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mm22bys Fri 24-Aug-07 13:58:12

Hi, I went to the local Italian sandwich bar for lunch today, and was waiting in line, and the guy behind the counter greeted the woman next to me by calling her "senorita".

Then he addressed me "how are you senorita, ah, senora".

Now I was wearing a wedding ring, and I did have DS2 with me in the pushchair, but AIBU for wanting to cry at that, and to wish he had just stuck with "senorita"? (My mum is a "senora", not ME!)

Saturn74 Fri 24-Aug-07 14:03:16

Think yourself lucky you've got a nice sandwich bar though!
Round here they just grunt over the counter and thrust an egg barmcake in your general direction.
Irrespective of what you actually ordered.

harleyd Fri 24-Aug-07 14:04:45

i wouldnt care what he called me, so long as it was in an italian accent

Mung Fri 24-Aug-07 14:06:08

Try fluttering your eyelids more next time and then see what he calles you smile

I got upset because the woman in the shop the other day didn't even ask me what size Mooncup I wanted, she just presumed I needed the bigger one.

Mung Fri 24-Aug-07 14:07:07

I agree Harleyd...nothing beats a lovely Italian accent (well, maybe a nice French one)

mm22bys Fri 24-Aug-07 14:09:15

Have to admit, I am a sucker for a French accent too, and felt like I was going to pass out in the car (while I driving!) when I heard Antonio Banderas speak Spanish on the radio one morning...

harleyd Fri 24-Aug-07 14:11:04

italian every time for me!!
go weak at the knees just thinking about it

MrsSpoon Fri 24-Aug-07 14:17:06

I do have a soft spot for the Big Issue seller who calls me "Miss", however the one that calls me "Ma'am" gets right up my nose!

Spockle Fri 24-Aug-07 14:22:05

Oh, it is so depressing to be called "Madame" in France and not "Mademoiselle"...I know I'm rising 40, but even so, I have the skin of an 18 year old.
Don't I???
Don't I???

hatwoman Fri 24-Aug-07 14:25:42

expect senora/madam - then senorita/mademoiselle are lovely suprises

mixedmama Fri 24-Aug-07 15:22:37

Second the Antonia Banderas love his accent, could listen to him all day long

helenhismadwife Sat 25-Aug-07 16:37:50

english spoken with a foreign accent sounds lovely

grin at Mung sorry but the mooncup thing had me pmsl

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