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To be annoyed by ebayer opening a dispute about a 50p item?

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Whatisitwithsomepeople Fri 24-Aug-07 18:55:54

Had message today that she/he is opening a dispute because the item she won for 50p has not arrived.
She says she sent the cash through the post but i havent received it.
I told her i think it's odd to open a dispute without her contacting me first. She says she has emailed me (I havent received them), then she says she has been having trouble with ebay not sending her messages to people.

greenday Fri 24-Aug-07 19:06:31

I think she is just annoyed that her other transactions that she won didn't work out and it probably doesn't matter to her anymore if its 50p or 50pounds, she sounds fed-up and unfortunately, you got the brunt of it.

Whatisitwithsomepeople Fri 24-Aug-07 19:32:11

Thanks for replying greenday.

Thought i was being so nice not chasing her up even tho she won it a week ago. Busy with school hols etc. Also felt a bit daft asking "where's my 50p?" and presumed she would send it as and when.

helenhismadwife Sat 25-Aug-07 16:54:06

shes being unreasonable if she only won it a week ago I might email and ask if they had received the cheque but not raise a dispute

AnnieOleHouseElf Sat 25-Aug-07 17:02:09

it'll cost her about £15 to dispute it anyway!!

fuzzywuzzy Sat 25-Aug-07 17:12:14

the dispute wont do anything, unless the item is over £50 if I remeber correctly.

Email her politely, if she continues with the dispute laung a non paying bidder alert against her, that ought to sort it out.

Beelliesebub Sat 25-Aug-07 17:13:07

I've had trouble with people saying they'd sent cash and then open a dispute but what you really need to point out to her is that it is totally against ebay rules to send cash regardless of the amount. She is actually in breach of ebay rules in the first place so tell her to go and boil her head..... grin

Whatisitwithsomepeople Sat 25-Aug-07 17:43:58

"Go and boil her head" lol
I didnt realise it would cost her £15 to dispute it - what an idiot she is. She's back tracking a bit now but im not playing ball - think she hoped i would be worried about losing my 100% feedback and just send it to her for free.
Thanks for all your comments btw.

helenhismadwife Sat 25-Aug-07 17:49:28

I dont think it cost anything to raise a dispute for an item not received, there are some t**ts on ebay, I have someone trying it on with me at the moment threatening to raise a dispute I wish they would

Beelliesebub Sat 25-Aug-07 18:29:40

This was the email that I was sent at the beginning of the year.....

"hey you idiot!!!as i have allready said,,we have sent you the cash!!!just because you prefer to steel the money,,dont be a twat on ebay aswell,,i dont like thieves!!!shame you live to far away,,or i would pop round,,try and call me a liar then!!but as it is only 3 pounds and my daughter wants the game i will send the money a second time,,but this time with conformation,,didnt think i would need to,,but as it seems you need money,,,cant believe that you have to steel 3 silly pounds,,,,IDIOT!

And this was my reply..........

On the contrary.... Definition of an idiot is an individual who sends cash through the british postal system to pay for an ebay item when it is strictly against ebay rules.....

How do I know that you are an honest and truly delightful person and that I should take your word that you have sent your payment, after all, your e-mail's imply the opposite?... In all honesty if you'd said "sorry mate I'll send the money again" I would have sent the item & said don't worry about it.

How do I know you don't tell every seller that you have paid by cash and then harrang and bully them into sending you the item for free?

I, on the other hand have bought and sold over a thousand items on ebay in the last 7 years and have not felt the urge to steal (spelt correctly) a penny from anyone and to be honest it is an act of monumental stupidity to even consider that I would want to steal (spelt correctly) your measly £3........

Incidentally ... it might only be £3 that you SAY you've sent but if I were to let off every imbecile that doesn't pay I'd list my items "Please have for free and don't pay postage either!" Unfortunately I don't list my items in that way but that still doesn't deter some cheapskates in trying to get something for nothing!

Please don't bother sending any money as the item is no longer for sale. Any further abusive e-mail's will be forwarded to Ebay as was your last one.

Kindest regards Beelliesebub.....

And when my postman knocked three days later with a recorded delivery envelope, I checked the address and it was from them so I refused to accept it so they had to have it back!


helenhismadwife Sat 25-Aug-07 19:46:39

Beelliesbub can you write my emails for me please grin your reply was brilliant!!!

Nightynight Sat 25-Aug-07 20:20:12

grin at beelzebubs email

expatinscotland Sat 25-Aug-07 20:24:02

I gave Ebay a swerve from last year and never missed it. Seems like a lot of scammers and chancers trying it on these days angry.

mustrunmore Sat 25-Aug-07 20:36:03

sadly, I cant be bothered with ebay now, for similar reasons. The hassle just eats into your time. But a great reply grin

ScottishMummy Sat 25-Aug-07 20:40:01

im off ebay since i got sold a used bugaboo item- seller advertised as new in box then arrived clearly used not new..seller then bellyached disputing it..o too much trouble so avoid ebay..once burnt not forgotten

Wilkie Sat 25-Aug-07 20:40:26

Dispute's don't cost anything BTW.

I always point out that I didn't ask for cash - I will only accept paypal or cheque.

There are some nobs out there!

ScottishMummy Sat 25-Aug-07 20:41:20

LOL yep Ebay is Knob soup

Nightynight Sat 25-Aug-07 20:42:22

rofl @ knob soup

Whatisitwithsomepeople Sat 25-Aug-07 20:58:53

Beelliesebub - love the reply! Did they contact you again once you had sent the money back?

She has replied to my reply "well where do we go from here then?"
Ive told her it's her responsibility to make sure i get the money, when i get the money then it becomes my responsibility to make sure it's sent.
Greenday was right about her having a bad day as she got a negative from a buyer the same day she started this dispute

Beelliesebub Sun 26-Aug-07 00:19:29

Cheers everyone.... <<blushes with pride>> blush
I will admit though it took me about an hour and a half to write by the time I'd swapped bits round and took the swear words out.
I was so mad but I didn't want to swear and rant but in the long run it felt so much better doing it that way, so it was worth
Helen... feel free to copy and paste any bits you fancy......wink
I never, ever got a reply Whatisit not even when I wouldn't sign for their envelope so it just goes to show that some people are all gob.
I must admit expat that when me and dh started selling stuff on ebay in the early days when it had just started, it was brilliant and it was a community to some extent but now, to be honest it's just not the same. It's full of scammers and tossers so we don't put much stuff on nowadays, just when we're having a clearout and if I list them I refuse to take anything other than paypal cos of the hastle.... dh is a big softie though and would let'em pay in instalments if they asked him with a tear in their eye......hmm

Beelliesebub Sun 26-Aug-07 00:21:04

and yeah....rofl @ knob soup grin

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