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AIBU to send my daughter as a colourful angel?

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MaybeMaybeNotJ Sun 15-Dec-19 14:04:15

Nativity is on Tuesday and my daughter would like to wear a rainbow coloured floaty dress, blue wings, white cardigan and white tights.
Plus pipe cleaner halo headband.

Do I have to persuade her to wear a white sheet and try and make something?

Icecreamsoda99 Sun 15-Dec-19 14:08:15

What instructions have the school sent? If they haven't specified I think you can dress her how she wants. She may stand out somewhat but if she is comfortable with that I can't see the issue.

WaterSheep Sun 15-Dec-19 14:09:07

Have the school given any guidance as to what clothes she needs?

As amazing as a rainbow angel would be, I suspect they're looking for white top / leggings and a tinsel headband. grin

Although i'm surprised they're performing on Tuesday and haven't asked for costumes yet, ours are usually in a week or so beforehand.

SpeedofaSloth Sun 15-Dec-19 14:11:59

I would send her in what you have, if you think it is close enough to what school have asked for. There's so much expense at this time of year, reusing what you have is the way forward IMO.
DD(6) is a narrator this year, and we've got away with a hand-me-down Xmas jumper and hat.

Lagartha Sun 15-Dec-19 14:12:07

Is there a few of them being angels? If so, I’d assume the costume preference would be white, so they all look similar.

LaMarschallin Sun 15-Dec-19 14:12:27

Best to check with whoever is running the Nativity and see what they expect.
It could be a bit galling for the other angels if they're in white (as is usual) and "rainbow angel" steals the show.

MaybeMaybeNotJ Sun 15-Dec-19 14:13:51

There’s no brief and they’re quite open. You just drop costumes off on the day.
She’s comfortable and it’s items we already have but I don’t want her to be the odd one out either.
It’s all for about 5 minutes at preschool.
Her brother is a donkey so is just in a donkey onesie. Easy!

ISmellBabies Sun 15-Dec-19 14:14:36

If they've asked for an angel for the nativity I'd put her in white, and blue wings as a compromise /for ease. I probably wouldn't go total rainbow fairy because it's a nativity for all the kids and it's not quite the same if you've got mary and Joseph surrounded by a rainbow fairy, three spidermen and a cowboy. Although that would be cool if everybody was on board with it from the start I suppose!

whatiswrongwithmee Sun 15-Dec-19 14:14:55

No, an Angel is white with a halo. I don't think that needs to be specified. I wouldn't make her stand out by being colourful.

Silvercatowner Sun 15-Dec-19 14:18:45

Who on earth decided angels should be white? A colourful angel sounds amazing, as long as she's happy then all fine.

NerrSnerr Sun 15-Dec-19 14:21:16

For preschool I'd send her in what she wants. If you can't be a colourful angel when you're 3 or 4 when can you?

BeyondVotesForFlube Sun 15-Dec-19 14:27:11

We had a Mary in an Elsa dress - you do the rainbow angel 👍

Clymene Sun 15-Dec-19 14:28:25

Preschool? She can wear what she wants

MaybeMaybeNotJ Sun 15-Dec-19 14:31:52

Thanks everyone. I think we will go for it. They all know she’s a bit alternative so I think it’ll be ok 😂 🧚‍♂️

JamesBlonde1 Sun 15-Dec-19 14:33:22

You know that when the school say angel, they mean white. As it has for years, when we were all children. Tell your DD that's the outfit expected.

Then she can wear what the hell she wants at home.

Redtartanshoes Sun 15-Dec-19 14:33:27

Let her own the rainbow angel 👼

WorraLiberty Sun 15-Dec-19 14:36:06

There’s no brief and they’re quite open. You just drop costumes off on the day.
She’s comfortable and it’s items we already have but I don’t want her to be the odd one out either.

Well she will be.

You might find they dig out a white dress for her if they have one.

CatkinToadflax Sun 15-Dec-19 14:36:47

I saw this thread listed in ‘trending now’ and it read AIBU to dress my daughter as a ......angel. I was so hoping that the missing word would be hell’s ! 😄

But to answer your AIBU I think a rainbow angel sounds lovely!

Clangus00 Sun 15-Dec-19 14:37:41

A rainbow angel sounds bloody AWESOME!!

MaybeMaybeNotJ Sun 15-Dec-19 14:38:41

Not loving some passive aggressive posts 🙈
She can wear white when she’s older at school when there’s a brief smile

Gogreen Sun 15-Dec-19 14:38:50

No, a colourful angel is a fairy, angels are white.

PrincessHoneysuckle Sun 15-Dec-19 14:39:00

I went to ds 5 nativity last week and all the Angels were in white/cream, I would have loved to see a rainbow one.Do it!

whatiswrongwithmee Sun 15-Dec-19 14:43:16

Not saying that a rainbow angel (fairy) doesn't sound lovely, and it would be fab to dress up as in the house, or even fancy dress at school. Just not at a nativity. They've probably put a lot of work into this, nursery class or not. To put a rainbow fairy in the middle of it might ruin the theme.

You could always ask tomorrow?

MaybeMaybeNotJ Sun 15-Dec-19 14:43:46


BeyondVotesForFlube Sun 15-Dec-19 14:43:51

Gogreen, I honestly don't know whether to call the wording of that post racist, or ask how many angels you have seen? grin

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