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DH won’t let me upgrade...

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Strawberrypancakes Mon 16-Dec-19 04:03:17

This is very first world problems in a world with a lot of problems so I apologise in advance!

DH and I are away, it’s a very whistle stop trip for me, he flies business everywhere but so generously gave me his business seat on the way out to our first stop in Canada (a really good friend of mine lives there and my mum offered to have the kids)... it was amazing!

We then flew to America two days later and have had the weekend together. He’s staying for the week and I’m flying home tomorrow... the day I land I have a work pitch, obviously have the kids (can’t wait to see them!) and all the school bits that go with that in last Christmas week, getting everything ready for Christmas, plus we are going away the day after Christmas as a family so need to sort that too and he’ll be gone until just before Christmas.

Just checking in for my flight online and it says I can upgrade to business for $200! I thought that was amazing so said to DH, why don’t I do that and then I can sleep etc... he said no, it’s a waste. I don’t habitually fly business! Up until this trip it’s been a life of economy and will be again 😂

I just thought that was a fab price to potentially be able to sleep all the way home.. just looking for the vote really smile


Peridot1 Mon 16-Dec-19 04:05:39

It wouldn’t be a waste for me.

I’d do it. Obv if finances allow!

My Dh would def do it and would encourage me to do it.

Rtmhwales Mon 16-Dec-19 04:06:36

Can your finances absorb $200? Do you split them or have separate finances?

Idk if you flew business across and he stayed in economy so you could have that perk, I'd probably just stick with economy if it's shared finances. If it's separate, go for it.

SinkGirl Mon 16-Dec-19 04:07:29

I would do it if I could afford it - why does it matter what he thinks about it? Just do it!

cabingirl Mon 16-Dec-19 04:09:31

It's an amazing price to upgrade to business - do it. If you have a work pitch I assume you are working and have an income - so you get to also make decisions about travel.

Do you need Dh's permission to spend $200? Do you get a veto on any spending he makes over a certain amount?

Starlight456 Mon 16-Dec-19 04:10:05

Hard to know depending on your finances what that kind of money means to your family.

How come it’s solely his decision?

Frenchw1fe Mon 16-Dec-19 04:11:11

If you can afford it just book it. Thats an amazing price. I assume your dh will be flying back business class so he's being a bit hypocritical even if his is paid for .

MrsScrubbithatescleaning Mon 16-Dec-19 04:14:57

Just book it.
You said DH flew Business class everywhere so why should you be relegated to cattle class?
You're doing all the pre-Christmas prep and organising for travelling immediately after Christmas whilst DH gets to chill between business appointments so you've definitely earned it.

Strawberrypancakes Mon 16-Dec-19 04:19:50

Thanks, we both work full time but his is definitely the bulk of our income so I usually do check. He’s now fallen asleep (it’s only 8.15 here lightweight! Lol) but I’ll say in the morning before I leave that I really want to do it. Hopefully seats are still available 🤞

My pitch was booked in the day I left for holiday so not ideal 😂

PhoneLock Mon 16-Dec-19 04:21:42

I'm assuming DH flies business class everywhere because somebody else is picking up the tab. He wouldn't otherwise.

I'd pay the extra if you can genuinely afford it. Otherwise no.

expat101 Mon 16-Dec-19 04:24:58

Why doesn’t he up grade you with his ff points. If he flies business for work, he should have accued a lot by now. Ask for his membership log in details and take a peek

nakedavengeragain Mon 16-Dec-19 04:27:50

Are you quite sure that you can upgrade from economy to business for £200? I get these offers all the time and even on short hops that would be an unheard of price! £1200 maybe!

The only thing I can think is it's actually not a plane that has full business e.g lie flat seats but instead has a slightly bigger standard economy style seat with a slightly better recline. This is usually the case on American carriers. In which case it's definitely not worth 200

Can you advise airline and plane type at all?

Strawberrypancakes Mon 16-Dec-19 04:28:08

Because his work does BA generally so all the FF are with them, but I’m flying home United.

nakedavengeragain Mon 16-Dec-19 04:28:59

Hi OP see my previous post re US carriers!

Do you know the plane type?

Strawberrypancakes Mon 16-Dec-19 04:29:20

Sorry, it’s not economy to business, it’s premium something or other plus, to business, I should have said.

nakedavengeragain Mon 16-Dec-19 04:31:30

Ah that makes more sense! Was about to say you can't jump two cabins.

If you advise plane type I'll let you know the configuration and whether it's worth it

sashh Mon 16-Dec-19 04:32:01

Upgrade, tell him it's your Xmas present.

Chocolatemouse84 Mon 16-Dec-19 04:33:18

I have never flown long haul so I'm not very up on this but is it such a massive difference between business and economy that you won't be able to sleep if you stay economy? For me, I wouldn't want to spend an extra £200 on a flight thats already paid for but I'm pretty frugal

MarthasGinYard Mon 16-Dec-19 04:36:53

Just do it yourself confused

Disfordarkchocolate Mon 16-Dec-19 04:44:09

I would book it, but my husband would never say no.

Shesalittlemadam Mon 16-Dec-19 04:46:08

OP just book it now!!!! That offer will be snapped up in a matter of hours!

You do not need his permission!!!!

tillytrotter1 Mon 16-Dec-19 04:49:54

We flew back business recently from the US, flat beds etc., I've had better flights in economy, airlines are modifying older aircraft and it was like trying to sleep in a coffin, Delta 767. The KLM Airbus going out was so much better.

itsmecathycomehome Mon 16-Dec-19 04:53:22

Is it possible that your dh knows that with this particular airline the difference between premium economy and business is negligible and not worth £200? Just compare the benefits yourself, make a judgement and pay it without asking him.

nakedavengeragain Mon 16-Dec-19 05:01:10

OP find the plane you are on (it will be in your online booking e.g Boeing 777-300). Google United Business class [plane] and check out the pictures and the reviews. Go from there. Some of them are awful cradle type things or a slightly bigger economy style seat and no bed

Do it quickly though as those offers are first come first served!

rhubarbcrumbles Mon 16-Dec-19 05:04:51

If you aren't bothered about the increased environmental impact and can afford to pay it with your own money then it's your decision and not your DH's.

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