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To ask you to tell me how old I look?

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Cyclelover Sat 18-Jan-20 20:32:33

I was insulted today and told I look much older than I am. Could I ask you to tell me how old you think? blush

Be kind, but honest

SinglePringle Sat 18-Jan-20 20:33:33

Tricky with the filters TBF but around mid 50’s.

TitianaTitsling Sat 18-Jan-20 20:33:37

Am sorry but it's hard to say with a filter on!

Woody479 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:33:58

Could you post an unfiltered picture?

AngusDuck Sat 18-Jan-20 20:34:23

It’s impossible to really tell with that filter thing on your picture. But I’d say 47ish.

RoseWines Sat 18-Jan-20 20:34:32

Tbh tricky to give a proper answer with a filtered pic.

wonderstuff Sat 18-Jan-20 20:34:44

About 50? Tricky with the filter.

Wildorchidz Sat 18-Jan-20 20:34:48

Late 40’s to early 50’s

DrWAnker Sat 18-Jan-20 20:35:52

But filter makes it very difficult so really anywhere from 35 to mid 50s I'd say.

Babyg1995 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:36:07

Impossible with a filter confused

TwitcherOfCurtains Sat 18-Jan-20 20:36:08


Chubby1245 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:36:54


DesLynamsMoustache Sat 18-Jan-20 20:36:58

Late 40s/early 50s? But yes, bit hard with the filter!

DownWhichOfLate Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:00


PlomBear Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:06

Late 40s?

Didntwanttochangemyname Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:12

Why bother posting a photo with filters?

TwinkleFoes Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:15 this a joke?
Never mind your age, you have the naffest taste in frames and filters!

RoseWines Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:19

You look lovely tho x

Squigean Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:32

Without the filter possibly late 50s

DesLynamsMoustache Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:41

Old enough to not use filters like that at least grin

IWishItWasSummer Sat 18-Jan-20 20:37:46

Mid to late 50’s it’s hard to tell with the silly filter

Traffy Sat 18-Jan-20 20:38:34

I'd guess 60s? But I agree it's tricky with the filter.

fessmess Sat 18-Jan-20 20:38:40


gotmysexybodback Sat 18-Jan-20 20:38:42

Definitely late 50's - early 60's. Anyone who says otherwise is being extra polite.

LennyPugGoat Sat 18-Jan-20 20:38:49

Too many filters to tell

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