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to expect the DCs to not need any attention for six hours

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ShrinkingViolet Wed 29-Aug-07 16:45:17

so that I can re-watch Colin Firth stomping around in breeches and boots, as the Pride and Prejudice DVD needs to go back to the library tomorrow?

wildwoman Wed 29-Aug-07 16:48:49

yanbu at all. If they are girls they will understand when they're older wink

ShrinkingViolet Wed 29-Aug-07 16:50:56

they are all girls but DD1 who is 14 said "who's Colin Firth? Is he one of those old blokes you fancy?", so I'm not holding out much hope!

wildwoman Wed 29-Aug-07 16:56:17

"old blokes" I feel so old now sad in that case make your dd supervise the rest of them as punishment for poor taste in men!

sandyballs Wed 29-Aug-07 16:58:17

Not unreasonable at all. I keep insisting that my DD's watch Nanny McPhee yet again, just so I can ogle Colin Firth.

wildwoman Wed 29-Aug-07 17:00:05

Lol,I found myself seriously considering making my dd1 (5) watch Lord of the Rings becuase I fancy most of the cast. Ok so maybe not the orks or gandulph...ok about three of them.

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