a rich boy' is a bit out of order.

Lauriefairycake Thu 30-Aug-07 17:30:50

BTW I'm way more pissed off with the 'bag a rich boy' comment.

What a shocking thing to encourage - on so many levels

smeeinit Thu 30-Aug-07 17:31:04

YANBU,and who bought the clothes? you or her friends mum?
i hate hate hate seeing young pre teenage girls dressing like adults,its not a good look atall.

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:31:11

The mother just phoned to ask if I liked what they'd bought. Ooops! I said 'er, no actually. Its about time they realised they were 11 and not 16 year old tarts in tight jeans! {Mo watches a friendship fly out the window!}

smeeinit Thu 30-Aug-07 17:32:24

i also 2nd what onlywotz says, a nice long tunic or floaty top will be nice with teh jeans. smile

aloha Thu 30-Aug-07 17:32:51

Did you really say that? I think that's rather rude. Straight leg jeans are just fashionable. No more suggestive than flared ones. I assume your dd does wear jeans.
If you don't like it, that's your prerogative, but it's hardly high heels, a micro-mini and a 'porn star in training' t-shirt.

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:33:41

Actually Onlywotz. That is how I reasoned with her. I told her that both pieces are fine with other things. The top would look lovely with a nice pair of straight or bootcut jeans and the black jeans will look fine with a smocky top. I paid for them btw!

Lauriefairycake Thu 30-Aug-07 17:34:07

Is there ANY chance you're pissed off becuase rich bitch bought stuff without your permission.

ANY chance at all that some of its about her ??

Not judging, just asking smile

Lauriefairycake Thu 30-Aug-07 17:35:01

sorry, cross post, didnt realise youd paid for them

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:35:13

I did say that, yes. But if you knew what this mother wants for her daughter and how she dresses herself, it wouldn't sound quite so shocking, I can assure you!

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:36:29

She not the rich one anyway. Its her relatives that are. She's just a high street shopper.

smeeinit Thu 30-Aug-07 17:36:38

i dont think that was a rude thing to say atall aloha,maureen was asked if she liked what was bought and she answered honestly,id have thought it would have ruder of her to lie. hmm

AbRoller Thu 30-Aug-07 17:40:54

Not rude what you said, it was honest. The tunic with the jeans sounds good.

aloha Thu 30-Aug-07 17:44:12

Absolutely not ruder to say, 'thanks for taking dd shopping. The jeans and top are nice and dd absolutely loves them. Think they might be a bit much -together though until she's nearer your daughter's age'.
If I'd taken a friend's daughter shopping all day and helped her buy what I thought was a nice outfit and I got that kind of reaction saying I'd bought them tarty clothes and just saying a flat 'no' to 'do you like them', then yes, I'd think it was very rude, I'm afraid.

MaureenMLove Thu 30-Aug-07 17:45:23

Her daughter is the same age as mine.

smeeinit Thu 30-Aug-07 17:45:33

i see your point aloha. smile

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 30-Aug-07 17:46:53

YANBU not one bit !! I am appalled by clothes meant for 11 yr old girls - as for 'bag a rich boy' - vile

RedLorryYellowLorry Thu 30-Aug-07 17:47:05

Well if you send dd out with Lily Savage and her daughter I don't see why you're shocked at the outfit. I'd have given some guidelines to the mother about what I hoped dd would come back with. I'm making a note never to take dd and her friend out shopping shock

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