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happytobemam Wed 29-Aug-07 10:18:36

Thanks Everyone,

I know in reality I have to test, I know all too well that there is still a possibility of another ectopic pregnancy and I fully understand the risks of what can happen (my second ectopic pregnancy ruptured and I was unconsious by the time I was in surgery). I also do know that it can work out and that's what I hope for.

What worries me is that after four losses I got very stressed out about getting pregnant and was a nightmare during the pregnancy. Because I'm spotting at the moment I guess I can still make myself think that it might just be a very late period, I'm scared to find out that I'm pregnant and then have it taken away again!

Arghh, guess I know what I need to do!!


happytobemam Wed 29-Aug-07 10:19:11

Sorry posted in the wrong place!!!

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