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Priti Patel looks amazing for 47

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Ashtower Mon 13-Jan-20 18:33:54

Just that really. I vehemently disagree with her on a number of issues but would love to know her skincare regime!

roundtable Mon 13-Jan-20 18:34:56

Picture in the attic...?

FourStarsShine Mon 13-Jan-20 18:35:57

roundtable 😂 you’ve got it!

TheQueef Mon 13-Jan-20 18:36:08

Wrinkled on the inside.

Peony99 Mon 13-Jan-20 18:36:41

As someone who used to work with her.... bucketloads of makeup and never, ever smiling at her inferiors.

Ashtower Mon 13-Jan-20 18:36:54

Roundtable - would explain the immorality

Jaguarana Mon 13-Jan-20 18:37:20

You make her sound ancient. 47 is hardly old.

Ponoka7 Mon 13-Jan-20 18:37:49

It will be a combination of top shelf skin care, but also deep face peels, micro-needling and some sort of radio therapy.

There's some genetics thrown in as well.

She looks good, but not amazing for her income level (and someone who cares about how they look).

AnyFucker Mon 13-Jan-20 18:37:57

She is a beautiful woman

WellErrr Mon 13-Jan-20 18:39:01

It would be great if we could NOT do this constantly about female politicians.

Or start doing it religiously about every male politician over 35....

Oblomov20 Mon 13-Jan-20 18:40:29

She is naturally pretty. Always well put together. Great skin. Her colouring / ethinicity means she ages incredibly well.

Women like this just do, look good. Like Iman, David Bowie's wife.

I am the same age and despite scrubbing up well, for say a party, can look rough and dishevelled on a day-to-day basis. I don't have the foundations.

SanAntonio Mon 13-Jan-20 18:41:11

Sadly she thinks that she can speak on behalf of other women and claim that they haven't experienced racism.

Because she says so it must be true- never mind what they say themselves.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 18:42:14

Do you have a photo for us to know what you're talking about?

roundtable Mon 13-Jan-20 18:42:25

She has got great cheekbones. She posture is very good too.

roundtable Mon 13-Jan-20 18:42:41

Her! Not she

RuffleCrow Mon 13-Jan-20 18:43:02

Asian women often do. Because melanin.

Frenchw1fe Mon 13-Jan-20 18:43:51

Perhaps she's made a pact with the devil.

RuffleCrow Mon 13-Jan-20 18:45:12

Yes @wellerrr - Keir Starmer is looking goooood for 57 grin

TheQueef Mon 13-Jan-20 18:47:01

Hardly helped by the fact he's the original Mark Darcy Ruffle grin I think I felt a faint gallop.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 18:48:28

Googled images for her and she looks good. I'm 42 and look similar. I suspect she sleeps well at night which is unconscionable to me given her views on lots of things - namely Ireland. She wanted to starve us into negotiation about Brexit about a year ago. She comes across to me as dumb as fuck. Nobody sleeps as good as those who have no brain.

I won't link to the Irish coverage at the time, but lets just say, in our view, she's a twit.

Clean living, no alcohol, no smoking etc. also contribute to skin clarity. Darker skin doesn't show up blemishes as much as white skin does either.

So all things considered - why the hell are you posting this?

Peanutbutteryogurt Mon 13-Jan-20 18:49:22

It's just a skin stretched over her evil lizard body.

Doyoumind Mon 13-Jan-20 18:49:42

What does it matter?

WorraLiberty Mon 13-Jan-20 18:50:09

It will be a combination of top shelf skin care, but also deep face peels, micro-needling and some sort of radio therapy.

There's some genetics thrown in as well.

Dear God, how can you possibly know that? confused

aroundtheworldyet Mon 13-Jan-20 18:50:10

Keir starmer also looks good for his age. I wonder what he does!
Boris on the other hand - looks precisely like a man who quaffs too much of everything

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 13-Jan-20 18:50:37

Well she’s got amazing money, all 1K per hour of it. One thousand pound an hour let that sink in. !!!!!. So she should be looking amazing.

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