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To ask new neighbours not to block our driveway (see Diagram!

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starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:37:03

Hi all (please see my artistic diagram- im at work so no pic)

We have recently moved into a new build, the whole block of houses have just moved in. Our driveway is on a slight incline and at the bottom of it is a lowered kerb. Our neighbours have a house which has a long driveway where u have to park cars infront on each other. They knew this when they bought the house, many other houses on the development are made like this, and if it was going to be an issue for them they shouldnt have bought it

Now she keeps parking at the bottom of our drive half on the pavemement infront of their house, partially blocking our drive.
It s real nuisance trying to get in and out.

I have asked them once that can they move it as im struggling to get my car out, to which they replied well Steve is leaving in a bit so i dont wana block him in.
We have asked them twice now and they say its causing them a problem as one leaves after the other so they will be constantly moving cars, but i dont see why we should have the problem whilst they dont, its our house our drive and dropped kerb?!

Will speak to the customer care lady at the housing development, but i fear they will keep doing it. What can we do sad(

Finfintytint Wed 15-Jan-20 12:40:14

Do you have room to block Steve in?

fedupandlookingforchange Wed 15-Jan-20 12:41:14

In my experience there's not a lot you can do and it just makes every thing awkward. I moved to solve the problem.
They are in the wrong though

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:41:44

We can park where she parks to make a point but it will cause a fight and we are new neighbours, i dont wana fight :;(((

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:42:37

ah man dont say that, that you moved, we have only just moved in lol

SarahAndQuack Wed 15-Jan-20 12:42:47

Since you've all just moved in I'd say you need to sort it before it turns into an ingrained habit.

Just play dumb and keep asking them politely to move every time, as if it doesn't occur to you the blocking in issue is going to be their answer each time. With luck they will get bored of being disrupted.

BettaSplenden Wed 15-Jan-20 12:43:45

Speak to the customer care team. They could be breaking a clause in the deeds. (Forgotten the actual word I mean)

Ghostontoast Wed 15-Jan-20 12:45:05

Fab diagram by the way!

Cheeky fuckers are also blocking the pavement as well!

I suspect these people are just inconsiderate and selfish twonks and you would get into a war with them if you keep pointing out their entitlement/lack of consideration.

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:45:25

Well this is the thing, my husband spoke to him today and steve said we are going to have to come up with a solution because i work lates or something. My husband asked him to maybe get the grassy part in front of the house paved so they can take car onto there. To which he replied we dont want to spend money on it. My husband then said ask the housing development to do it, because ure struggling. He said hmmm, u can speak to them.
Can you see why im stressedsad

SentimentalKiller Wed 15-Jan-20 12:45:27

Knock every single time saying you need to get out. Make them suffer until they get the message
Call 101 if they continue

Theworldisfullofgs Wed 15-Jan-20 12:46:03

If it was me I'd park at the bottom so they can't.
They've already started the awkwardness.

cakeandchampagne Wed 15-Jan-20 12:46:12

They are in the wrong. And it’s better to get this resolved sooner, rather than after your doctor starts becoming concerned about your blood pressure. smile

Theworldisfullofgs Wed 15-Jan-20 12:47:07

They have no problems in upsetting you btw.

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:47:19


Yea ure both right, i think u mean the covenants?
Ure not allowed to block pavements either actually, thats something else they are doing

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:48:44

Yea and thts whats annoying me, the entitlement. That to solve their problem they are causing us a problem

Wingedharpy Wed 15-Jan-20 12:49:10

Who owns the garage?
If it's yours, could you park your cars in it then you could use the whole of your drive to manoeuvre round to get past neighbours' car.?

Letthemysterybe Wed 15-Jan-20 12:49:13

I can see that would be annoying. But I think realistically you are better off just trying to deal with it. I bet even if they don’t park there, your neighbours various visitors often will. I think that you are just better off accepting that fact rather than getting annoyed every time that it happens.

mummyway Wed 15-Jan-20 12:50:08

Start parking where they park. Get your message across.

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:50:26

We are actually getting the garage converted so no it wont be used for the cars

ParsleyPot Wed 15-Jan-20 12:51:11

Whatever you do to resolve, do it soon before they assume their habit is acceptable.

starrain Wed 15-Jan-20 12:52:05


we might have to, but i definately want to try first.
We could get our grassy verge block paved on the left but the pavement in front is really high and also would cost to get it lowered. I dont see why we should tho

PersephoneandHades Wed 15-Jan-20 12:52:40

Isn't it illegal to park partially on the pavement? Report it and get them fined/ towed.

Also, complain to your housing association.

As others have said, don't let this become an ingrained habit, it will drive you insane over time.

Coughsyrupsucks Wed 15-Jan-20 12:53:01

The are CF’s and they aren’t going to change from the sound of it. Just park one of your car’s there instead of them doing it. Because it’s too ‘difficult’ to move your car otherwise. Would be super annoying them wouldn’t it? wink

nervousfirsttimer1985 Wed 15-Jan-20 12:54:12

They are being CF. I would go round if they do it again but tell them if they carry on then you will be ringing 101 every time. They knew about the drive when they moved in, so what were they expecting?

P.s. I love the diagram!

PersephoneandHades Wed 15-Jan-20 12:54:57

Also, from your diagram is where they are parking actually a legal parking space? I didn't know a legal parking space could be in a position that partially blocks someone's drive

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