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Things you wish people would stop buying you

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tequilasunrises Sun 15-Dec-19 18:34:44

Had a bit of a pre Christmas house declutter earlier and found that DH has THIRTEEN unused Lynx shower gels in the bathroom cupboard - all from Christmas last year.

Having chucked out a load of moisturer/bath sets il never use I had to sigh hand thinking about the next influx I’m going to get from his relatives this year.

I try not to be ungrateful but we’ve got such a tiny house and hoardes of toiletries really isn’t conducive to minimalist living!

What do you always get for Christmas/Birthdays that you wish you didn’t?

RedPanda2 Sun 15-Dec-19 18:36:26

Things with hedgehogs on and body stuff containing SLS- it's no secret my skin doesn't tolerate it !!!!

36degrees Sun 15-Dec-19 18:38:05

MIL used to bring Windolene on every visit. The last time was 4 years ago and we still have 8 bottles in the shed and 3 on the go in the house.

DoloresTheDonkey Sun 15-Dec-19 18:38:12

Bulbs in ceramic pots with a bag of compost I'm looking at you mil

MrsApplepants Sun 15-Dec-19 18:38:28

Body lotion. I have greasy skin and can’t use it. I hate it. Chocolates, I don’t like chocolate. But wine, bubble bath and socks always welcome!

RozHuntleysStump Sun 15-Dec-19 18:39:17

Sweet wine. Anyone who actually knows me know I like the drier the better. Body stuff as again, anyone who knows me knows I have sensitive skin. Sweets! Again. I’m bloody diabetic. I just hate generic gifts. I also have 3 teenage boys and I, not looking forward to dealing with their stuff. So much lynx and selection boxes. Just don’t bloody bother!

Headinthedrawer Sun 15-Dec-19 18:39:19

Scented candles.
Sounds ungrateful but it's all I seem to get bought.

Oysterbabe Sun 15-Dec-19 18:39:26

Who the fuck buys Lynx?!

Mascarponeandwine Sun 15-Dec-19 18:39:30

@36degrees grin

RoLaren Sun 15-Dec-19 18:40:44

Can unused, unopened toiletry sets be donated to charity shops?

Ragwort Sun 15-Dec-19 18:40:51

Just a reminder that Food Banks will take toiletries, Lynx etc - you can put them in the collection points at supermarkets.

BertieBotts Sun 15-Dec-19 18:41:02

Any kind of lotion or "pampering" stuff. I just don't use it, I have tubs which are years and years old and the new ones don't get opened. I don't really understand what it's for blush

Mascarponeandwine Sun 15-Dec-19 18:41:18

I’ve bought a can of lynx for DS1 but it’s deep body spray so he’ll use it. It’s the sets that also include body lotion that become clutter - that stuff never gets used as ain’t nobody got time for extensive moisturising

HopelessLayout Sun 15-Dec-19 18:41:38

@RoLaren They can be donated to hygiene banks (similar to food banks).

karala Sun 15-Dec-19 18:41:57

I know it's not the point but please don't just throw away unopened toiletries because charity shops can sell them

Mascarponeandwine Sun 15-Dec-19 18:42:00

Deo body spray not deep grin

ManiacalLapwing Sun 15-Dec-19 18:42:02

Donate the unopened toiletries to the Foodbank if you don't want them.
Does he not like them and buys a different one instead? Though thirteen is excessive, I can't imagine anyone getting through more than one a month, a 250ml bottle lasts me a few months.

Palavah Sun 15-Dec-19 18:42:13

I hope you don't throw them out - Beauty Banks and food banks will be glad of them.

HopelessLayout Sun 15-Dec-19 18:42:21

Lynx smells disgusting and should be banned!

tequilasunrises Sun 15-Dec-19 18:42:49

@Oysterbabe I know my thoughts exactly!! I scowl at Lynx gift sets I pass when I’m out shopping.

I also agree about the candles @Headinthedrawer. My in laws always buy me alcohol scented ones. Yes I do enjoy a glass of Prosecco but I really don’t want my lounge to smell like it

Diorissimo1985 Sun 15-Dec-19 18:43:17

Reed diffusers. So many reed diffusers.

11hairylegs Sun 15-Dec-19 18:43:52

Paraffin candles. I love candles but I’m really fussy with what I burn in my house (& breathe in!)

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 15-Dec-19 18:43:53

I dread anything that comes as a generic gift set as it means there's invariable 1 item that I won't use. My bathroom drawer was full of them until I donated them all, unopened and unused, to a women's refuge.

I also dread candles. I have a house full of them and can't light them due to small space and energetic kids and dog. If ever there's a powercut, though, I could light 'em up and be seen from outer space.

tequilasunrises Sun 15-Dec-19 18:44:03

Good advice re the charity shops and food banks. I will definitely make up a box of toiletries for them in the new year if my local one need any.

gamerwidow Sun 15-Dec-19 18:44:45

God so many candles which I will never use because my OCD and fear of burning the house down won’t let me,

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