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Did you conceive whilst breastfeeding?

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duggeehug85 Fri 27-Dec-19 13:56:16

Just having a wee wobble but understand it's time to use contraception and get the map pill which I will do.

What are the chances of getting pregnant whilst exclusively breastfeeding? I have a three month old who is exclusively breastfed and doesn't take a dummy. I've had unprotected sex several times over the festive period.

Anecdotally did you or anyone you know fall pregnant whilst exclusively breastfeeding?

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TheClausSeason Fri 27-Dec-19 13:57:46

I do, yes. Two of them, actually.

The above may be useful for you.

Gingerninja01 Fri 27-Dec-19 13:58:38

No, I didnt have even have a period for over a year while breastfeeding

TrifenyMarlowe Fri 27-Dec-19 13:59:58

Yes, there were a couple of women in my antenatal group... Tbh you've been a bit irresponsible if another pregnancy isn't wanted. Breastfeeding isn't contraception and you should do whatever works best for you from here... But fgs, if another pregnancy is unwanted, get yourself some fucking contraception in place hmm I feel like posts like these are written by naive sixteen year olds sometimes.

No one in here is going to be able to reassure you that you're not pregnant. hmm

RhodaDendron Fri 27-Dec-19 14:00:25

Only at 22 months when periods came back and kids were obviously eating solids too. Unlikely at 3 months with no periods, but it’s not impossible...

Iwasneveragoddess Fri 27-Dec-19 14:01:47

Not having periods doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant, by the time the period arrives you have already ovulated ....hmm

LadyTiredWinterBottom2 Fri 27-Dec-19 14:01:48

I thought you were super fertile in the months after giving birth...who knows how bfing will affect that, every body is's hardly an effective contraceptive method.

TrifenyMarlowe Fri 27-Dec-19 14:01:54

P.s. I didn't have periods while Breastfeeding either, my body was all over the place. But the "time" to sort contraception was before having sex, not several times later.

The map pill isn't without risk or side effects either btw. Ask your medical practitioner for details.

Jollitwiglet Fri 27-Dec-19 14:02:03

It really is a difficult thing because everyone's fertility returns at different times . My husband and I had unprotected sex throughout breastfeeding my eldest and I didn't get pregnant until she was almost 2, and I didn't have any periods in that time either, so we did conceive the first time I ovulated.

However I personally know someone that conceived while exclusively breastfeeding her 4 month old. She hadn't had a period beforehand either, and it came as quite a shock. She hadn't taken into consideration that ovulation occurs before a period

duggeehug85 Fri 27-Dec-19 14:02:07

@TrifenyMarlowe - I'm not looking for reassurance. As I said at the start, I need to start using contraception and will get there map pill.

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MrsMozartMkII Fri 27-Dec-19 14:03:03

I've seen a thread on here recently where women did get pregnant whilst breastfeeding.

Ayemama Fri 27-Dec-19 14:03:55

I fell pregnant while breastfeeding although i wasn't exclusively breastfeeding anymore but I know a couple of women who had.

You need to sort out contraception if you arent ready for another baby

SquareAsABlock Fri 27-Dec-19 14:07:49

I did when bf my first, though it was at 18 months and he was only feeding at night or when ill during the day.

Didn't with my second, though my periods did return at 6 weeks (despite ebf) and it would have been an absolute possibility. Went straight back on contraception at my 8 week doctor check up.

hiimmumma Fri 27-Dec-19 14:07:48

I did but my breastfeeding child was older (2.5years) and my periods had returned and were regular.

sheepysheep Fri 27-Dec-19 14:08:10

Yes. I was exclusively BF on demand and fell pregnant when DC was 5 months old. We only dtd once without a condom, withdrew and I hadn’t had a period so it was quite a surprise! Sadly it ended in a miscarriage for us but it’s definitely possible.

Bessiebigpants Fri 27-Dec-19 14:10:47

I conceived while breastfeeding ivf twins that were 4 months old It happens I had no period either!

HugoSpritz Fri 27-Dec-19 14:11:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jane1727 Fri 27-Dec-19 14:11:53

Yes, I was exclusively breastfeeding and on the mini pill and fell pregnant when my 2nd son was only one 10 weeks old (also only had sex once) He was obviously meant to be: Less than a year between my youngest two.

crispysausagerolls Fri 27-Dec-19 14:14:36

Yes but DS was 16 months and periods were back and regular. Happened first time we tried so fertility was not affected.

AppropriateAdult Fri 27-Dec-19 14:19:03

We are no longer living jn the 1950s! Do seriously still believe this??

Well, yes, because the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method is in fact a fairly effective contraceptive if understood correctly, and I’m saying that as a GP. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, baby is under six months old and you haven’t had a period yet, then it’s more than 98% effective, which is comparable to several other forms of contraception.

IndecentFeminist Fri 27-Dec-19 14:22:14

Not exclusively, but at 11 months.

Ilikeviognier Fri 27-Dec-19 14:25:13

No- but I must admit I had unprotected sex once when my second child was about a month old. I was exclusively BF too - however I decided that I had been stupid as I definitely did not want to be pregnant again, so I immediately went out and took MAP and put myself straight on the mini pill.

Upshot is, I wouldn’t risk it unless you wouldn't mind being pregnant again.

randominternetperson Fri 27-Dec-19 14:28:09

Yep I did. Was still breastfeeding baby 1 who took no bottles, no dummies and was 6 months old (she had just started sleeping through the night a few weeks earlier - think breastfeeding round the clock delays period return).
I Didn't have a period. Had a few very subtle symptoms of pregnancy so took a test and bang, there was baby no2 depicted by two very dark pink lines.

Tetran Fri 27-Dec-19 14:28:32

I hope as a GP you don't tell people it's impossible to get pregnant whilst breastfeeding, because yes you can, however unlikely.

Decidewhattobeandgobeit Fri 27-Dec-19 14:28:36

I had my 6 week appointment the other day and the gp said exclusively breastfeeding is 98% effective contraception but he also said in the same breath is that it does happen if the right egg meets the right sperm. I also know family members it’s happened to.

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