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To think vertical blinds are utterly insane?

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bingbangbing Fri 17-Jan-20 21:12:29

Every house I've ever moved in to has had them.


They look like a 90's dentists waiting room.

Make your sitting room feel like an office.

Collect dust like anything,

Hideous strangulation hazard for children and animals.

Fall to bits if you put anything on the window.

Fall to bits if you brush past them...

Don't think they're cheap either!

Just why?

underneaththeash Fri 17-Jan-20 21:21:30

I quite like them, they work in our Tv room as there’s a big window in there and it gets hot and bright. We’ve just got these
I don’t think they were that expensive either.

Fleetheart Fri 17-Jan-20 21:23:01

I agree they are horrible like a 1970s office. They had them in my kitchen here. I have banished them now

GeePipe Fri 17-Jan-20 21:25:34

We have them in our flat. Our windows are gigantic and we cant afford to replace them. I hate them. Cats have destroyed the bottoms.

Joloh Fri 17-Jan-20 21:26:15

They are awful. Yanbu

AllergicToAMop Fri 17-Jan-20 21:26:59

They look like a 90's dentists waiting room.
Nah. They make quite nice ones now
Make your sitting room feel like an office.
^No they don't if you have nice ones^😁
Collect dust like anything,
IME less then horizontal ones
Hideous strangulation hazard for children and animals.
Horizontal ones can have risky strings too
Fall to bits if you put anything on the window.
No they don't
Fall to bits if you brush past them...
No they don't
Don't think they're cheap either!
Not the ones I am talking about

I get you in some way though. I have similar opinion on cheap horizontal ones

TheFastandTheCurious Fri 17-Jan-20 21:27:34

Horrible, the only place they belong is in horrible office blocks

DickDewy Fri 17-Jan-20 21:28:11

They are hideous. Like from a really naff office.

My friend had a beautiful extension and fitted the windows with them. I wanted to say WHYYYYYY?

TabbyMumz Fri 17-Jan-20 21:28:11

What do you put in their place though? Lace curtains are dated now.

wannabebetter Fri 17-Jan-20 21:28:14

ALL manner of blinds are Satan's work in my humble opinion!!

bingbangbing Fri 17-Jan-20 21:29:38

I put nets up.

They're timeless (and both washable and non leathal)

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Fri 17-Jan-20 21:29:47

Hideous strangulation hazard for children and animals.
Only the old ones with free cords dangling. Don't they generally have wands to open them now?

I really like them. Easy to angle for privacy or for blocking out sun from a TV.

Joloh Fri 17-Jan-20 21:30:15

One way window film, Tabby

misspiggy19 Fri 17-Jan-20 21:31:01

I agree OP. Even my office has banished them.

Chouetted Fri 17-Jan-20 21:31:02

They collect less dust than horizontal blinds!

speakout Fri 17-Jan-20 21:32:06

I agree.

Almost everyone in my street has them- as did my property when I moved here a couple of years ago.
Hideous, but they do have advantages, I have massive ceiling to floor windows, so need privacy, they are great for tilting to block off low sun without blocking all light.
Having said that I ripped them down, put in voiles and curtains.
( I notice a few neighbours have followe suite)

theweebleshavelanded Fri 17-Jan-20 21:33:08

I agree OP, we moved into a house with them. After finding a u tube video I took great delight in removing them. I now have proper curtains, which can be CLEANED!

AllergicToAMop Fri 17-Jan-20 21:33:45

I can wash mineblush
Am i the only one in here not hating them? Is it because I am non british and we didn't really have these?😂

Rastamousehat Fri 17-Jan-20 21:34:01

We have them at work and they are horrible and annoying. The windows open inwards which doesn't help and makes the damn things fall to bits even more

PeakingDuck Fri 17-Jan-20 21:35:01

One way window film, Tabby

Didn’t think they were one way when it’s lighter inside than outside... ie don’t work at night?

TooManyGlasses Fri 17-Jan-20 21:35:03

I used to see them in a semi-boarded up office near me, all broken and covered in cobwebs. And they’ve got that weird bobbly texture, like wood chip wallpaper - I don’t understand the appeal either!

Ohyesiam Fri 17-Jan-20 21:35:57

They are so clinical and ugly.

KidCaneGoat Fri 17-Jan-20 21:37:09

They’re awful.

GuyFawkesDay Fri 17-Jan-20 21:39:27

For about 4 weeks a year i love out inherited with the house ones.

The back of the house gets full sun all afternoon. The blinds can be drawn for shade but the French doors left open for breeze. Then, they're a godsend.

Rest of the year, annoying

MinesaBottle Fri 17-Jan-20 21:39:49

My mum calls them corporation blinds because they look like they belong in an office grin They’re weirdly popular in her town, I once counted 23 sets on one street before giving up! I’m not a fan either personally but if people like them fair enough I suppose.

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