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Too fat and not posh

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Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:43:38

We have a children’s birthday to attend this afternoon, in a beautiful hotel inside a marquee.
Between the WhatsApp group, some of us texting to ask what to to wear etc, host said warm things (is raining today here etc) but very posh.
I’ve just gone upstairs to look and realised I have basically nothing posh enough in winter clothes and I look fat and horrible after years of ivf and having a baby.
Aibu to cancel as I just feel crappy?
This has definitely spurred me on to lose weight and do something about it!

Bluntness100 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:46:37

Oh go and have fun, the host was asked for guidance, it was just that not a rule. Wear what you're comfy in, and don't let your weight have you hiding in doors.

Sohardtochooseausername Sat 18-Jan-20 12:47:55

Who has a kids’ party somewhere posh? I think that is unreasonable. I bet you look better than you think. Don’t go if you don’t think you’ll have fun, but otherwise wear something you feel good in and you should be fine.

lljkk Sat 18-Jan-20 12:47:57

Sure you can't just brazen it out in very black items?
Probably just means avoid the stained jeans, hoody & old trainers.

Ponoka7 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:48:47

Surely it's about the children, more than what people are wearing?

BecauseReasons Sat 18-Jan-20 12:49:04

It's far too late to cancel, OP. It's also a children's birthday party, not a ball at Downton. I'm sure whatever you have will be just fine.

fedup21 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:49:46

Who has a kids party and expects the adults to dress posh?

That is very bizarre!

Celeriacacaca Sat 18-Jan-20 12:50:42

Seems strange location for a party but just style it out in black from head to toe, maybe with an interesting necklace or scarf. Hold your head up high and enjoy!

DeathByPuppy Sat 18-Jan-20 12:51:13

How naff!

incognitomum Sat 18-Jan-20 12:51:56

hmm Weird. Very posh ffs! Ha... I'd go in wellies and an old jumper wearing a tiara.

mummmy2017 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:51:56

Jeans, one of his white shirts with belt, chuck on some bracelets , jumper coat and bright scarf. Add some make up Job done.

howrudeforme Sat 18-Jan-20 12:52:54

Dress posh for a children’s party?


APatchyTomCat Sat 18-Jan-20 12:53:11

The host has said to wear something warm that’s all. She hasn’t demanded ‘posh’!

SinglePringle Sat 18-Jan-20 12:53:29

Hands down, the poshest people I know (I’m taking Old Money, Aristo, landed and own banks kinda posh) are the scruffiest. Go as you are and act like your jumper / jacket were Granny’s back in the day!

Seriously, if I were this (not posh, new money wink) host, I’d rather you were there than not.

APatchyTomCat Sat 18-Jan-20 12:54:28

Oh hang on, did she demand posh? I took it to mean the host is posh herself blush

Chienloup Sat 18-Jan-20 12:55:36

Someone who asks people to dress "very posh" is an idiot and full of pretensions.
Just go as you are OP.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:55:49

It’s in the marquee with catering etc (def more for the host than the child-turning 1 🤷‍♀️)
I’ve spent most of my days in pjs since Dd came along, which I know is pretty shitty, but the children’s parties so far have been jeans, trainers/boots/sweater etc..this I can do..I just feel too blah..literally nothing fits or is what you’d consider ‘Posh’ in any way whatsoever..I know i’m being miserable 🙄but will not feel comfy, there are at least 50 going, so it’s unlikely we’ll be missed.
It’s spurring me on to lose the couple of stone!

DecemberSnow Sat 18-Jan-20 12:56:05

And how does one dress posh?

dontgobaconmyheart Sat 18-Jan-20 12:56:42

Dont cancel OP- what a horrible message to yourself that would be about not being good enough!

It's a marquee in a hotel in Jan confused it can't be that posh. I'd just iron something and do my hair slightly better than I normally bother with, sling a smart ish coat on and go. I doubt anyone will care what you're wearing!

Casualbride Sat 18-Jan-20 12:58:16

If you really don’t want to go then just make your excuses. But if you do go wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and hold your head up high. You are as good as anyone else there!

MissBPotter Sat 18-Jan-20 12:59:32

Don’t cancel as it’s too late now. Do you have one nice coat? You can wear that over the less nice stuff! I’m wearing my faux fur one today and feel nice in it even though I’m overweight. I’m also doing something about it - low carb, high fat/Mediterranean diet and have joined gym to mostly do weights. Try to enjoy the party, no one else will notice you as much as you think!!

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:59:43

She didn’t demand posh or initially state it, she sent a nice message saying about the rain so would be inside. She said to dress nice and warm, a friend asked if her little one would get messy at all as she had a cute new outfit for him, she also asked if we should dress ‘Posh’
Host replied it was ok as there’s nothing to get the kids messy and yes to dress posh 🤷‍♀️ So she never specified it in the invite, just replied to it.
I’m also thinking because the children won’t be getting messy, there may not be a lot for the children to do and it may be a case of standing round drinking nice booze and eating a lovely spread (lovely normally) but will probably involve running round after 18 month old as there’s nothing to occupy her.

ChocolateCoins19 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:00:57

I don't own anything posh winter or summer.

Its not me. Wear what you're comfy in.
Nicest I'd have is ack. Trousers and a top. But not posh at all.
I used to worry about stuff like this and mn hepled me see iwbu and I am who I am, wear what I want etc and if they're friends they won't care

Last weekend me and dh got a sitter and went for a meal before baby due this week. We met with his boss etc. They all. Had lovely make up and hair etc.. I did my hair but it needs dying. Which I'll do After baby as can't sit too long. I have so many spots on face that are sore so I didn't put any make up On except mascara.. I looked like shit.
But dh just said it doesn't matter and enjoy it. We did.

HorridHamble Sat 18-Jan-20 13:03:40

Do not worry. So long as you don’t turn up in a tracksuit and crocs. Do you have anything plain you can accessorise with jewellery or a scarf? Do you have a nice coat? Presumably it will be freezing in a marquee so wouldn’t be weird to keep it on. Any decent people won’t give a hoot what you wear.

bank100 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:05:32

It is too late to cancel. She will have paid for your place / catering or whatever.

She says to wear something warm. Take her at her word. Don't worry too much about looking posh. I'm sure dark jeans or a dress with thick tights, boots and a not-too-scruffy coat will do the trick. Add a colourful or nice scarf if you have one. Don't over think it.

When I feel like I look shit & don't like my outfit I apply extra make up and often some bright lippy. Helps a bit.

Fr0g Sat 18-Jan-20 13:05:39

well probably not the PJ's, but smart jeans, or leggins with a longish tunic type top? It's a baby's party, not a fancy wedding!
Go and have fun.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:06:18

This is it, since Dd came, I barely even wear make up anymore, it’s more the weight, I used to love going clothes shopping, now I hate it, hence why I don’t have anything remotely passable anymore 🤷‍♀️
In summer I can do as have a few nice summer dresses, short sleeved cover ups etc..I still don’t feel great but it’s easier.
I’m literally sat here still in pj bottom and big jumper, looking at the rain thinking ‘Meh’

thrre Sat 18-Jan-20 13:07:14

I'd go, it's a children's party so no one will be looking at what the adults are wearing. I'm guessing she's not posh herself because otherwise she wouldn't request guests to dress posh. I would go for jeans, shirt and jumper.

2020BetterBeBetter Sat 18-Jan-20 13:08:05

Go and have fun. If anyone says anything about what you are wearing laugh it off and say you assumed the posh clothing was a joke for the children to wear, as they are the guests and you are merely keeping an eye on them.

PullingMySocksUp Sat 18-Jan-20 13:08:10

Summer dress over long sleeved top and leggings or skinny jeans?
Do you have any shoes that aren’t trainers?

Summatsummit Sat 18-Jan-20 13:08:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shinynewapple2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:08:36

Perhaps she meant that if someone wanted to dress posh they could because they won't be getting dirty doing activities with the children, rather than that it was expected that people would dress posh. Maybe jeans with a jumper and boots rather than hoodie and trainers.

GoldfishRampage Sat 18-Jan-20 13:10:40

Honestly, no one will care what you are wearing unless you do something extreme and turn up in your jammies. I think you should go and enjoy the event. It’s a bit mean to have accepted the invitation and to now be complaining about there being nothing for your child to do.

shinynewapple2020 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:11:19

On the other hand if you haven't got children who are looking forward to going then there really isn't any need to force yourself to go if you really don't want to, given that you've said there will be lots of other people there.

BayandBlonde Sat 18-Jan-20 13:12:04

If I ever struggle with 'posh' I rock up in my wellies, hunting jacket and hay in my hair as I would have just done the horses. Acceptable 'posh' every time. Common as muck really smile

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:12:07

Just to note here, I’m not in the uk so it’s geberally fairly warm here, another reason for not having many warm clothes, I’m not just a scruffy sod 🙈😂
I just spend all my time now in jeans, boots/trainers and tops 🤷‍♀️
They will get very dressed up I’d imagine, I can just see it and know this kind of event here.
I was going to go with nice-ish long sleeve top, dark jeans and heels (I haven’t worn heels for at least 10 years 😬)

BayandBlonde Sat 18-Jan-20 13:12:52

In all seriousness you can't go wrong with black.

Black leggings
Ballerina pumps
Cape / kaftan etc

incognitomum Sat 18-Jan-20 13:14:55

Don't wear heels unless there'll be plenty of opportunity to sit.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:15:22

Totally not complaining about there being nothing for the children to do, just trying to paint a picture of the type of event it is.
I Definitely have smarter things than trainers, nice jumpers, jeans, boots etc..but I know this event is expecting more than this 🙄

incognitomum Sat 18-Jan-20 13:16:05

I agree re a nice bright scarf. If you don't have one you can probably get one on the way? Even a supermarket will have one.

3luckystars Sat 18-Jan-20 13:19:05

Go as you are.
She invited you and wants you and your child there, as you are.
Ignore any texts as these could be misunderstood or jokey.

Go as you are. Good luck.

PullingMySocksUp Sat 18-Jan-20 13:20:32

What you were thinking sounds fine. smile

forkfun Sat 18-Jan-20 13:25:07

Breaks my heart to read this. You are right exactly how you are. You are under no obligation to be a different weight or shape. You are no less lovable or special because you are heavier than you used to be. Please just go. Jeans, top and heels sound great. I find lipstick, jewellery and a big smile can make anything look great. Just go and enjoy yourselves! Even if you just go for a bit, it's always nice to see other people. Don't hide away and don't be so harsh on yourself. Would you say what you've written about yourself here to a friend in the same possible? I doubt it. Treat yourself kindly.

1Wildheartsease Sat 18-Jan-20 13:25:21

If the invite didn't specify a dress code - then most people going won't know about the 'posh' bit.

Wear what you like.

You plan sounded great.

You are not the centre-piece of the party or anything. People will have other things to look at and think about.

1Wildheartsease Sat 18-Jan-20 13:27:43

(+Congratulations on your IVF success . A baby is the best and most distracting accessory for such occasions smile - they are lovely at 18 months!)

Thingsthatgo Sat 18-Jan-20 13:28:09

If the invitation didn’t say posh, I’m sure there’ll be lots of people there in casual clothes. ‘Posh’ is not a dress code. Dark jeans are acceptable for Smart Casual, and lots of posh events are actually fairly scruffy IME.

corcaithecat Sat 18-Jan-20 13:28:16

Wear what the hell you want to.
I dress for comfort not style. If someone wants to judge negatively, crack on, I say.
Other people’s issues are their problem to resolve or not.

Fairyliz Sat 18-Jan-20 13:30:23

I’m at the age where kids are grown up and the mortgage is paid up, so I have more money for posh hotels. One of the things I was looking forward to was dressing up, think cocktail dresses and heels. However I have found that very few people dress up even at posh hotels, usually I feel overdressed.
So personally I wouldn’t worry op, jeans and a jumper will be fine.

BecauseReasons Sat 18-Jan-20 13:31:44

Any chance she was referring to the children's attire, rather than yours? My toddler has a number of princess gowns etc bought by relatives and nowhere to wear them.

calgaryreminiscence Sat 18-Jan-20 13:31:52

You’ll likely cause more offence if you don’t go than if you turn up wearing something not quite right.

SchadenfreudePersonified Sat 18-Jan-20 13:33:40


Go and enjoy!

Lippy1234 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:39:10

Choose your favourite top and bottom that do fit, do your hair nice and wear a smile. I’m sure once you’re there you’ll relax and enjoy it.

NewName73 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:39:33

OP I am both fat and quite posh!

I guarantee you it does not matter what you wear to a kids birthday party.

But if the weather is wet I advise you to wear flat shoes or boots, because if it is in a marquee you will need to walk across muddy grass or even a field to get there. I once wore sequinned trainers to a kids party in a marquee and it was a very bad idea.

Go, your little one will enjoy it & I expect you will too, & it would be rude to cancel now. You would be judged more for that than for what you wear.

I would wear: clean jeans, boots, warm jumper, makeup & nice earrings. Bring a waterproof coat if you have one. Maybe a nice scarf.

Have a lovely time!

Catapillarsruletheworld Sat 18-Jan-20 13:41:12

It’s a kids party?!

Wear jeans and a jumper and have good time.

NewName73 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:42:09

Also, OP, and I mean the nicely, it is very unlikely that anyone else will notice what you are wearing.

Assuming you don't turn up in an evening dress or clown suit.

User12879923378 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:43:20

The thought of a party in a marquee in this weather fills me with abject terror. I'd go dark and warm and not worry about it at all.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:46:21

Thanks all,

I’m very aware that I sound like a miserable cow!
It’s not as much about what people will think of me, as I’m sure they won’t judge and any that did..F them, it’s more that I have nothing nice anymore, don’t feel nice and geberally just feel very uncomfortable in myself with the extra weight, it’s hard to enjoy yourself like that at times, which I realise might sound ridiculous to some, but it’s how I feel.
I’ve been on both sides and know the difference, squeezing myself into something ‘Hopefully passable’ and feeling uncomfortable inside isn’t a great feeling!

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:47:28


Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:48:36

@User12879923378 I’m not in the uk so it is warmer than there, but still not hot and cool and rainy today.

AiryFairyMum Sat 18-Jan-20 13:48:36

Black leggings, black top, black boots and a scarf. You'll look fab.

quirkychick Sat 18-Jan-20 13:55:15

Can you dress up what you're planning to wear with some nice accessories? A scarf (as mentioned above), some jewellery, bag etc. to make you feel more dressed up. Also, if you're not in the UK the interpretation of 'posh' might be different.

SnorkMaiden81 Sat 18-Jan-20 13:59:38

Honest to god, I bet everyone turns up in smart casual at MOST.

Littleshortcake Sat 18-Jan-20 14:02:57

I would wear black and maybe nice jewellery and a scarf or something to dress up the outfit.

IntermittentParps Sat 18-Jan-20 14:04:00

Black leggings, black top, black boots and a scarf. You'll look fab.
I agree with this. And anyway, in the nicest possible way, it's about the children having fun, not about you. Focus on them. Then turn your attention to sprucing up your wardrobe/getting fitter/anything else you want to do to feel better about yourself afterwards.

Sally872 Sat 18-Jan-20 14:11:38

If someone said can I dress posh and reply was yes then that is not the same as stating you should dress posh. Probably meant as reply "you wont feel out of place in your posh dress" rather than "i expect everyone to be dressed up"

I would always rather be underdressed than overdressed so I think boots with jeans or skirt will be nice. And if a little more casual than some I wouldn't worry.

CassidyStone Sat 18-Jan-20 14:13:54

Long tunic top, thick opaque tights, flat knee boots, chunky jewellery, a bit of make-up and you'll look fabulous.

You are two stone overweight, not 20 stone, so stop worrying, go and have fun. Congratulations on your baby.

thejollyroger Sat 18-Jan-20 14:16:01

I would wear my darkest jeans, smartest boots (not very) and a jumper, maybe with a shirt under it.

readingismycardio Sat 18-Jan-20 14:18:57

How the fuck does anyone dress WARM and POSH? And what's posh?grin

DeathByPuppy Sat 18-Jan-20 14:20:55

Thermals under your ballgown, @readingismycardio?

readingismycardio Sat 18-Jan-20 14:22:35

@DeathByPuppy sounds like this is where fashion goes to die...gringringrin

Blibbyblobby Sat 18-Jan-20 14:22:54

Burka! No one will know how posh or fat you are underneath grin

Bluntness100 Sat 18-Jan-20 14:25:38

Op, some people are trying to make this about the host, like she's done something terribly wrong. In reality it's about your own feelings about yourself. Not about her.

She has made no demands, and as the child is one, yes she's using it as an excuse to have a party with her friends and family, and the venue is upmarket. So what. Good for her, I hope everyone has a fab time. She's made no demands, all she's done is ask people to wrap up warm, and responses to a question on whether the venue was posh or not. Many people don't want to turn up at a posh venue in their scruffy jeans and relish a chance to dress up. Having a child doesn't mean you need to spend your life at soft play dressed like a scruff bag.

Don't let your negative feelings about your appearance start to negatively impact your life.. I get you've no clothes you think are suitable and don't want to look out of place, but really no one will give a shit. No one. Go and have fun. Just wear whatever and try to not let it heavily weigh on your mind.

Because missing out is going to make you more miserable. Thinking you're missing out for no other reason than you have put on weight and don't think you've anything suitable to wear.

LellyMcKelly Sat 18-Jan-20 14:28:32

Dress like you were going for lunch with a friend. Don’t let your kid miss out on a party because you feel a bit chunky.

Ninkanink Sat 18-Jan-20 15:00:56

In regards to party attire - you’re overthinking it. As you’ve said, the host is perfectly nice and didn’t actually make any demands, just clarified in response to a question. Nice dark jeans, smart top or jumper, flats or not too high boots. That’s plenty nice enough.

In regards to how you’re feeling in general - this is very normal after having a baby. You can get back to being ‘you’, if you want to, it just takes a little time and effort. flowers

Go, and have fun!

chocatoo Sat 18-Jan-20 15:08:25

In my experience really posh people tend to look scruffy anyway!

Strategicchoring Sat 18-Jan-20 15:25:23

Everyone will be focused on the DC op so try not to worry! Wear something simple/classic and focus on your hair. Hope your DC are enjoying it!

I have 20 kgs to lose before a wedding this spring(ish) . (Yes I know - probably won't lose it all - but date not finally fixed yet) so I know how you feel! Use this feeling as a catalyst to take action! I will be doing the same!

I only have an older teen nowadays so I have the time (and find it really helpful every year) to get together two "occasion" outfits (one for summer, one for winter, and my very sociable friend does another one for in-between weather and one for a funeral too) and keep them in your wardrobe with a bag containing accompanying tights, underwear, jewellery, etc. Do this in Feb/March for the summer and in August/Sept for the winter. Some people try their outfits on in front of the mirror and photograph themselves so they remember accompanying shoes/hat/ handbag too. That way, if you are invited to a party, a wedding, a baptism etc, you always have something ready and your choices are considered and not cobbled together at the last minute , like I used to do!

Strategicchoring Sat 18-Jan-20 15:28:44

In my experience really posh people tend to look scruffy anyway!

Not necessarily if she's on the continent. Think posh scruffiness might be more of a British thing?

Marleyj8 Sat 18-Jan-20 15:28:56

OP I'm sure you will look lovely, please go. Enjoy yourself

Ineedaweeinpeace Sat 18-Jan-20 15:31:48

Your worth as a person is not about how much you weigh or about how you look. You’ve been invited by a friend! Go and have fun!

Bluntness100 Sat 18-Jan-20 15:37:24

In my experience really posh people tend to look scruffy anyway

Not at social events in upmarket venues they usually don't.

It's not about posh people, it's not about the host, it's about how the op feels about herself and feeling she's nothing appropriate to wear to an upmarket venue.

pigsDOfly Sat 18-Jan-20 15:47:32

Jesus Christ, a children's party with a dress code?

Bugger that.

I can do 'posh' whatever that means, as much as the next woman, but it's a children's birthday party. With children. Who dresses elegantly for something like that?

A decent pair of jeans or other trousers and jumpers of some sort is fine.

Are they going to be wanting to look at the price tag or label of your clothes before they let you through the door?

Try not to judge yourself so harshly OP.

If people look at your clothes and judge you not up to scratch it say a lot about them and they're not worth having as friends.

NewName73 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:15

OP, please come back and tell us how you got on.

Hope you and your little one had a good time.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:01:25

Don’t all shout at me 🙈I didn’t go 😬’s ok.
I felt terrible but my friend wasn’t concerned at all, many many people there, is a common theme, lots of us drop out from events through baby related illnesses etc, I’ve attended her casual house parties.
I did feel kinda gutted not to go but it has given me the will now to really get back to my old me, it colors so much of my life and I’m not keen on not embracing every part of life and not truly living. I’m the same with not wanting full length photos taken etc, and I just basically want to enjoy clothes again and make an effort!

I get what a poster said about the wealthier the people (old school money) the scruffier, as ive also found that lots too 😂 very large amounts of money and good, but old cars, messy homes, children in the same clothes..all ok things 🤣but it doesn’t tend to be like that here (large ex pat community too) I’ve only really seen similar with Swedish friends and possibly French.
Often, they tend to be either v smart and conservative wealthy types or the complete opposite and very visible signs of wealth and big labels everywhere 🙈
I just knew today that I wasn’t prepared fully and my clothes weren’t even nice anymore really as I’ve stopped making the effort and hard as it is running around after a toddler, I need to find that time!

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:03:06

*The old me

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:03:41

Surely other people out there feel like me? 🤷‍♀️🤔

glueandstick Sat 18-Jan-20 20:36:41

I hear you. If you don’t feel comfortable you won’t enjoy yourself.

I hope you find peace with yourself this year. I’ve been there. So so been there. If you want to chat drop a message- genuine offer. Someone here helped me no end for a big husband’s work dinner last year and I’m eternally grateful for that and would like to pass it on.

Ninkanink Sat 18-Jan-20 20:46:15

First things first! Get yourself two nice outfits, that fit you right now. Do not ‘wait til you lose weight’ - you should invest in yourself now, as you are. It will instantly make you feel better.

WhatAMum01 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:56:21

I'd wear a blazer over a dress or top or thin knit jumper some nice tights heels and makeup,sounds like getting dressed up and out is exactly what you need
You will no doubt enjoy it and feel more confident after it.nothing to be lost really by going.

Nai89 Sat 18-Jan-20 21:06:36

If you don't want to go, you don't need reasons or the need to explain. Focus on yourself and your little family, you're doing great! I've been to far many occasions to please people and in return you expect nothing and get nothing... sometimes I've regretted making the effort and wish I just stayed in! Xx

kingkuta Sat 18-Jan-20 21:17:00

You're only two stone over your ideal weight. What's that, one dress size? You need to buy a couple of outfits to suit your current shape that you look great in. It's a shame your child, and you, missed out on a nice party today. I'm sure no one would have given a flying fuck that your outfit was a bit tight.

TwinkleFoes Sat 18-Jan-20 21:23:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

raspberrymolakoff Sat 18-Jan-20 21:36:59

Oh I'm sorry you didn't go but I've done it myself. Don't let your weight stop you OP. Society has gone a bit mad if people can't go out as they feel unable for being 2 stone overweight.

I also agree with PP who pointed out the "poshest" people (I hate the word, it's so judgmental) are usually the scruffiest, at least in UK. To be fair it sounds as if she replied to queries that the place was posh not that the guests needed to look the same. At the end of the day it was a children's party. Next time, wear whatever makes you feel best and go and enjoy. I've been there (being the fat mum) but make your face the best you can and have fun, it'll do you good.

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 21:39:37

Thanks all 🙏
Realise it’s ridiculous and geberally always shake myself out of it, not sure what happened today 🙄
Although as slightly pissed off as just looked at some WhatsApp videos and pics sent through and one woman wearing a puffa jacket and a guy in trainers 🤷‍♀️😂
It looked spectacular though, fireworks when the rain stopped etc 💜
I’d probably need to lose 2 stone to be ok, but I’m only 5’3, so it doesn’t look good on an ideal world a few stone to get back to around 9ish

Sundancer77 Sat 18-Jan-20 21:42:47

*I’m slightly pissed off

The kids were all lovely and dressed up/fancy so I’m guessing she may have misunderstood and meant that possibly, but not the hosts fault in any mine and mine to get over 😬

TwinkleFoes Sat 18-Jan-20 21:58:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Herbalteahippie Sat 18-Jan-20 22:11:22

Just wear what you want and add some nice jewellery and accessories

raspberrymolakoff Sat 18-Jan-20 22:22:00

"I've known more than one person who's lost weight but retained the insecurity..."

This, so true. I've also known very overweight people who ooze confidence.
Put the one day behind you, onwards and upwards.

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