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To think this is a hideous card?

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Slightlyannoyed Mon 16-Dec-19 11:34:54

Its from DH to me.

IckyIsAFuckingStupidWord Mon 16-Dec-19 11:36:27

What’s wrong with it?

Poorolddaddypig Mon 16-Dec-19 11:36:31

I think it’s fine? confused

Lookingforpizza Mon 16-Dec-19 11:37:08

I don't mind it but I can see why you're upset, your other half should know the types of cards etc you like. I've had some shockers from my DP but I just laugh

Slightlyannoyed Mon 16-Dec-19 11:37:29

It looks like a pink dead cat

22Giraffes Mon 16-Dec-19 11:37:33

Hideous in what way?

ohwheniknow Mon 16-Dec-19 11:37:40

I wouldn't send it.

Ninkanink Mon 16-Dec-19 11:38:48

Well I wouldn’t have picked it, but I don’t think it’s hideous.

ToastyFingers Mon 16-Dec-19 11:39:55

I like it.

19lottie82 Mon 16-Dec-19 11:40:22

I don’t know if I’d say hideous but it’s pretty shit 😂

HappyDinosaur Mon 16-Dec-19 11:40:52

Don't think it's that bad. Do you particularly like cats and he was trying to get you something personal?

ActualHornist Mon 16-Dec-19 11:40:55

I don’t think it’s hideous, but it looks dead confused. It would be nice if it was just a cute cat!

rubyismyworld Mon 16-Dec-19 11:41:00

I don’t like it at all! Awful!

transformandriseup Mon 16-Dec-19 11:45:15

The colours are hideous. Is the cat dead?

recklessruby Mon 16-Dec-19 11:46:05

I dont like it either. I m a big cat lover and it looks dead.
Maybe a clumsy attempt at humour to say you re great? confused

AryaStarkWolf Mon 16-Dec-19 11:50:12

Meh it's just a card, I'd probably have gotten a laugh out of it

recrudescence Mon 16-Dec-19 11:50:42

Is the cat meant to look dead? Because I agree with you and others, it definitely does look like an illustration explaining rigor mortis.

CSIblonde Mon 16-Dec-19 11:51:32

It looks like a dead dog tbh. Not very cat like. Its not very appealing visually: miserable colours.

drinkygin Mon 16-Dec-19 11:52:09

Can’t imagine being particularly arsed over a card to be honest. Are you really upset about it or is this lighthearted?

Crunchymum Mon 16-Dec-19 11:53:28

I don't get it?

Ellisandra Mon 16-Dec-19 11:54:48

The context of a message saying that you’re great, plus the fact that cat corpse cards are not a thing, means YABU getting upset over it looking dead. (it doesn’t, to me)

I hear that Monets sell for millions. Personally don’t like the blurry colours and boring flower subject.

He’s just missed the mark with the type of artwork that you like.

Hideous to you, yes. But I hope you’ve not been ungrateful. My husband and I would be able to say to each other though “love that you got me a card - but WTF to that pic?”

kalinkafoxtrot45 Mon 16-Dec-19 11:55:06

It’s humpty but I couldn’t get upset about it.

GuppytheCat Mon 16-Dec-19 11:56:48

I took it to be a falling cat rather than a dead cat - hence the Meow

BalsamicVin Mon 16-Dec-19 11:57:20

The things people moan about 😂😂😂😂

GabsAlot Mon 16-Dec-19 11:57:56

your the cats meow nothing wrong with it

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