£100 for xmas dinner

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disneydatknee Wed 01-Jan-20 00:59:27

We went to sis inlayws for xmas dinner this year and shes charging £100 per family. No alcohol was provided, we had to bring our own. Pud was brought by another family member. All her veg was free from a local charity for food waste. So she only paid for meat which I ate about half a palmful of beef of. My family consists of 2 adults and 2 children that ate fuck all. Aibu to say I'm not fucking paying it? No back story or drip feed. This is it!

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LagunaBubbles Wed 01-Jan-20 01:01:14

I take it you knew she was charging before you went?

disneydatknee Wed 01-Jan-20 01:04:12

The price was originally £50 and including booze. Then it didnt include booze and afterwards up doubled in price

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AnybodyWantAChip Wed 01-Jan-20 01:04:43

Is she a chef with a Michelin star??

LadyTiredWinterBottom2 Wed 01-Jan-20 01:05:35


You are being charged for going to Christmas dinner? Did you know she was going to charge?

Tell her the cheque is in the post and next Christmas you will be be going elsewhere

disneydatknee Wed 01-Jan-20 01:06:04

Lol no

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MnMShad Wed 01-Jan-20 01:06:43

I know of nobody who does this, why not cook your own at home?

SchoolPanicTime Wed 01-Jan-20 01:07:15

Well sharing the cost of the meal I'd have no problem with but I catered for 10 and bought WAY too much meat (my mistake - I was eating Turkey for the next 3 days) from a nice butcher and it cost £120, so there's no way that four people, two of which were kids consumed £100 of meat.

If you agreed to pay £50 I'd pay that but £100 is ridiculous if it wasn't agreed on and clearly hasn't been spent.

HeyDuggeesCakeBadge Wed 01-Jan-20 01:07:42

It's a nope from me. Are they having a laugh? Just refuse.

Wildorchidz Wed 01-Jan-20 01:07:44

Stay home next year

GiveMeAllTheGin8 Wed 01-Jan-20 01:08:28


Merryoldgoat Wed 01-Jan-20 01:08:33

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to collaborate to spread the cost but that’s not what this is.

Don’t pay and don’t go again.

disneydatknee Wed 01-Jan-20 01:09:34

Its pretty standard with my in laws to charge but only to cover the costs usually. Like we went a few years ago to my other sis in laws and they provided alcohol and soft drinks all day long, amazing xmas dinner, nibbles and buffet dinner. That was half the cost £50 per family and we even felt bad at the time that we had no contributed enough financially for what they offered. This time though was ridiculous

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Honeyroar Wed 01-Jan-20 01:10:10

Ask her how on earth she got the bill to that much when she didn’t provide alcohol, desserts or have to buy veg. Seriously- ask her to explain if she wants you to pay.

Idontkowmyname Wed 01-Jan-20 01:10:45

Cf alert 🚨

Idontkowmyname Wed 01-Jan-20 01:11:02

Her not you op

user764329056 Wed 01-Jan-20 01:11:05

Bloody hell, we ate at a pub restaurant this year for far less than that

AmericanAdventure Wed 01-Jan-20 01:12:12

As her for an itemised bill. Then bill her for your company, £9 an hour for 5 hours x 4 people = £180.

MegaClutterSlut Wed 01-Jan-20 01:12:15

I would get her to break down costs because shes taking the right piss imo

disneydatknee Wed 01-Jan-20 01:12:24

The original invitation included alcohol but she had her partner's family over the Friday before xmas who drank all the booze and we are still billed for this.

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AmericanAdventure Wed 01-Jan-20 01:12:34

Ask..... Not As???

Popc0rn Wed 01-Jan-20 01:12:46

I hosted Christmas dinner this year for 6 adults, and think I spent about £150 of my Christmas shop, which included turkey dinner with all the trimmings, a couple of puddings, a few bottles of prosecco (had lots left over from birthday parties anyway) lots of none alcoholic drinks, and snacks like cheese, crisps etc. So technically about £30 per head, but I didn't ask for any money from anyone as I had offered to host and was happy to.

I'd pay the £50 just to keep the peace. But what did she actually spend money on??

AmericanAdventure Wed 01-Jan-20 01:13:21

You absolutely need to get her to itemise it. That is mortifying.

rudolfsquiffy Wed 01-Jan-20 01:13:52

Ask to see receipts - she is a CF!

How many families?

misspiggy19 Wed 01-Jan-20 01:14:56

*Ask her how on earth she got the bill to that much when she didn’t provide alcohol, desserts or have to buy veg. Seriously- ask her to explain if she wants you to pay.*

^Then tell her you won’t be paying for alcohol that her in-laws drank. Then never attend her house for dinner ever again.

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