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to think that when i am bloody bored out of my tiny mind that someone might post something of interest too me, nothing heavy, just something to pass the time, you know, that we can chat/whine/rant/rage/bitch/argue about instead of all being outside enjoying the lovely weather whilst i am stuck here waiting for DD to wake up from her nap and DP has had to visit his dad in hospital and ive absolutel

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lucyellensmum Sat 25-Aug-07 16:52:32

y run out of space on the thread title now, but what i was trying to say is

I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!

To bored to go off and do something less boring instead, the demotivation faries have kicked in.

Tell me i'm not the only one with a numb bum.

CaptainCaveman Sat 25-Aug-07 16:55:08

love the long thread title!
Am bored too. have cut the grass, played all afternoon with ds and now collapsed in front of mn.

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