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to ask whether you've ever been arrested?

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doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 11:11:33

And if so for what?
And what was your experience like?

don't all speak at once!

annualleavepurchase Mon 13-Jan-20 11:19:05


DowntownAbby Mon 13-Jan-20 11:19:43


AmIthechristmasfairy Mon 13-Jan-20 11:22:04


Whynosnowyet Mon 13-Jan-20 11:22:26

Went voluntarily to dispute shit allegation exh had made against me.
He accused me of scratching his face as I tried to shut MY own back door to get HIS foot out of MY house..
Told the police if I was going to assault him I prob would have chosen a pan not my new fake nails!
I went home without charges as expected..

recklessruby Mon 13-Jan-20 11:22:52

No. Got to the grand old age of 51 without being arrested!

Whohasnickedmyvodka Mon 13-Jan-20 11:23:10

Yes once my dd2 died and found out I was pregnant with dd3 somebody who I didn't like said I'm glad your daughter died I hope this one does as well we had a push and a shove and I pulled her hair ended up with a caution for assault

SassenachWitch Mon 13-Jan-20 11:24:35

No, but my sister has been, she was accused of smashing someone’s car window.
It was a complete lie, luckily proven because she was at work at the time. It was a bitter ex who made the accusation.
It was awful for her, they came to her house and arrested her in front of her children.
(This was 10 years ago when the police responded to things such a broken windows)

danni0509 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:25:40

@Whohasnickedmyvodka I would of done exactly the same. What a vile person saying that about your dd.

loobyloo1234 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:31:13

I haven't. I have seen close up police cells though through my line of work and they are pretty grim so i'd like to avoid ever being arrested if possible

PumpkinPie2016 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:35:50


JosefKeller Mon 13-Jan-20 11:37:59


got better things to do than wasting police time with stupid behaviour.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 11:38:27

I have been. Kept overnight in cells and such. Do you know that you're allowed to ask for a copy of the Bible? I had nothing else to do so when they told me my rights in brief, I requested a copy of my rights booklet which they gave me. That kept me amused for an hour or two. In there, it said I was allowed to request a pen and paper, but they refused that on the grounds that they feared I'd harm myself with the pen...... So I counted the tiles on the wall. Then I marched back and forth the cell. I'd call for them constantly to make a cup of tea. They'd come after 20 minutes of me screeching and give me sugar in my tea when I requested none. The food they brought was like tinned dogfood. Then I resorted to singing the Irish national anthem and rebel songs lol. Eventually demanded to see a doctor but none was available. Requested sleeping tablets but they refused that as I had spent the first hour banging my head against the walls in the hopes of knocking myself out and they said they couldn't as I had a head injury.

puds11 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:38:50

I have been cautioned.

@Whohasnickedmyvodka I’m sorry for your loss flowers

Herja Mon 13-Jan-20 11:40:22

Yes, a few times as a teenager. They were very nice really, gave me a lift home after and orange juice both times IIRC. I wouldn't like to try it as an adult though, I know a few people who have been and it doesn't sound pleasant.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 11:42:49

@Whohasnickedmyvodka I'd have punched her too.

WorraLiberty Mon 13-Jan-20 11:45:45


What were you arrested for OP?

Butchyrestingface Mon 13-Jan-20 11:45:50

I had spent the first hour banging my head against the walls in the hopes of knocking myself out.

Were you high?

I haven’t been arrested (yet). Was in a local police station recently for work and they had a selection of piss-poor paperbacks for detainees to read.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 11:46:32

I was arrested on a Friday evening I think so they kept me in to appear in court on the Monday morning. When you're driving to the court, you're handcuffed in a tiny cage within the police van. Then you're brought into a holding cell. I then requested a bible as I had been told that they didn't know whether I'd be there all day or not. As it turns out I was one of the first cases to be called. I pleaded not guilty, so a date was set. My solicitor was a duty solicitor but he was quite senior. In the heel of the hunt the police didn't turn up on the date of the hearing so the case was dismissed.

easyandy101 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:46:59

Quite often, mostly drug related

Generally pleasant experiences but i am a pretty amenable arrest

QueenOfOversharing Mon 13-Jan-20 11:48:16

I have been. I won't disclose what for. The police who attended were so lovely - they asked me a lot about my "situation" and I was de-arrested. They took me to the local police station (not where I had originally been booked to attend) and sat with me for hours. As I was in a "vulnerable" state they would only release me to A&E or my GP. They spoke to my GP at length & I went to them. I was very lucky to have been arrested by the two officers I was, and for how they treated me. It was a horrific time for me.

doremimimi Mon 13-Jan-20 11:49:06

No - I wasn't high - I was suicidal though and drunk - that's why I had been arrested - for attempting to cut myself on my arms, which a housemate witnessed. Apparently he felt 'in fear of his life, while I was wielding a sharp knife'. The charge was affray.

MrsBrentford Mon 13-Jan-20 11:50:34

Yeah, many times when I was a drug addict.

Butchyrestingface Mon 13-Jan-20 11:51:47

@doremimimi. Terrible that you were treated that way. I would like to think things have changed since then in the way such cases are handled but probably not.

WorraLiberty Mon 13-Jan-20 11:51:52

You sound like you were a nightmare prisoner.

My sister used to work on the desk in a police station and she said the drunks banging, screaming and constantly calling the staff caused so many problems.

It was also pretty scary for members of the public to hear, when they came in to report a crime etc.

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